hey guys today I’ll be sharing the best
websites to watch for free I left all the sites in the bottom if
you know a good website I haven’t mentioned feel free to share it in the
comments so more people could find out about it alright
so head over to your browser the first website is called name some of
you may have heard about this website lots of people on YouTube tend to be
sponsored by it to promote the website itself marketing tactics it allows you
to watch for free and although there are some ads on the website there
isn’t a lot of them so here’s a layout not badd you can watch various shows not
just that you can read some books the news forums store premium and many more stuff
you can log in make an name and here’s where you search things up
alright so let’s click on shows so over here there is a bunch of popular shows
that you may recognize you can see their descriptions which is cool you can also
alter and filter your searches by going through these over here genres you can click on the type of
shows you’d like to see question was criticized for not having a lot of good
shows let’s look for a popular one that all websites have so let’s go in the
search bar and search for name Alchemist so here it is here it is you
can look to add those but let’s go with the official one alright so here it is
you can check out reviews over here comments more info shop and other things
so they placed it you can place from newest to oldest or oldest to newest
whichever you prefer and let’s check out the first episode see an ad popped up
right here let’s just exit it requires Adobe Flash Player so keep that
in mind and again another ad so you can choose
video quality down here the problem with crunchyroll is that the
shows updates are late and most shows they have have subtitles rather than
being voiced where you actually hear the character speaking in English so that’s
kind of why I put crunchyroll in last place so these white dots over here they
indicate where the ads will be in the video but in general the quality is
great as you can see if you don’t want as you can get a free trial which you
see on this side over here you can start with a 14-day free trial that making an
account that’s what they mean by a premium so another thing you can get
with a premium account is the ability to read books say we want to read
this the one over here if you click on it they ask you to get a trial first
and then paid the required amount per month to maintain these benefits so yeah
crunchyroll is pretty good but it’s not the best and I’ll show you different
websites that you can use so the next way to watch some online is on
this site this is actually a quite popular website
people tend to go on so here’s the link actually it’s this name a thought are
you so I’ll just edit that over here but either way it’s a popular website that
has lots of animate choices on it but there are way too many commercials
so another another name people might use is this so I’ll look this up
right now oh actually it might be the same as that one not too sure about
that but either way I won’t be clicking on these websites to show you because
there’s way too many commerc but I still think it’s better than crunchyroll it
should be cool to use if you have ADD blog all right so the next website is
this name TV so again this page has lots of ads but
less than the other one the layout and display of the website looks pretty nice
up here but if you scroll down a bit you will
see some ads on the bottom oh there are more than shows here there’s books too
so let’s have a look so as you can see there are hundreds of choices that you
can read they can choose from you don’t need an account like on crunchyroll
which is great you can use the search or click on ctrlfon your keyboard
to search for a book it’s just easier to use all right so let’s head back to the home
page so we saw the book page there’s movies soundtracks and much more
okay so now let’s check out a show you can click here or simply search for one
so let’s look for a popular one not again there’s many choices to
choose from let’s just go with the first one
this is the older version of it so as you can see the episodes are
here on the left you have a bunch of info on the show itself plus a
description see this is what I mean by ads so there’s ads like on the side here
let’s go all the way down until we find episode 1 another advertisement right here there
are many video pages to choose which I really like about this website you
aren’t limited to only one server so if one server doesn’t work you go ahead and
click on the next one and a add you just deletee honestly this website is
really good if you have block the adds are their worst part but it’s actually a
really good website so here’s the video the quality is actually pretty good
especially considering that this show was made decades ago so keep that in
mind the quality is really great so yeah not bad at all okay so the next website is a really
good one it’s called name immediately
the dark layout makes the webpage seem very simplistic and elegant you can log
in over here there’s a comment section below
but if you don’t want to see this section of the page just click all this
to minimize it so the shows are listed here you have a nice search bar right
over here or if you prefer you can simply scroll down on the side there are
lots and lots to choose look at the amount of space here there are hundreds
of shows listed on this website it’s incredible over here you have settings
you can adjust various things like the appearance if you want to that if you
want the website to use English titles or use the original show titles whether
or not you want the website to automatically mark episodes as complete
whether you want to hide the video player controls while watching the show
you can also view the users we have muted and much more options so it’s
pretty cool if they have the settings right there all right so let’s actually
check out a show now I’ll look up a popular one which is the next which is in the
retail next generation and as a currently ongoing so
they keep on updating the episodes as they arrive oh yeah so this website is
free to use but you can make donations if you want you can click on sure I’ll
donate if you want to support the creators and maintain the website
okay so let’s click on the show the video quality on this website might actually
be the best it is Hz but if you happen to have a slow internet connection your
video will probably freeze a lot which is quite unfortunate because the quality
is like amazing so as you can see it kind of takes time to load at moments
but it’s an awesome website because there are practically no advertisements
so you won’t be seeing that many ads the episodes are over here you can click on
the dots to view more episodes alright so the website I think is the best right
now is called mister animation or master and you thought me so let’s click on the
link again the dark layout here is very nice the way they display and organize
your shows is very very well done I like actually seeing the images rather than
them being listed like on the previous website so here are the most recent ones
if you click here they are organized differently as you can see so now they
are sorted in terms of high scores so you can alter that if you want you can
change it over here low scores you can sort them by title then there’s a type
many types to choose from and finally in terms of stat it’s like completed or
ongoing so here are the many genres there are a great number to choose from
which I really like again it’s super organized okay so now let’s click on an anime oh
I’m actually currently reading this specific series so let’s go with this a
great artwork in the background in general the display here is amazing
compared to the other websites here’s a title the corresponding categories by
logging in you can add this one to your list it makes it easier to watch
afterwards so you can make an account or log in up here here you have a long and
descriptive explanation of what the show is about on the left here there are a
bunch of quick and short info and statistics this is pretty cool you have
the trailer available to you right over here so make sure to watch that if you
are uncertain if you are interested in it you might wonder why the images are
blurred here well one reason is to not reveal any spoilers you can turn the
blur on or off over here so this is another advantage compared to other
websites you have the many pages down here so let’s have a look at one okay so there are two adds here when
you click on play but be prepared to exit them now the real play button is
here the quality here is very good too oh I
forgot to say this when you search for a show you have to use its Japanese
name instead of English and all the time the most of the time not you won’t be
able to find the one that you’re looking for so keep that in mind try to look for
the Japanese name or title all right so that’s about it for this video those
were my favorite show watching websites those are the websites I think are the
best right now if you know any other good websites that people can go on let
me know in the comment section below it would be helpful to help you guys
find the best possible websites out there like this video if you enjoyed it
and subscribe if you want to see more videos like this one see ya in the next

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