Best Camera and Equipment for YouTube Beginners

Best Camera and Equipment for YouTube Beginners

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  1. ⚡ QOTD: What piece of gear are you planning on upgrading next? LMK! 👇👇👇 Want to grow your YouTube channel faster? Check out my YouTube tips series here ➡️

  2. I've been looking for a decent way to record myself playing the bass in my home office, to songs that are being played through my computer. Having a good audio/video playback is a good way to critique your playing. Sort of like getting away from the forest so you can see the trees. I've tried using a web-cam, but it's built-in mic can't handle the low register of a bass guitar; lots of buzzing and very poor sound quality. Your suggested set-up for YouTube videos looks like it might work for me. My question is, do you think the audio capabilities of the cannon will do justice to the low tones of a bass guitar playing over music in the background? If this set-up works, I just might start a YouTube channel myself.
    Thanks for your input.


  3. The onboard AVL of your Canon M50 was pretty dang good. Of course, after seeing and hearing the setup with the shotgun mic mounted to the camera, and the tripod, the camera angle and the sound were well improved. It wasn't bad initially, but definite improvement was immediately noticed when you added the tripod and the basic shotgun mic mounted to the camera. The natural lighting from the window is clearly adequate. I'm sure that as I continue to watch this video, you'll show more improvements for the AVL that you mentioned as crucial at the beginning.
    I will reserve more comments on this video to a new comment after I watch more.
    By the way, I am very happy to have found this video. It was the top of my YouTube search for learning what gear I need to start a vlog channel as a YouTube beginner, so to speak. Thank you for doing this!

  4. Great Job….love the way to deliver information. so many videos…vlogger doesn't get to the point of the video…you make sound real easy and encouraging…wish I was good looking and had a deeper voice:)

  5. Just bought everything on the list.
    To be honest it’s cheap. My friend bought all the same stuff at Best Buy for $500 more. Retail is not the move

  6. Hey there brother! I am trying to do a fitness channel, but I do not know much about YouTube. You seem to know a lot. Any specific suggestions ?

  7. bravo on every single level. u don't crush sir u slaughter. wish u a million likes and more. thx for the knowledge. look forward to seeing more. bless

  8. We're planning on shooting a simple talking head interior shoot, sitting at a desk, talking about certain issues and then inner cut some B-roll. I wonder if you could recommend what type of low cost camera under $400 we should consider. We need something very simple to use, external mic capability (Shot mic or lav), wide angle lens, Preview flip so presenter can frame the shot. They will be shooting this on their own. We've looked at so many cameras. Just can't decide. Any suggestions would be most welcomed. BTW, we're also looking to cast an on-camera host for some of our presentations. Do you do contract work as an on camera host? Where are you located?

  9. Quran, the book of Muslims, is still a guidance book for all people over history! Why not reading it? Read it to find the path!

  10. just started following your channels. the info is great and presented well. I am working on my first content creation. Cheers

  11. That’s my first professional camera and I’m in love with it! It’s a good investment you just have to keep consistently using it to get comfortable with it.

  12. Honestly, i think im gonna get this camera, its perfect for my needs, simple, and easy to use, so i can make some content 🙂

  13. I found a really good camera to star out with on amazon! Check it out here

  14. I'm sure this has been asked before but in regards to webcams, I have one built into my monitor and also a Sony HandyCam. Are either of these viable for great video? I'm not opposed to getting a Logitech C922 but I'm starting from zero. Also, I have a Scarlett Solo set up with a condenser mic and headphones. Will this work? Thanks.

  15. This is great information. I just purchased the M50 last month. Still learning to use it. I did get a mike and it does improve the audio. Thank you and I am prepping to start my very own YouTube channel.

