Bhai-Behen vs Behen-Behen | Brother vs Sister | #Fun #Rakhi #Siblings #RolePlay #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

Bhai-Behen vs Behen-Behen | Brother vs Sister | #Fun #Rakhi #Siblings #RolePlay #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

wanna to do something exciting!! what to do… Bunty, will you play with me? I don’t want to play with girls see this… wow.. my Barbie is looking so beautiful there will be more fun in the video so get this video to 2,50,000 LIKES Also do SUBSCRIBE if you’re new to our channel as our MyMissAnand brings amazing video like this new doll.. I’ll play with it a lot seems she’s coming.. let me hide this doll you’ve brought something here tell me what was it nothing.. I want to sleep.. you go from here told you nothing is here…just leave where’s my doll? I’ll open it as you did the last time but don’t cheat i’ll take it ok fine but its for boys you wanna this have my discarded clothes I’ve got bored of these why discarded ?? give me that one don’t even dare to touch them these are new You’ll use them after me from whom you’ve asked for this kitty hairband give me back where’s my T-shirt? why you wore my T-shirt so what I’ve been searching it since long & by the way its a Girl’s T-shirt don’t have you listened to the word Unisex always trying to differentiate between girls and boys listen don’t make my T-shirt dirty have you listened!! Warning me.. now will wear new one Wow this Butterfly room is looking so beautiful pink is everywhere and I liked this lamp so much I’ve kept half of my room pink just because of you I make this whole room blue if you aren’t there and paste pictures of all my favourite footballers and cars and you’r this butterfly…eeww…. and I make it pink with butterflies in whole room what’s she is doing?? what are you doing di.. my cute and pretty di plz order this toy for me she don’t know that there’s a delete option in the cart I am carrying your bags since You told me that will buy shake for me yes I’ll but let me do some more shopping I don’t hold your bags now you carry them yourself I’ll not hold these bags until you buy shake for me lets watch Princess show di I wanna dress like her on my birthday and I am like her’s elder sister she will never give me the remote but my name is bunty…I’ll do it your friend Teena is here go and meet her nobody is here Bunty lied to me none of my friend is here you told me lie for getting Remote lets play why you looking sad?? Today is Rakhi.. Hopy if you were a brother then I would tie this Rakhi and you would give me gifts hope if you were a boy .. go from here I don’t want to play with you now take this Rakhi and tie it on my hands where’s my gift first tie Rakhi Gift.. no Rakhi first … ok tell which sweet you’ve brought told you I only eat chocolates yes I have chocolates too she fights with me whole year but doing Aarti today don’t know what she want.. surely want gift now give my gift its so easy to make you fool I don’t give gifts to any body but you told me.. have this

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  1. You r a super duper cute and loving girl
    With so much of love
    New subscriber
    Zoya Hussain
    Can you be my best friend?

  2. I fight with my brother every time I wish I had a sister who had a brother and who had a sister hit like for your brother and sisters

  3. at 13 of august 2019 u came i news paper {times of india children addition} i am so happy to see this keep it up .proud of u .need a shout out .name: sai varun tej. plz need a shoutout

  4. Anantya is so cute and anishka you both are my favorite. Congrats anantya i have read your article in TIMES OF INDIA. India's young YouTube star.?????????????????????????????????????

  5. I loved your Raksha Bandhan video my miss Anand I loved it . And I saw your video 1000 times and it is amazing Anantya and I am your big fan

  6. Aaap kitna like karna hai aae ap nahi kahna kiwki ap kitna like karna he oo ap bata do ge tooo people like nahi dislike kar dengi

  7. I love you anantya❤️❤️love you?I loves to see your video???
    East or west ananta is best❣️
    Twinkle twinkle little star anantya is superstar??

  8. Sharam karo India Walo Hamare Kashmir ke saath Itna Zulm karte ho dekhna Tum logo ke sath ek din hum Aisa Karenge Hum Sharam kar lo Sharma

  9. I have a big brother and a little brother and I am a sister so I am like a tomboy soo I get along with my brothers except for food and ummmm gifts

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