Bible Study on Guilt and Shame | Bible Study Journal

Bible Study on Guilt and Shame | Bible Study Journal

Bible Study on Guilt and Shame | Bible Study Journal so my last video was on judging others
and if you haven’t seen it definitely check it out and I feel like that goes
hand in hand with the guilt so first and foremost sometimes when we judge people
and we kind of condemn them for their sin this can turn into guilt not
necessarily our guilt but we can make them feel guilty and obviously you know
this is not what Christ wants for the church he wants us to live guilt and
shame free he didn’t die on the cross for us to feel guilty he died on the
cross for us to be free so if you are in a position where you feel like you’ve
been judging someone making them feel guilty for something that they did
definitely pray about that making someone feel guilty it’s not necessarily
beneficial not only for their walk with Christ but you know their spiritual walk
it’s not really helpful to help them change and I can say that confidently
because Jesus doesn’t make us guilty so it doesn’t make us feel guilty so you
know if you’re holding a grudge against somebody maybe they did something to you
and it could have been awful they could have done things done something horrible
towards you and you keep you know bringing that up and making them feel
guilty now I’m not talking about bringing something to light and
discussing it and you know having a healthy discussion and bringing up your
thoughts standing up for yourself I’m not talking about that I’m just talking
about when you and another person if they have hurt you and if you have kind
of patched things up with them and have forgiven them and you know that whole
process has started and you’re starting to move on from that situation holding a
grudge against somebody is not helpful at all so you know bringing that sin up
over and over just to make them feel guilty it’s you know if you forgiving
them then the Bible just says don’t continue to bring that up just as Jesus
said he said you know I forgive you and I remember your sins no more so I am the
one who blots out your transgressions for my own sake and I will remember your
sins no more isaiah 43:25 and this is God speaking about our sin so this verse
straight to the point God is the one that forgives us of all sin so
transgression is a really big fancy Church word I’m gonna look up what it
means transgression an act that goes against a law rule or code of conduct
and offense so I’ve done a video previously on forgiveness and basically
when we feel guilty sometimes even if we’ve done something not necessarily to
someone else maybe we’ve done something like you know maybe we had a commitment
to not have sex before marriage and for whatever reason someone had sex before
marriage and now they just feel so super guilty about it even though they’ve
asked for forgiveness and God automatically forgives us as long as we
have a repentant heart and they’re truly you know working with God on the area of
their life but sometimes if we stand in an area we can feel guilty and shameful
that we’ve sin in that area and it’s kind of like you’re not forgiving
yourself so the Bible talks about forgiving others but you need to forgive
yourself and move on as well so God is the one that blots out our
transgressions our sin the offense that we’ve done against him for his own sake
and I’ll remember your sins no more so God forgives us and that’s it
that is it that’s all we have to do is ask for forgiveness for God did not send
his Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him
might be saved John 3:17 so God sent in Jesus as a sacrifice to save us and we
can go to heaven if we just believe that Jesus is the savior of the world
the scripture said that he didn’t send Jesus into the world to condemn us but
that through him and that’s the most important word in this entire scripture
through Christ we might be saved Jesus was sent to save not to condemn so the
only way that we can avoid condemnation is to believe that we are saved through
Christ there is no other way just through him I was listening to
a sermon on guilt and shame I can remember who it was but they said that
if you feel guilty and shameful about something then mostly guilty then that
can kind of be a sense of pride and the way that they explained it was prideful
because if God can you know if you believe that Jesus came to save us if
you believe that the word is true and that we should not be condemned we
should not feel guilty God remembers our sin no more and if you know Jesus was
sent to cleanse us of our sin and you feel like you know guilty and shameful
and you don’t feel like you’re good enough or that you know your sin for
some reason is not covered under what the word says they explained it as if
that’s kind of selfishness as if your sin is too great to be forgiven by the
Almighty God and so if God is able to save the world and remember our sins no
more then you know if you’re feeling guilty about something and you don’t
want to let it go then it’s a kind of a sense of pride because you don’t think
that God is big enough and fast enough and powerful enough to forgive your sin
and you know we should accept the fact that the word says that as long as we
