Best Things to Do in Munich | Restaurants, Sightseeing, and More

Best Things to Do in Munich | Restaurants, Sightseeing, and More

Oh hey down there, I’m Sarah and today
I’m going to show you some of the best things to do here in Munich, Germany. Let’s go. You should visit the English gardens. I’m here at the English gardens right now.
It’s a massive park that has everything from beer gardens, to rivers, to even
river surfing. Essentially what it is is a giant wave that is on the river and
you could actually surf on it. An interesting fact that I learned while I
was researching this place was that they also have Quidditch tournaments here. So
for those Harry Potter fans, check it out. You should visit Olympic Stadium while you’re here. This beautiful Stadium is known for its revolutionary and contemporary
architecture that’s supposed to reflect of the Swiss Alps. If you see behind me
it looks a little bit like mountains. You can do a rooftop tour and actually get
harnessed up and climb along those beautiful mountain looking rooftops and
at the end, one of the most awesome parts is, you can zipline across it. It was
really fun and I highly recommend it. Now the Olympics were here in this
stadium in 1972 and they wanted to reflect a more positive image of Germany
and certainly with this beautiful architecture it does the job. When you come to Munich you should
pick up the Marco Polo guidebook. It’s probably the best way to see the city.
This is Amadeus and he actually wrote the book so could you tell me a bit
about it? Yeah, first of all you have a lot of sightseeing things in, like museums,
and we have a lot of history and also it’s not only like we give you a tip and
like go there you see a lot of art. It’s also we try to give you special
information, like inside tips. What is your number one tip? They should take a bike first. Yeah. And explore this city like I do it always with New York City.
Yeah. Just feel the heartbeat of the city and just follow the flow. Don’t go
always where the typical tourist places are. Gather your bike and you see the
city on a totally different way. So much to see, there’s just so much to see
here in Munich and that’s why your guidebooks so great because it goes
through everything. You should taste the local craft beer
when you’re here. More and more micro breweries are popping up around Munich
and you can even take a brewing course while you’re here. So make sure to go to
some of them. One of the great ones is Hopfen Hacker which is where I am
right now. You can get a tour through the brewery and also try a massive variety
of all the beers they have. From spicy to earthy to fruity. Every different
combination palette you can think of. Trust me you’ll find something you like
here. At the Chinese Tower beer garden you can have a beer and these massive
pretzels, like this is crazy. The Chinese tower behind me was
originally built in 1790 but it was destroyed in World War two and rebuilt. And they even have salad, which I really haven’t seen it any other beer garden. Can this get
more German? Another great brewery is Paulaner Nukherberg. Now this place
literally has it all. They have an outdoor beer garden, an indoor area, they
can fit up to 4,000 people. Plus they have a world-class restaurant here where
you can get great craft quality food. I just saw them cook this burger in the
oven, it was just unreal. So really cool place to check out here if you’re
into the craft beer scene. I’m at Wolf’s Farmacy Soda Bar here in Munich and this is a very unique bar. So you can come here for a drink and also a
haircut. That is efficiency my friends. It’s designed in the spirit of an old-fashioned soda bar during the
Prohibition times so all the drinks are themed to Prohibition names which makes it really fun. One of the drinks is called Johnny Torrio and you may be wondering who is Johnny Torrio? Well, Johnny Torrio is the guy who got Al
Capone rich back in the 1920s but about this bar it’s unique because they have
really interesting soda flavors like blackberry, cherry, and chocolate so if you’re
looking for a very unique speakeasy style prohibition bar here in Munich this is
the place to go. Don’t miss it. The most touristic place in Munich – Chinese, Japanese, American, South Africans, Canadians, they all go there. But as well
the locals go there. Why? The answer is inside because the locals have
something special. They have their own private beer safes. What’s inside? Their
own private beer glasses. They can drink the beer out of their own beer steins.
And this is special. They have some “regulars” tables with colorful signs and
it’s called “stomtish” that means regular. You have to come there so many times to
drink so much beer and one day you will have your own private table. I just learned that the world record for the amount of mugs you can hold in one hand is 18. That’s a woman held 18 of these. I have no idea how that’s even possible. First off they’re so heavy, and her’s were filled with beer. Pretty crazy! Did you know that BMW is based here in
