Black Studies ‘Claptrap’ Comments Get Chronicle Of Higher Education Blogger Fired

Black Studies ‘Claptrap’ Comments Get Chronicle Of Higher Education Blogger Fired

the chronicle of higher education has
decided to fire out blogger by the name of naomi schaeffer right away because i
she wrote eight keys basically attacking black studies and up our argument was
that uh… black studies is just left-wing victimization basically what she did is she looked at
some of the dissertations are lower at the title sensitivity i’d
let you mention that because she loves cherry cake appeal the titles of dissertations for a black studies on
the stand ins of students and by the way these were dissertations in progress
they weren’t even written like they were completed so hot she basically says that uh… all
this is all about is victimization uh… there is no real value to this
uh… in fact let me read you a piece of her blog econo lot of criticism she says
seriously folks there legitimate debates about the problems that plagued the
black community from the high incarceration rates too low graduation rates to hire out of
wedlock birth rates which by the way what is huge issue out
of wedlock birth rates that something that we should all be so concerned about she continues to write but it’s clear
that they’re not happening in black studies departments if these young
scholars and the future of that discipline i think they can just as well if their
calendars that nineteen sixty three and let some legitimate scholars find
solutions to the problems of blacks in america solutions that don’t begin and
we can waved the white it’s a pretty stunning statement for her
to have made and she even admits in her responses when she got this firestorm of
criticism for essentially just completely dismissing out of hand an
entire ir segment of academia just on the basis
of three titles of dissertations and progress that she hadn’t even read again
she admitted that she hadn’t even read them uh… it it is a rather surprising you
know you’d think that that even had somebody’s it steeped in academia i
maybe would would think about whether or not that’s actually a legitimate point of view to take that one little
look at it you know it’s frightening to people at this is the free market at
work you know she put out her information
sheet put out her opinion people responded and said absolutely not this
is not acceptable and she’s been fired so right free market works we’re trying to figure out whether or
not i was in favor of the chronicle of higher ed fire right-hand enemy and i decided that
they did the right thing and the reason why i say that is as someone who’s blogging for a
reputable publication right in the chronicle of higher education is
reputable did uh… u have to do your research before coming
up with uh… any type of opinion or argument in this case she didn’t tell her
research and when she was caught not doing a
research shows the fight about yet because not only did she say a hike if
they didn’t read the dissertation seaside why do we dissertations and i
never wanted because i don’t find any balance dissertation but i think he has
to say that basically that that day citizen have to
recreate the she doesn’t have to know anything more maasi as he was look at it said no that it’s worthless and you know one could make that case i
suppose that there is not a market value for this segment of academia but you know that something that that all
acts aspects acting he cannot bear to make money they’re not there to please a
group of people they’re not actually even there to solve the economic
problems of a segment of the population they’re there to study it’s resisted it
discussed the history and discuss aspects of the history of
this group and how it applies now or doesn’t that’s that’s the nature of
academia so it would say to me that you know she’s kind of this riley is is in
the wrong jobs you know what she really wants to do is go work at some website that attacks the that that they basically francis
certain segments of the political lighting elegy and and not really
discuss higher education it’s very interesting and i love how when she
talks about the black community out one of the three issues that she mentions is
babies born out-of-wedlock like that’s real like you black people need to find a way to
solve that problem like that’s led it intentionally set as of the race
problem instead of an economic activity every single of their exact study data
points they always being an economic issue units across the board
of poor people it’s across the border wanted that i can access to reproductive choice it’s a will cross
the border lack of access to education is really doesn’t have to do with race
began absolutely has to do with economics

100 thoughts on “Black Studies ‘Claptrap’ Comments Get Chronicle Of Higher Education Blogger Fired

  1. The premise of Black Professors teaching a class of Black College Students that the white man has kept them down is hilarious. There is a segment of all races who aren't allowed anywhere near a fucking University or a decent job. Think bigger. The best lesson to learn is that the real enemy of the world is British Royalty and their affiliates. They are connected to tyrannical world corporations and global banking industries that are causing war and oppressing everyone, not just black people.

  2. There were a lot of black units in WW2, and I know all about the Windtalkers And they were invaluable parts of the machine… but it's leaders and politicians and traitors that generally take their place in history books, and how many minorities were allowed into leadership and political positions before the last 40 years or so? I mean, even white war heroes like Audie Murphy… I don't remember seeing one mention of him in WW2 history… it's the top generals, the battles, the politics…

  3. "insert population group" studies is NOT legitimate academia. it is absolutely useless and she is right: all those studies are all about useless victimization and blaming. "insert population group" studies is a useless industry for everyone except the people making money off it.

  4. I agree with most of the points the researcher raised, and think that her being fired over it is pathetic.
    Ana, you've got some nerve to bitch about not doing your research given how often you and TYT post stories and make major errors that would be apparent if you did a basic level of research.
    Also, there isn't anything wrong with only briefly researching a topic, unless you claim that you have when you haven't.

  5. Rule number 1: The surest sign that I'm winning an argument is when a lame brain like you feels the need send THREE ripostes that aren't even equal to my ONE. Now to your opening gambit: "Racism is prejudice towards anyone based on the colour of their skin." – WRONG and precisely why idiots like you need to get educated on white supremacy, white genetic recessiveness and racism as a white ideology, indeed white supremacy is the predicate for racism period. Consider yourself rebutted.

  6. Out of wedlock birthrates IS, arguably, the most important issue facing the Black community. Indeed, the "godfather" of modern Liberalism, the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, said as much.

