6 thoughts on “Best Practices for Developing on Android TV (Google I/O’19)

  1. The biggest limitation of android tv is trying to build an entire OS and apps ecosystem around a relatively outdated piece of technology, the standard four button remote (up, down, left, right). Navigation using just that is the worst aspect of the user experience in my opinion. Because most remotes lack a qwerty keypad, typing/searching is a nightmare especially in apps where google assistant does not work (which is most apps currently and possibly for a while longer). I understand there are remote apps for smartphones but they are all designed around the existing concept of a remote (four navigation buttons). Some do offer the relief of a qwerty keyboard but you still have to navigate using four buttons on apps mostly designed for touch screen devices. What if we could navigate the tv using our smartphone's full touch screen capability. There would be no need for entirely separate market place and most apps could be natively supported by our tvs with little to no extra development effort (slight exaggeration). Please google, give us this feature. OR add the capabilities (and remove the extra limitations) to enable developers to enhance & advance this aspect of Android TV.

  2. Hulu app is 2 years old, no Atmos support on Netflix, HBO NOW app is janky, Vudu app interface looks like 2012. Also no support for official Google apps like podcasts, youtube music, and photos. On top of that, there hasn't even been a flagship Android TV device since the Nexus Player. All of this adds up to an experience that seems very half-assed when compared to Apple TV and even Roku and Fire TV. Hopefully they can recommit to the platform like they are saying here.

  3. Any thoughts about debugging an android tv app from android studio? some people are using adt-2 and no information about configure for debugging over wifi 🙁

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