Best of Dr. Axel Stoll – Teil 1: Die wichtigsten Fakten (NSL Forum Berlin)

Best of Dr. Axel Stoll – Teil 1: Die wichtigsten Fakten (NSL Forum Berlin)

I welcome you sincerely (Heil, mein Führer!) to our Ja, Heil My name is Stoll, Axel Stoll. I have a doctorate in Natural Sciences Have physics, mathematics and geology studies. (Rest behind!) All other sciences… Counts only the natural sciences In principle, we only need three sciences to describe everything. Physics. Mathematics. Philosophy. Everything else is unnecessary! Medicine is mathematics, physics (biology) – biology is physics! And am dealing with free energy and military technology. But military technology is not the natural explosive weapons but what interested me beam weapons. Microwave, Scalar wave. From extraordinary destructiveness. Can induce The very beautiful disasters. I love disasters. (Laughter) Yes, and such will happen to us next year. (Yes / Aha) Probably but [in terms of] natural disasters. (Aha) to a nuclear war – I can assure you – I believe personally not because of the following serious reason… Our veteran Peter Schmidt, in front of me sitting .. . … it has repeatedly stressed that WORLDWIDE… ALL nuclear weapons nuclear missiles nuclear bombs are neutralized. Is no problem at all. I can also neutralize nuclear radiation. After that you go straight on with part seven already. About the German space flight from 1934. That surprises you, eh? Klaus, what you have for a topic? (Latest information from the chemtrail scene) (We have support from Yugoslavia get) Very good! If U.S., Israel or the criminals The British attack the island of monkeys, which I hate anyway they have militarily the ass cards. (Yes) Because Iran has the most modern weapon systems Made in ‘China and Russia. And the Russians are indeed weapons technology far superior to the Americans NEED TO KNOW! Do you know ne? From officio. The poor Russian army. Forget it! I’ll say it again. For almost ten years… … the T-92 is produced. A modern tanks, Russian tanks with a top speed of 300 km / h I think that no one here is superstitious. I’m not. The Kirlian photography. Known, yes? (Yes, Yes) What the human force field for a long time the so-called aura made visible… … did not know how one should actually suspect convince the skeptics can, that man is more than just a conglomeration of atoms and molecules. Clear, is not it? Man is an energetic matrix According unified field theory consisting of? Who knows? Again no? Electric Power, magnetic energy informetric energy, gravimetric energy. And is bound to the three energy fields: space, time, movement. Clear! You’ll have her head now to think use rather than a hat rack. I also know some physicists personally. The also had the new physics created. Because there is the ether, the energetic space, perhaps, This is the energy-rich sea between galaxies, between different stellar systems. We physicists speak of the so called Dirac sea And that is the energy source that is critical for free-energy machines The one must tap into in accordance with an implosion vortex. That is a logarithmic spiral in space and time considered inside. Clear ne? It has provided us with a sketch, which significantly supports our knowledge. This is that The human body with the chakras This sketch I got from an older gentlemen. The belonged to the Odessa. Organization of former SS members. The… Yes… flying disc design engineer in the Third Reich. Flying disc designer! And next to this human body is not without reason, a flying disc mapped works the same way. Small note: When a person autogenous his force field strengthened. That is very important. Could he. (Right, I’ve just…) Quiet! He could float in extreme situations, ie levitate See the force field of a FLYING DISC There we have it! It is that simple, right? That is the human cell at the intersection. So, we have also. The nucleus is the same pure light Say, black sun. Sure, that’s what I’m here for. Black Sun, known! As this light is consumed assumes the binding force from, cell expands and the man grows. So! So! It’s that simple The self-preservation of the cell. Reminder: It is a perpetual motion machine as well as the universe itself, is clear. There are no coincidences. The word ‘random’ is deleted from my vocabulary. (I say ever) Is not there. Everything is predictable. Within the mantle, there is a magnetic field density, the people 500 to 800 years would give healthy and Hillbilly Life The beings in the interior of the earth – The earth is indeed hollow – Have namely an age of 800 years approximately. The laughing at us! Germanium, meaning the organic germanium 32 Our Energy group is capable of this artificially. We are also able to perform element transmutation. So to transform lead into gold and other stuff No problem! As proven by a spectrometer, which we also have. Where the item is displayed and the percentage of This is called COLD FUSION! Elec… MGD! Are there interesting literature Do you have to already take care, because if you want to get ran. (Can I order with you a piece of gold?) That you can make. (Still) you can do. Magic physics is by will. Once again. Do not forget that. When human cells over a long period of time… For example, every night in your sleep. … Are decelerated in the ‘spin’ you get cancer! The links are crystal clear Those field lines are of animals and dowsers – sorry – but at least perceived it is even easier of course if you know how to keep yourself healed Without Doctor Furthermore we talked last time A tip was water, another was vinegar (vinegar is good) Yes, of course And, as I said, you can even if you are very clever, light energy company In principle, if you have understood what the Dr. Stoll has argued here, then we are all light beings. And then you can send also make energy from up here in each cell My chemtrail display I have used to the officials say “I can not agree more with my