  16. AH it cost less then my wheels less then my iphone 11 two words that shouldn't be spoken f it… right no cusing on YouTube….
    Before I order they have the 200 mm lens any good ? If I am gonna edit is mac the way to go

  17. Any small channel out there want to support my fitness journey blog on my channel? Ill do a give away when i reach 1000sub

  18. should I proceed I'll get the camera first and familiarize myself with each feature for awhile as I haven't owned a 35mil since the dark ages… I'll play you segment may times over. Thank you, Sean

  19. I was a little disappointed by the brief summary about light kits. I was hoping for a few more affordable suggestions aside from gathering all the lights around the house, lol. Your "beginner" tips are a bit more advanced, at least for me. I won't speak on anyone's behalf. I do appreciate you taking the time to make and share this video.

  20. After buying the camera and gear, what type of software and training to you need to edit and put your video together? Most of your videos been filmed indoor, but what about outdoor and solo operating your own equipment?

  21. Sir just a question, is there any way to install or put an external microphone in Canon 1300D? Hope you recognize my question. Thank you. 👍

  22. A beginner Youtuber has money to buy Cannon M50 but he has to keep books in place of tripod.
    I'm impressed. 😒😒😒

  23. this is NOT beginner equipment kit. Most people nowdays have smartphones that can record 1080 hd video. with an external mic for the phone, a fast 32-64 gb sd card and a stand for the phone a beginner youtuber doesnt have to spent more than 50 $ / E .
    Audio is king. a video with mediocre image quality can be forgiven, but bad audio cannot be overlooked.

  24. Hey Sean, I'm beginning a channel to use for training our staff. I went to Best Buy and told them I needed the Cannon M50. We went through several different options including Sony. They came back to the camera you suggested after thirty minutes. Shout out to Eric at Best Buy at Bunker Hill in Houston. Sean you sent another person to buy a Canon camera. Thank you!

  25. Hey, I just received this camera and when I plug the mic in there is no sound, did you had to do anything to make it works? My mic is Boya lavalier by m1 of course. Thanks for the reply please!.

  26. WOW! That cheap and tiny microphone sounds really great! I'm running your audio through a FM broadcast sound processor, it almost sounds like your are talking into a Rode broadcaster or NT1A microphone! Rich in the lows, good in the mids and a nice crisp in the highs! Very good and educational video! Thanks!

  27. What! I was watching the ad and I thou it was the actual vidoe ,which is really interesting, because it's an ad I instantly skipped it

  28. GREAT info! This was good stuff for when I start my channel. Financially, this will take longer than I imagined, but it will be worth it in the end. How about lighting to make cooking videos come out crisper/catch better sounds?

  29. Hey I have a Canon Powershot S5SI from a long time ago. I don't know what DSLR, or even if it is one, but can it be used?

  30. Thank you for the tips and tricks. I am a yoga teacher and I plan to do online videos. What camera would you recommend? 🙂 Cheers from France!

  31. I love your show thank thanks because I'm just getting started I need all the help I can get .? Is it to late to start a YouTube channel. This camera is great again thanks

  32. You can afford a $700 camera , go to bestbuy and you can finance one for like $25 a month , all while building credit 🙂

  33. If you were to use an iPhone X for recording what settings will you consider using and how will you be able to record and have enough space on your phone? Can you do a video about this please, thanks 🙏

  34. Also what audio microphone do I need for YouTube videos and what camera I want people to hear me great and see me great

  35. This was an extremely helpful info video, it didn't even occur to me that all cameras might not have a microphone Jack or allow for a different lense

  36. Hi, your sound wasn’t consistent and your lighting seemed dark. But the content of your video is great 👍 Thanks so much making this video!

  37. Good Lord! The camera alone is $675.00! If you’re a beginner I think the MAX you should spend on a camera is $100. And I don’t own a laptop, all I have is an iPad. Do I need to get a laptop for my video to upload?

  38. just wanted to thank you. you have been very helpful. from gear to motivation but what really stood out was the mention of your volunteer work to your church/ thanks again.

  39. I'm really happy what you have shared with the m50, I started my YouTube channel on my Samsung s9. I did all the filming and editing on it. However what computer do you recommend for editing.

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