Munich and stands for Bavarian Motor Works? So naturally if you’re here in
Munich you should come to BMW Welt. Here you can take a VIP tour, learn about the
history, how the cars work, and even see a little bit of behind the scenes. It’s a really cool
experience and I highly recommend it. If you’re hungry while at BMW head over
to Bavarie. Here you can have a traditional Bavarian restaurant
experience. This is a veal tartare and I’m obsessed. I love tartares
generally, but I could just eat this all day long. I’m telling you. Savory. When you here in Munich say at the 25 Hour Hotel. This hotel is really unique because it’s
themed to Royal Bavarians. The building itself was once a old telegraph station
and it’s now been transformed into a very interesting hotel, around me you see
I’m in a library area that has plush lounge chairs. Each room is a completely
different style. There’s very interesting furniture. One of my favorite pieces is
this chair that is just a bunch of Swan heads. Just every turn I’m surprised at
what I see next they also have two fantastic restaurants here, and they have
free bike tours of the city. Highly recommend staying here when you’re here in Munich. You’ll love it trust me. At NENI Munich, here at the 25 Hour Hotel, you can dine on a combination of Israeli, Romanian, and Spanish cuisine with local
influences. Essentially what it is is you dine Bavarian style which is similar to
Spanish tapas. So all plates are shared and enjoyed. If you’re looking for one of the best places to get a panoramic view here in
Munich. You should check out St. Peter’s Church in the center of the city. It has
a 360 panoramic view around the top the cost 3 euros to get in if you’re over 18,
if you’re under 18 it only costs one euro. So that’s pretty cool. The views are stunning. I imagine at sunset it’s absolutely incredible. Definitely a
place you want to go if you love taking photos, or you just want to get that
perfect shot of Munich. Do you know that Munich is one of Europe’s best biking cities? Well, I actually think it’s the best way
to tour the city. Mainly because you get to see more sights, plus you’re being
active. I recommend going with Radius Bike Tours and Rentals, it’s only 29
euros for a two-hour tour through parks, around riverbanks, through plazas, and
through medieval walkways, so it’s really beautiful and it’s a great way to see Munich. When the central market became too big in 1807, King Maximilian moved it
here, to the Viktualienmarkt. Here you can get food, all different
types, all different things. There’s huge variety and that was well known for here
in Munich and now I’m going to try some things. Some traditional German food. Oh here’s
the first thing! Thank you! This is beet juice. Starting healthy, ending
not healthy at all. I reserved it for you. It’s so called Pfennigmuckerln, and the dough is made out of rye. And this comes from the last real grid
mill in Munich. Flour cheese, this is a Dutch cheese, and this comes really from
the mountain area. But the most interesting cheese is this one. Obatzda. This is a Bavarian pretzel.
They got me a radler. This is a lemonade mixed with beer. It’s really refreshing. It tastes like just carbonated lemon with slight beer. Thanks for watching my video on unique things to do in
Munich. If you liked this video remember to subscribe, follow me on Instagram, and
I will see you next time.

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  7. I would also recommend "Neue Pinakothek" and "Alte Pinakothek", if you are interested in art. Also "Königsplatz". King Ludwig the first of Bavaria was a huge fan of Greek architecture, so he built "Königsplatz" in Greek style. It's a little less known among tourists, but really worth a visit. And "Botanischer Garten", which is a big botanic garden right next to "Schloss Nymphenburg", which you obviously visited, because it can be seen in the video. It's beautiful there, especially in summer, when all the flowers and plants are in bloom. 🙂 If I where you, next time you visit "Nymphenburger Schloss", I would visit "Botanischer Garten" too. Also there is a Chinese garden in "Westpark" which I visit a lot, because it's so relaxing and awesome. One second you walk through a park in Munich and the next second you think you are in China. 🙂 Greetings from Munich, I'm glad you enjoyed visiting Munich.

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    Only good think here is their are plenty of jobs. Don't think they are nice and warm-hearted people just because they smile to you. They just show off their best side to tourists because they know you will leave money and the Country soon but the reality is they can't stand everyone else who are not like them.

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