Best Blogging Platform to Make Money (for Beginners) in 2019

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money (for Beginners) in 2019

what’s going on everybody hey Branden
here aka the website nerd and today I’m gonna break down the best blogging
platforms out there for you to launch your first maybe it’s your second third
or even fourth blog you know a lot of times we start these blogs and they
don’t necessarily jive so I know there’s a ton of these different blog hosting
sites out on the internet both paid and free but really when it comes down to
the absolute best there’s only a select few and I’ve got seven of them here that
I’m gonna review for you so the first thing we’re going to do is I’m gonna
dive into each blog hosting platform individually then I’ll go over what I
believe to be the top pros and cons for each one and then last we’ll go over
their pricing structure if they do have one because again some of these are free
but you’re definitely gonna want to stick around to the end because I’m
gonna answer the question that everybody loves to ask me I all the time people
ask me this stuff it’s what’s better what should I go with a paid blog
hosting platform or free and if you are moving your blog into a specific
direction which I think every single one of you need to be doing then I’ve got
the answer for you so stick around to the end because I’ll answer that but
alright now that we got that out of the way let’s jump right into our first one
alright drumroll please number one and my absolute favorite to
use is WordPress specifically because WordPress requires self hosting I
recommend Bluehost as your hosting company and I’ll tell you why here in a
minute but you know WordPress is probably the single most powerful way to
get your blog up on the internet today and it’s the reason I use it for 99.9%
of all the websites that I start I mean I can’t even tell you the last time I
didn’t use WordPress it’s got unlimited customizations you know tons of themes
and plugins that you can use and really it’s no wonder that some of the top
websites on the internet use it today like sites like San Francisco Examiner
toyo I think even the White House uses it
that’s on their list of sites as well and there’s a ton more and everybody
that I’ve ever sent to WordPress I have not had one person come back and tell me
that they regretted it that’s how powerful WordPress is and if you’re
looking at starting your first blog I really recommend that you just start
with WordPress right off the bat but I’m gonna give you a ton of other options
options as well okay so let’s get into some of the pros of WordPress first and
foremost it’s fast and optimized I mean especially when you can install certain
plugins with it it’s gonna give you fast load page times which obviously Google
and Bing being loved so the other thing that’s got tons of different themes and
plugins to use like I was kind of mentioning so you can pretty much
customize everything you want I mean from different sidebars to having you
know newsletters and opt-ins and being able to have plugins to do e-commerce
whatever you end up getting into it doesn’t just have to stay with blogging
which is so nice so convenient it’s really cool and the third con or started
the third Pro is Google and being love WordPress again because you can install
plug-ins like Yoast SEO which allows you to have complete optimization of your
website which is really gonna help in the search engines and then the other
Pro is that it’s continual being developed and updated on an ongoing
basis okay so WordPress is always being updated
I have automatic updates for I think most of all my sites so anytime a new
version of WordPress launches my stuff automatically updates and I’m good to go
the one con to WordPress is that it does take some learning and getting used to
but really when you look at it is that a con I mean everything in life takes time
right you’re gonna have to sit down put in the time learn the platform and then
you’ll be ready to go and one that’s the thing once you invest the time and learn
it you’re gonna be you’re gonna be good I mean you
and start any type of blog any type of website that you that you want that your
you know that you can creatively think up really now as far as pricing
WordPress is absolutely free since it’s open source but you’re gonna have to
have its self hosted which is why I recommend Bluehost okay and I’m gonna
get into Bluehost right now I’ve used a ton of hosts over my time of building
blogs web sites some of those hosts are here today gone tomorrow some of them I
still use today but without a doubt Bluehost has to be my absolute favorite
and probably the number one reason why is because WordPress recommends Bluehost
as their favorite host it makes it so streamline and easy you have one click
WordPress installation it’s really simple to set up they’ve got a great you
know 30-day money-back guarantee here’s the other cool thing I’ve got a special
for you guys if you go in the description of this video you’re gonna
be able to get Bluehost for your first year for about dependent it ranges 65 to
70 bucks just depending on the promotion that they’re running but if you go
through my link below you’re gonna get the best the best discount you’re gonna
