100 thoughts on “Bill Hader Reveals What Made Him Break on SNL

  1. It's so great when SNL cast members genuinely break and laugh instead of doing it on purpose all the time like some other late night ex-SNL late show hosts

  2. “…it’s me..” the fact that she was whispering that to bill when he kept pushing her back and just accepting her fate by just sitting still is the most hilarious thing to me 😂😂

  3. And then he went to make the show Barry and made a different account so no one would know who he was and he still checks this s***. I will find you Bill Hader

  4. Still makes me laugh out loud every time. I fucking love Bill Hader!! I could watch him and Seth talk for hours

  5. It's amazing how unfunny Seth Meyers is. His dad must have saved Lorne Michael's life or something. How else do you explain how Seth got on SNL.

  6. I have a friend who laughs just like him, but he can't stop like for 5 minutes, and after a while he starts laughing again

  7. If you want to see Bill Hader try to not to break Character you should see the Californians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt-tG6ufH90

  8. Damn Cecily is a genius. She managed to write a sketch in which she got to sit on Bill Hader's lap. I gotta hand it to her.

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