Best Note-Taking Method! + Tips on Color Coordinating

[Music] hey guys for this video I’m going to show you the best way to write your school notes I will use Cornell notes as the foundation of my own method I find that it’s grid-like system is perfect so organize your binder and accessing quick information when you have to review your material draw a vertical line on the left just as I’m doing here you can choose how wide you want this column it’s a good idea to place your ruler next to the red line to avoid measuring your paper this is the space reserved for your in-class notes try to write as much as possible and be free to make vollis charts and tables when you’ve closed a subject or a major theme your teachers talking about draw an horizontal line to further define that subject this is the best time to go to the left column and write down a title that can summarize what you’ve written on the other side this way you can quickly skim through the major points of your notes using collars while taking notes can be a big advantage when you study later using colors correctly will make your brain find things easily when you skim through your notes and associate keywords and important information much more quickly the secret is picking a color scheme and sticking with it at least until the end of the semester you can also use plastic flags whenever you feel the need to make an important title pop outs also if you have anything you want to add to certain sections of your notes don’t hesitate to hide the sticky notes on top of the relevant information [Music] in this final section you have to summarize your front and back pages in five or six lines this is a great exercise to force you to grasp the major points of the lecture I actually think it rather difficult to summarize wallet class so I try to do it right when I get home without looking at the notes that way I can actually prove myself I was paying attention hi guys so just for a little quick real-time video I just wanted to show you how I actually use these notes this method to study for my exams and my tests so what I usually do I I will start from the beginning I will look at this column with the titles and if all the words make sense to me I will just turn the page and I will read the summary if the summary and the words make sense to me I will ignore them with the notes and I will just go to the next page that’ll go like that until I reach the final also lights make these charts with only important information that I get from my notes and also from my textbooks if you want a video of me showing you how I make these charts hope this one is on the back as well if you want a video of me showing how you oh I make these charts well be free to comment down below showing your wish and I will be sure to fill that video [Music]

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