100 thoughts on “Biden’s awkward, tense moments at first 2020 LGBTQ forum

  1. The best possible outcome would have been if an enlightened Muslim Allah Akhbared that forum. Nothing but low I.Q. hedonists trying to extend their protected class status.

  2. He's a jackoff who thinks everything is a joke and he can't answer anything with a collegic informed clear impressionable response fucktard

  3. This another example of why Joe Biden's day has passed. We can't have politicans that sit in the fence and wait to see which way the wind blows. We have Bernie Sanders and others ready to lead the way – AOC, Pressley, Bernie, etc. 🇺🇲🇲🇽🏳️‍🌈

  4. And this is the best the democrats have?? I mean I applaud that he isn't a socialist but if Trump is essentially running against this guy than he's got it in the bag.

  5. "In what ways are you if president going to grant special rights and considerations and protected status to the igbtqq++++++ community so that we can finally legally shut down all speech, that we deem offensive? Or how about we can imprison for hate speech and hurt feelings."
    Joe "well I'm not gonna sniff this sjw hair after this conference too old, smells like cat piss."

  6. Please let me know when it’s over 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s like I’m watching a horror movie and peeking out between my fingers 😳

  7. why does he already have to try and defend bills he supported that proved to do exactly what he claims it didn't. Maybe he should just look into it more. Instead of saying "no it didn't" maybe say something like, I will have to look into that more. Try to apologize for bills that he maybe shouldn't have supported rather than keep defending it. I really think the US will be in trouble if biden is the one against donny. Considering biden gets twisted/lost/confused when debating against his own party – donny will eat him for lunch. The US has to get little donny out and biden might not be the person for the job, sadly. He may have been good with Obama but doesn't seem special on his own.

  8. No point in paying attention to this moron anymore. It's been reported that there are other liberal candidates with IQs all the way up into the 50s.

  9. How is Joe Biden being sexist? Fox news said sexism with a smile. Ladies, this may sound harsh but not everything is a fight we need to stop living in the generation of offense by promoting a victim mentality. Often times women are seen claiming to be victims because a man talks to them but demands to be taken seriously in the work force. Being a woman never held me back and I have been in upper management for years. When did women stop wanting equality and expecting superiority? This goes out to men, women, different religions, different races, LGBTQ and heterosexuals we are all equally important in life. No one is better than someone else. Try peace and loving your neighbor concentrate on what you can do for others instead of looking at your differences and demanding what about me

  10. A political group based on what orifice they have sex with.. What kind of a fucked up rabbit hole did I just fall down? Gotta go or I’ll be late for my BBW lovers Presidential debate.

  11. My 10 year old daughter woke up screaming last night so I ran in to her room to see what was wrong she said the dog woke her up by sniffing her ear. I said that isn't so bad . She replied yes Dad but I dreamed that it was creepy Joe Biden…
    Joe Biden is an embarrasment to this country . And he is the Democratic front runner ? Really how about Tulsi?

  12. Anyone is better than the Corrupt Demented Biden. Anyone who votes for Biden is truly out of his/her mind. Only demented people may vote for Demented Joe

  13. What LGBTQ issues are left to discuss ? They already have all the same rights as any other American, plus they are a protected class… meaning they actually have MORE rights than most Americans.

  14. This is so much fun…
    Bullshit Biden with gum disease. Which is why his $2.00 gumball teeth keep biting it's tongue being interviewed by A Lemon with Dolphin Teeth.

  15. its Funny How he comes up with a clear policy base plan when talking about the gay people, but when asked about black people He starts mumbling about a record player.

  16. More concerned with the rights of handicapped people. 1 in 45 babies born in USA will be permanently disabled throughout their lifetime. That's more important then lgbtq's issues

  17. Old Grandpa Biden looks like he'd rather go sleeping than go to a typical CRINGEY LgbTqAI+++ event. Perfectly understandable, grandpa.

  18. Biden on TV right now bragging about the American people building America not Wall Street>Then why does he take the Wall Street dirty money? ps Warren will take it again if she gets the nom.. Our only hope for big pro people change is the only one who has NEVER taken the STINK $, his name, Bernie Sanders.

  19. Any time someone disagrees with him he completely disregards their point and says something like, "you're a lovely person" or "thank you for your support"

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