conscience” “I pay no money to your authority and then… you use the money to finance these aircraft ” “!’m sorry, I do not do that anymore ” “From me you will not get a penny more!” The only stood and swallowed and then has no invoice sent more I do not want a long talk about the Chemtrailerei The eh sometime off We have the opportunity here our German Empire re-enable German Aerospace from 1934 Since you will be amazed 10 Flight with two woman and TV ten million kilometers into space And then to the diminishing auxiliaries sun fixed star Do you know of course! On the ground breakfast, then briefly to the moon or other matching star and back in the evening to Mother Earth (Correct) And all with solar energy It is that simple when you order the new physics knowledge has I said it once before. We now until Nacke lied von Hacke Physics. What is taught in schools and universities. They forget it! Not for nothing is one of my books a bestseller “Until now suppressed: The knowledge of the true physics” With Numerous blueprints for free-energy machines We are. Could… … be independent of the power companies We generate our own electricity. Let’s make way also (I would slowly start) Part 2 96 airplanes * 60 minutes * 14 hours * 40 Passengers Yield: 3.2256 million passengers per day PER DAY ! This is not science fiction During the Third Reich Nicola Tesla was here to visit And they are launched to Pluto, the most distant planet The is about five billion miles away Within five hours they were there have taken rock samples Also know the least Clear On television comes so just scrap For me, this is the electric-Jew. The German satellite that orbits the Earth since 1938 And the satellite was launched into Earth orbit by a V2 (What’s the name of the satellite?) (His name is “Bläck night” err “Bläck Kneit”, ie black knight) Knight! So “Kneit” as the Knights “envy” but pronounced (If you googled it, then you will also find images of) Yes, thank you I had seen. That was awesome. The broadcast news interrupted and as our Lead has a speech during the Olympic games held … give the Americans, so in the movie, is not it? That’s not official. Is clear. In the film, but they admit that they have a – have earthquake weapon – And now it comes One only needs to google the Internet www modern weapons en The have such a weapon, that energetically the blow apart it when people have come together, This has such a range The fact that they can use it to blow up demonstrators quasi apart Because the weapon goes into the blood pure And I do not know. Who is times GoogleT see this. Automatically You go apart you you can not explain why, but so we blasted the group. So GoogleT times since then Alone www “modern weapons” de.. That says it all. Microwave radiator. People are sick to the stomach to the traps. A beautiful weapon. The times you should use it against the Love Parade. I were here The Arndt in Berlin writes: “Greetings from the ninth Milky Way” “time with Philip on the moon be” “And behold, he shall be inhabited” Is that way. Since we are being lied to by hoe to Nacke With the launch of Apollo 11, the greatest space adventure yet begins The first man land on the moon question mark (Haha) Can be forgotten, is not it? When Apollo 11 lands are the moon people hide in their caves and laugh half dead As I said: If there should ever be landed I doubt it They were never on the Moon (Oh, I also do not think) Note from me now. (.. Studio) But it will not be possible to view it Moreover they do not speak English but only German Interesting, is not? Hidden Note that the moon is rich in German hands namely “power according billion miles a hatch on” “Since you could not tell the Wind” “But there came a toxic gas cloud in the cargo aircraft” The name of this kind, I would say, Aircraft based on the way Viktor Schauberger says Implosion Technology What makes the sun before us? Implosion! And an implosion always produces cooling And I repeat it once more in the light also of the guests now are new yes The sun is COLD! Since her amazed what? The CHAR-1 operates far out in space with interplanetary Cast (?) This I must say again There is a kind of galactic confederation in our galaxy Is there Can not you disregard But I tell you something Many, I would say extraterrestrial intelligences We are not very sympathetic. This is nothing more than a criminal here planet! I repeat again Like my brother Templar from Alto gestures Norbert Jürgen-Ratthofer used to say. Do I have instructed the aliens interested to silence I also assume that since the Galactic Empire Aldebaran plays an essential role The us in about a million years ahead in Science and Technology Do you know what that means? One Million Years? My God But as I said. Even Hawking, the physicist. Known not? From United Kingdom The also warns against extraterrestrial civilizations that a majority of not just us being sympathetic, right? We can not approach with earthly Maßstaben, People Forget that!

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  1. +++ Wichtiger Aufruf (Oktober 2018) Podcaster und Undercoverjournalist Riotburnz benötigt unsere Hilfe. Gebt etwas und genießt das wohlige Gefühl im Bauch: +++

  2. Am deutlichsten zu sehen ist das große Bierglas im Vordergrund.
    Und die Kerze, wenigstens eine Flamme, die die Leute im Raum erhellt.

  3. Was soll ich sagen der man war ein verkantes genie. Viktor schauberger hat die flugscheibe entwickelt auf Grundlage der naturkraft und Wirbel. Der Prototyp wurde gebaut aber kam zu spät da war der Krieg schon verloren. Das sollte die wunderwaffe werden die den Krieg bringt. Es wurde die flugscheibe allerdings vernichtet damit die Gegner diese nicht erhalten. Alex stoll hat das Wissen entdeckt

  4. ernstahft, anstatt mario barth und wie diese "lustigen" heinis alle heißen, sollte RTL mal diese videos vom stoll senden xD

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