get a free domain as well and you’re gonna get a free SSL certificate and if
you’re not sure what an SSL certificate is it’s just that little green padlock
up in the Turner corner buy the domain name that Google seems to love so much
right now in just this full disclosure I do get a
little bit of credit from Bluehost if you use my link so I really appreciate
it for those of you that do you’ll love them that’s why I’m recommending them
and here’s the other cool thing is wherever you’re seeing this video either
in the description of the video or on the page somewhere I’ve got a
step-by-step tutorial showing you how to get your first blog up using WordPress
and Bluehost so definitely check that out alright number two on our list here
is Squarespace Squarespace was founded in 2003 and it’s
quickly become what I like to consider one of the big three they’ve got their
own built-in drag-and-drop page builder you can kind of think of Squarespace
like an all-in-one solution you know it is a lot more limited and not as
flexible compared to WordPress but it really is great for those bloggers who
just want to have some fun and kind of test the waters with with different
different services um they do offer a short free trial so you can get on that
too so some of the pros is number one all security and updates are managed by
Squarespace so you’re not gonna have to worry about manually updating things if
you know if you don’t if you don’t want to it’s all built in Squarespace does it
for you and number two a really cool thing is
they got a dedicated tech support team so if you do run into any issues you can
hit up their tech support team and get that resolved the two cons is it’s kind
of what you see is what you get so you know what’s built into it that’s pretty
much all you’re gonna get not a ton of plugins and you know there’s some
templates but not a ton of stuff like like WordPress offers and again I
mentioned this before the second con is not it’s not as flexible as WordPress so
you know if you you’re not going able to start with a blog and then jump into
e-commerce it’s gonna be a little bit more difficult and not as a streamline
so now as far as pricing goes they have two primary part pricing plans the first
one is their personal plan which runs at $12 a month if billed annually and then
they’ve got a business plan which is $18 a month if you sign up annually so
overall we’re sorry Squarespace is a great platform it’s actually really
popular in the photography community as well I see it quite a bit so if you know
if you’re drawn towards that definitely check it out number three on our list is
Wix and Wix has a few hundred templates the
ability to integrate shopping carts and build your own e-commerce platform
there’s a reason Wix makes it into my top 3 blog posting platforms and his
versatility it does have some downsides but it’s a great solution for the new
and even those who have been blogging for a while who are thinking of taking
blogging maybe to the next level or a little bit more serious they’ve also got
a 14-day free trial so you can try one of their premium plans and really get in
there kind of learn the platform and see if it’s for you one of the biggest pros
like I mentioned was that they have over 500 templates to choose from that’s a
huge amount you know you got a lot of templates there
the other cool thing is you’ve got the ability to integrate email newsletters
and build ecommerce websites so as I mentioned you can start with a blog and
then if you begin selling stuff you can have kind of your own e-commerce
platform on top of there as well they have video tutorials to help you through
the whole creation process so you’re kind of not left stranded wondering what
to do the two cons are as once you choose a
template and design you’re kind of stuck with it which can be frustrating because
if you do change it you’re gonna have to start all over and then give the really
sucky thing and I don’t know why they do this the cheapest paid plan will still
keep Wix ads on your web sites you’re still gonna have the little branded Wix
logo on your website really kind of annoying but hey I guess you know what
do you do let’s get into their pricing they do have a free option but it it
includes a ton of Wix ads all over the site it’s really only if you want to
kind of mess around with the platform number two they’ve got a connect custom
domain option so if you have your own domain name and you want to just connect
that to your Wix site that’s five dollars a month if paid annually and but
I believe that one does keep some ads on your site which again kind of kind of
sucks the second option that they have is their combo and the combo plan is a
$11 a month and that gets rid of all ads on your Wix Wix website so if you want
to get rid of all ads you’re gonna have to go for the combo plan and then they
do have an unlimited which is $14 a month
overall Wix is a cool platform I mean they’ve got a lot of different stuff
they’ve really grown over the years I use them a long time ago when they first
kind of were getting popular it’s a cool platform definitely get in there and see
if it’s for you number four on my list is tumblr and tumblr has over 500
million monthly users which is a really good amount and it’s considered the
