Best Go pro Hero 5 Blogging Set up with Go pro Selfie stick and Rode mic

Best Go pro Hero 5 Blogging Set up with Go pro Selfie stick and Rode mic

hi guys hope you are doing well this
video is about my vlogging setup with GoPro Hero mic 5 and GoPro selfie stick
and rode videomic compact I have seen a lot of videos related to this kind of
mounting on YouTube but none of them showed anything with the GoPro selfie
stick so I am making this one as you can see I have mounted the GoPro Hero 5 on
the GoPro selfie stick as you all know that the GoPro comes with this external
mic adapter this external mic adapter is fixed here on the surface stick itself
with an insulation tape and same has been done for the rode videomic pro
stand this is also being taped using an insulation and fixed right in place so
now what I am doing I just attach a cable here I can charge I can use the
data and this is the setup I can easily attach a dead cat and still you know
move this sticks around absolutely no problem in holding now I can have a dish
in here here you can see it on itself istic stand which comes with this kind
of stand so you can just place it on a table wherever you want to use it and
you can easily attach this dead cat which comes along with the road roll
video my compact right here so this is my final setup with a dead cat on hope
this helps somebody use also trying to fix GoPro and external mic on a go close
the physics thanks for watching guys bye bye

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