BLACK DAY by EKKARAT PUNYATARA – A Photography Showcase

BLACK DAY by EKKARAT PUNYATARA – A Photography Showcase

ROBIN: Hi my name is Robin Wong. EKKARAT: My name is Ekkarat Punyatara. ROBIN: Today we are going to talk about Ekkarat’s amazing
photography book. What is the title Ekkarat? EKKARAT: Black Day. ROBIN: Let’s get right into it. I have known the amazingly talented Ekkarat Punyatara from the Olympus Visionary program. His photography
project Black Day chronicles the mourning period of Thailand people after the
passing of their King in the year 2016. This was probably the last King in the
world that was so beloved by his people. The
loss of the King took the nation by surprise and it was such a difficult
time for Thai people. This project was deeply personal for Ekkarat so he took a year long to shoot the mourning of Thai people after the
passing of the King. When Ekkarat showed me his book I immediately fell in
love with his photographs and I knew I must get a copy for myself. This was
probably the most expensive photography book I have purchased in my life it cost
me about 350 Ringgit. The book is in limited print so if you want a copy you
must contact Ekkarat as soon as possible, it is running out soon. Recently I had a
chance to meet Ekkarat in person and I thought why not have him tell his
stories on making the book Black Day. I am a National Geographic Thailand
staff photographer and photo editor. I specialize in social issues,
cultural and everything that has to do with people. And I am an Olympus Visionary. About my book project
it’s called Black Day. This is my, poetic sorry telling
about the sadness of Thai people toward the loss of the King in 2016. I spent a
year long of the mourning period to photograph the story. This is the feeling
of Thai people, this is the feeling of how me as and evidence of Thai people
feel toward the loss of the King. So this story I took a year long to
photograph during the mourning period since the story is about the expression
of my feeling and ties people’s feeling so I traveling around the country to
find the right picture that I feels like this is the right feeling that I want to
express and it took me another year long for designing, sequencing the photo and also the printing is really difficult and design by mimicking
the local calendar, that I mean if you go to Thailand you can find this local
calendar in every household in Thailand. The book is limited print only 89
copies because the King passe away when he was 89 so this number is really
important for Thai people. So in this book I use a lot of triangle
form to express the feeling of Stillness. Yeah so also I also use a lot of
triangle form to combine in book designing in order to express as well so
everything could go along really well and express what I feel. The challenges of this story is how to
find the right expression through photograph which I come from you know
like journalist background, documentary photographers but expressing how I feel
toward photography is different level. Yeah I was like experimenting a lot
about the color, about the timing of the day to shoot, about the event about the
news, about actually I try and actually I try every single way to find the right
way to express it and and yeah I really like the outcome, and you will find that
in this book I use a lot of colors the ratio of the color in the photograph to
somehow express the sadness, and also the challenges about the printing and
designing is also also really difficult because you know shooting for the
whole year long you get a lot of photographs but in this book I print just
only 29 photographs because I want the audience to see through the book from
the beginning and finish it in really short time. So sometimes like if you if
you let them see too long you know that they would lack of focusing. I don’t want to say if it is a
challenging but I mean the designing process is very interesting because this
is really personal for me and for Thai people so I want to find I want the
design to become something that reflect the love and I want the design to become
the symbol of the love so I was thinking like what is the symbolic of the feeling
of Thai people I grew up in Thailand so I wonder there is one thing that I
always see about the King is the calendar in my house and also in every
house so I decided to pick the concept of the calendar and make it work. And
another challenging of the printing is it’s very difficult to find a printer
who can print this black and the tone and it’s really difficult I experiment
with many printer until I found the right one. Being an accomplished
photographer Ekkarat has made diverse exhibitions, prints and publications but
for this particular project he decided to make this book as an art piece. Well a big change is now everyone can
do photography, now everyone can become a photographer and I think one of the
most interesting movement at the moment is it’s about how you see the world, it is
about your perspective on something it’s about what you are interested in, it’s
about personal project. I think it will be a big movement because
you know your personal project will be something to tell the audience that this
is how you see the world this is important to you I think in the future
it will be very important. So the advice for young photographer as
I said now everyone can do photography so my only advice is you find what you
are interested in the most and it should be something that you can stick for a
really long time for the first story and work it out keep for graphing keep
filming if you are a videographer. Yeah find something that you are really
interested in and do it. ROBIN: Alright that’s it folks for this video I hope you have enjoyed watching it, thank you so much Ekkarat for being here. EKKARAT:
Thank you. ROBIN: And I hope you have fun with me EKKARAT: Enjoy a lot! ROBIN: If you loved this video
please give it a thumbs up, please leave a comment below and please check out Ekkarat’s Instagram account. I’ll put the link in the description below. I’ll see
you guys again in the next video. Remember to go out and take more
photographs !

11 thoughts on “BLACK DAY by EKKARAT PUNYATARA – A Photography Showcase

  1. Great video Robin, thanks for sharing it. I was in Thailand twice, 2015 and 2016 and for sure know how Thai people loved their king. Great story and book.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Robin, incidentally my wife here in the UK is Thai & yes for sure 2016 was a terrible time for the people of Thailand.
    Please continue to share with us.

  3. i love your videos really, pleas makes videos lessons for mod m1 mark 2, fan from saudi arabia. i love thailand and all humanity .

  4. What a beautiful, respectful photography book Ekkarat has made! And what a great interview you, Robin, had with him! My thanks to you both.

  5. Almost two years of dedication to produce this work of art! Ekkarat is one passionate and skilled photographer. Very impressive indeed. Thank you for this video Robin – most of us (myself included) need a reminder that photography is as much or more about art and expression as it is about the technical elements.

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