Internet’s top microblogging website now you might have caught me say something
there micro blogging that’s right it’s not like her traditional blog most of
the tumblr sites are micro blogging so what that means is that you are going to
get short posts maybe quotes and a lot of it’s just images so if that kind of
fits the niche that you’re going into then you know maybe tumblers more for
you what are the biggest pros of tumblr is that simplicity you can literally be
up and posting an image or quotes or short little things of text within
minutes you know and number two the platform caters to a Malinin millennial
audience who obviously likes to digest content quickly we all know without it
how that is right now just instant they want to see things you know images with
text really just getting content as quickly as possible now the two cons is
you can’t have a self-hosted blog okay so you’re not gonna be able to have
something like WordPress or Wix or square space where you can have your own
self hosted platform you’re just not gonna be able to do it which really kind
of kind of sucks and number two it’s very limited I know I mentioned this
it’s a very very limited and only for a niche type of blogger and as far as
pricing goes Tumblr’s absolutely free so even if you don’t want to use tumblr as
your primary source you use tumblr as kind of a secondary you
know contents generation strategy where you’ve got a blog maybe through wicks or
Squarespace or WordPress and then you’ve got a tumblr as well which can generate
traffic and push it to your blog so deaf tumblr very least it’s free you know
start putting some stuff up and getting some traffic to going to your to your
website number five on my list is Weebly Weebly was actually created in 2006 and
it’s quickly become a popular platform for building full-fledged websites
ecommerce stores as well as blogs it’s still smaller than wicks and Squarespace
and even WordPress but it’s still contender and it’s worth taking a look
at I’ve built a few websites on Weebly and it has a good interface and a good a
good platform it has its own dragon drag and drop page builder and a ton of
different themes and customizations one of the main pros of Weebly is that
installs and maintains SSL across your website SSL is huge right now and so
having a platform that that can do that is really cool the other cool thing is
that they’ve got no bandwidth or storage caps on their paid plans so you’re not
gonna have to worry about any type of bandwidth limits or you know uploading
too many images or videos or too many users coming on your site you don’t have
to worry about any of that and the other cool thing unlike Wix is that they
remove all their ads with their lowest tiered pricing so if you’re paying
you’re not gonna have ads on their website or on your website so to cons
you’re really unable to scale and grow with your blog because you’re not going
to be able to add things like email marketing and newsletters which you know
if you are moving your blog in a certain direction you’re gonna eventually want
to have that stuff to be able to communicate on a more personal level
through email with with your with your audience the other thing is that
really no content management system except for being able to move pages
around within the Builder and I do remember that it was really frustrating
and kind of annoying so if you’re looking for a content management system
that’s really structured like WordPress you’re not gonna get it with with Weebly
so their pricing plans the starter starts at $8 a month if you pay annually
they’ve got a pro plan which is $12 a month a business plan which is $35 a
month and then their performance plan the very top one it comes in at 46 bucks
a month overall Weebly is a good platform I see
Weebly more as like kind of like full-fledged websites for you know maybe
local businesses but you can definitely get in there start doing some blogging
and and just you know playing around alright number six on my list and the
very last one is blogger and it has actually been around since 1999 and it
was one of the first blog publishing platforms which helped popularize the
whole blogging format in general if you’re on the Internet
you’ve probably heard of blogger or used it maybe even to some capacity it’s like
the grandfather of you know of vlogs Google actually bought them out in 2003
they do offer you a limited number of templates on the platform and they give
you the option to connect your own custom domain through Google’s own
servers if if you want to do that so some of the pros of blogger it’s
completely free so you don’t have to pay anything for it the next thing is the
content management system is done right it’s really easy to get in and kind of
start your first blog post number three is they can link your own custom domain
so if you do have your own domain you can link it to your blogger account and
kind of have that more personalized feel to your blog some of the cons and I
mentioned this is very limited in the amount of templates you can choose from
so very rigid have really boring templates but they’re
there Google owns your blog so if they shut
down so does your blog okay it’s free so I guess it’s not that big of a deal but