ask for repentance and you know God remembers our sin no more and no sin is
above the forgiveness of God and don’t forget that God forgives everything and
he remembers it no more so if you’re still holding on to that
sin you know that’s it you’re holding on to us the Lord says I’ll remember your
sins no more so God has already forgotten about it you know you’re the
one that’s holding on to it and it’s time to let that go it’s not helping you
and it’s counterproductive for your relationship with God God is a big
enough God that you forgive all sins and then sometimes you have to be careful as
well because sometimes people feel like they do something wrong or something you
know bad they sin and the only way to make it better is
do a lot of things that are good and again that is a sense of pride because
then that way of thinking is kind of saying well God is not big enough to
just forgive me and then I move on and try to avoid sin just because I love him
but I need to do these works in order to gain my salvation back and that’s just
that’s not true it’s not true at all the word says that we just need to accept
that Jesus is the savior and we are saved and our works of the flesh will
never save us ever so you know if you feel like you’ve done something or many
things that are sinful or hurtful and you feel like you are not good enough
for God’s forgiveness you’re not good enough for God to forget your sins and
remember them no more you feeling like what you’ve done is just so horrible
that God can’t forgive you and you know maybe you feel like you have to do a
bunch of good things in order to gain your salvation back or to get right with
God again or maybe you feel like you’ve done so many bad things that you know
bad things are bound to happen to you that’s just not how God works at all and
it’s so amazing that we serve a god that’s so beautiful in the sense where
we can mess up over and over again and he just forgives us and he just loves us
unconditionally no matter what we do he’s always there available to forgive
us we just need to access the Holy Spirit and ask him for the help repent
and ask him for forgiveness and he will be there you know what sometimes we feel
guilty because of our own thoughts and a lot of
times Satan will put things in our head that will cause us to go down that road
of guilt and shame and relive that but whenever you are getting those thoughts
of guilt and shame stop don’t think about it don’t go down
that road mentally don’t let that fester and manifest in
your mind because the more that you think about it the more you will feel it
and the more it will play out in your life so when you start to feel guilty or
start to kind of relive something in your head that you’re shameful about
change your thinking fast the more you focus on the Word of God and the more
that you kind of take your mind off of that
the easier it’ll become to not feel guilty and shameful about it you have to
choose your thoughts and you have to be very mindful of the things that you let
your mind think about and focus on so if you are someone out there who has been
dealing with a lot of guilt and shame and maybe you feel like the things that
you’ve done in your life is just so horrible and you don’t understand how
God can ever forgive someone like you the truth is is that when Jesus was on
the cross and he’s being crucified there was a criminal who was also next to him
and the criminal you know even though they were a thief or you know they
sinned so imagine you know he spent his entire life sinning his whole life he’s
on the cross with Jesus and right before he dies he says Jesus remember me when
you come into your kingdom and Jesus said you know today you’ll be with me in
paradise he was saved so someone who led a life of sin just because he had the
posture in the heart of you know accepting Jesus into his heart he was
saved and so if you feel like whatever you’ve done is way above forgiveness and
salvation it’s just not true you don’t have to do anything in order to gain
your salvation you don’t have to do anything to gain the love and the
forgiveness of Christ he gives it to us freely and whenever you start to hear
those lies that Satan tries to throw at us say no you know to say no change your
mind change your thoughts and maybe write down some of these scriptures so
that you can easily pull it out and start to read it I am forgiven jesus
does love me God does love me he remembers my sin no more Jesus did not
come into the world to condemn but he came so that through him we might be
saved speak these truths into your life and
watch how amazingly powerful the Word of God is and how that can make such a huge
difference in your life so thank you so much for watching if you’re struggling
with any of this I am praying for you so hard praying for
each and every person watching this video and I’ll see you next time

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  1. Yep! Feeling guilty = pride because it's really saying that my own opinion about myself is more important, more "true", than what the Lord says about me, and that therefore I am "more important" than Him… which I am not. Unfortunately, it crops up quite a lot in songs in church too. But thank you for this video on the day that I needed it 🙂

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