if you really built a big audience around that and then Google decided
they’re not gonna support blogger anymore or take the service away
completely you’re kind of screwed and out of luck
the other thing is it’s there’s almost non-existent support for the platform
unless you’re going on YouTube and watching some tutorials here and there
you’re not gonna have a dedicated support team that’s you know gonna be
able to help you and pricing structure there is not it’s completely free so if
you don’t have a blog if you want to just you know write freely and kind of
get your thoughts out on paper or on computer I should say then you know
start a blogger start like I mentioned with one of the past platforms start a
blogger on the side of your website and direct traffic to your direct traffic to
your main blog there’s a lot of different ways that you can utilize
these free platforms so get into blogger and play around check it out alright now
that we got through my top six blog hosting platforms both paid and free I
want to get into the final question that I told you about the beginning of this
video that I always get asked and that is paid versus free blog hosting and
doesn’t matter the short answer is yes it totally does but let me explain if
you’re getting into this whole blogging world because you want to kind of talk
about what you’re eating or express your feelings a free platform might be for
you I still recommend going paid because you just never know what your blog could
turn into but you probably be ok with a free platform on the other hand if
you’re really focused you have a passion and a desire about a certain subject or
topic and you even have the slightest interest in potentially turning our blog
into a side income or even a full-time income and I know that sounds crazy but
it’s totally possible then you need to get on a paid blog hosting platform
right away okay I recommend or Preston and Bluehost obviously together but I
don’t care if it’s WordPress or Wix or Weebly or Squarespace get on a paid blog
hosting platform and here’s the reason why most free platforms are not gonna
let you monetize so you might build a huge audience on blogger okay and you’re
not gonna be able to monetize them or what you’re gonna have to do is you’re
gonna have to then build a blog on a paid platform anyway to be able to maybe
build a newsletter or build an e-commerce store that you want to sell
so just start on a paid platform okay and the second thing is you want to be
in complete control if tumblr decided to shut down and you
had a poppet and blog on a micro blog on there then you’re out of luck your
stuffs gone you want to be in complete control of your content of everything at
all times okay and the third thing is with these free platforms you’re gonna
quickly grow out of them if you continue to blog you’re gonna find the limits of
these free platforms so being able to get on a paid platform straightaway is
your best bet so I really hope you guys got some value out of this video
you know this quick guide to the best blog hosting websites really push you in
the right direction whatever you decide to go with just know that I’m glad you
took the first step into figuring out what platform you want to begin with for
your blogging career okay and I’ll leave you with one piece of gold and advice to
kind of in this video choose your blog host wisely because it
is a headache later on changing it so choose wisely what you decide to go with
spend some time thinking about it you know and but definitely take action on
whatever you decide because in a year from now you don’t know where your blog
could be in six months and even two or three months if you are dedicated to it
and you put in the work your blog could blow up you
never know okay so that’s it for today guys keep checking out definitely like
comment subscribe to my channel I’ve got a lot more videos coming your way and
yes I’ll see you guys on the next one

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  1. NEW Video Break-down of the BEST BLOGGING PLATFORMS is LIVE 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy it! Leave a comment below and let me know: what blogging platform did you end up choosing?

  2. Word press is very difficult to operate for people with no programming experience. I had previous experience with Joomla and PrestaShop – it took me MONTHS of learning, testing, reading, before I could set a simple website with them.

    When I decided to start my own blog, my webhost suppot suggested WordPress as the best blogging platform, so I installed it and… nothing. I expected that in minutes I will be posting my first blog. Forget it! Although I had previous experience with Joomla and PrestaShop, I was siting before the screen with no idea how to proceed. No intuitive interface, not hint for the beginners. I expected that at least the structure of WP is user friendly and intuitive for blogging. IT IS NOT.

    So, just like Joomla and PrestaShop, WP requires lots of training, reading, watching online tutorials before you can post even a single post. Not all people have a week or two for educating themselves, just for the purpose of starting a 5 pages blog…

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