  7. Oh, but you do also have some very racist views ex:Taking that Jewish woman out back and shooting her in the head…as you said a couple of days ago.
    Why ?
    Because you didn't agree with her views.Oh then you tried to justify it by bringing up poor Treyvon.It's ok because supposedly" white" are buying up all of the Treyvon Targets
    . I tried to bring up that all of the people buying the targets may be not be white
    could be Hispanic people too after all Zimmerman is Hispanic he was racist

  8. cont…Not in your eyes.You used racist slurs when speaking of the Jewish woman.You completely discounted any factual contributions & history of other ethnic groups
    Except :anything hateful if you could think of anything hateful true or not,you that was gospel
    Most of your debate was a nothing more than false truths,partial truths,blanket generalizations and racial slurs AND TELLING ME TO SLIT MY WRISTS.
    Sounds like you would like nothing better than to start a "Black Supremacy" movement

  9. "but it's leaders and politicians and traitors that generally take their place in history books" Not always, and not the majority of times either. Hell, they use "regular" people as primary sources all the time. They just forget to use those of color a lot who knew how to write and read (or their interviews written by other people of color). It's like they want to put the image out that every person of color before 1960 were all inept and didn't do much in our history of the world.

  10. Black literacy during slavery was almost unheard of. It was illegal, in fact. Even after it was abolished, black literacy was utterly dismal for quite a while. And positions of power or blacks directly affecting social change? Only relatively recently.

    They should make sure to mention rebellions, conditions… they certainly teach the civil war, which while largely for economic reasons had slavery as a strong focus… the Underground Railroad… but I remember hearing about most of that.

  11. Why is it you believe that blacks only lived in the south? There were plenty of blacks that lived in the north freely, and many black slaves themselves were taught how to read and write because their jobs given to them by their owners needed them to. There was a large amount of blacks who knew how to read and write, same with Native Americans who were taught how to in reforming schools. Many Asians like the Japanese and Filipinos came into the U.S. already educated more than white immigrants.

  12. …cont….

    Also during the reconstruction era blacks held more political positions than whites in the south because the whites were still re cooperating from the war. Blacks opened up MANY schools during that era and started to move north quite a bit. Do we hear about that much? NOPE.

  13. There were plenty of black slaves in the North, it was just more extensive and much more resistant to change in the South. Obviously there were exceptions to forced illiteracy, because there are exceptions to everything, but it was the norm in very large part.

    Blacks during reconstruction were in political positions but small ones. The first African American mayor of a predominately black town was 1868, but the first mayor of a large US city wasn't till 1967.

    Not major history makers.

  14. Yes, the South was more resistant to change, but they were not the majority nor was the whole south similar in their laws. As I said before, even those who could not read or write either learned during the reconstruction to or were interviewed by those who could read and write. There are hundreds of interviews out there that get ignored. Also, I love how you keep focusing on blacks when I also mentioned the Native Americans and Asians who were literate.

  15. …Cont…

    Also blacks held more than just "small" power. Reason many Historians call the reconstruction era as the era where roles were switched because it was so massive. The Jim Crow laws were not pushed until later on so Blacks were not limited plus the North sent federal troops to make sure that the Southerners didn't limit blacks. This was switched again when the Compromise of 1877 was passed and the troops were taken off.

  16. that bitch is racist. straight up. it has nothing to do with race. it has everything to do with poverty. People in poverty have high incarceration rates, and low graduation rates, and high out of wedlock birth rates. I just have to say that because I love black women and dat ass!

  17. You do know that her husband is black… right? I think she might have some perspective to some degree about the black community!

  18. That was THE most relevant comment iv ever seen on a YT video!
    (and yea i luv BW & dat ass also lol)

  19. Not one mayor of even a medium sized city during that time… and even most, at the time, major politicians get left behind in the dust of history. Unless they really make some key decision or succeed or fail in some major way. The history of everyday… and even many great people… is lost. The people history remembers are few and far between. So no truly major politicians, no traitors, no generals, no high order geniuses that changed the world… today there are, then… not so much.

  20. … continued…

    Let me clarify that there were a few, obviously… and they're in the history books. Wanting more minorities in the history books during a period when discrimination let very few rise to the point where they could make major history can't determine how history is written. History has to be written how it happened, without bias.

  21. This is where your wrong. It is good to know about all the things within american culture and history.

  22. pretty much everything you learn in school pretaining to social and american history is white. it cant hurt to know about other races and cultures that helped contribute to the history of the United States.

  23. Again primary sources are usually from the "common people". I don't know what History classes you've taken but the ones I have as a History-Teaching major has a lot of primary sources from merchants, from people's diaries, interviews, etc that give a clear prospect on life in those certain eras being studied. Trust me, I've read enough of them that I'm tired of them haha. History may be half on leaders, but the other half is on the common people who did as much impact, or more than the leaders.

  24. see "conversations with great minds" – RT "the big picture" with thom hartmann
    James loewen's book "lies my teacher told me"
    Americans print the lie and teach it as history as most victors do.bye bye "/

  25. Honestly I can't remember one common person, diary, journal, interview… we're probably arguing about different things then. Those are very different history classes.

    Well, never mind then. We've been wasting our time arguing apples and oranges. 😛

  26. The day after Miss Riley was fired the News & Observer of Raleigh reported that 54 classes were suspected of academic fraud at UNC-Chapel Hill. Every single one of those 54 classes were within UNC's Department of African and Afro-American studies.

    Miss Riley is right,,,,, and so is John Derbyshire.

  27. I couldn't agree with you more.I have never read in depth in History Classes much concerning common Irish Immigrants accounts of their experiences. Many Irish came over as Indentured servants, many Irish also contributed to America.It is for the most part, in my belief, the way you explain it. It for the most part is about the "Key" decision makers.

  28. Hey there,Where did you find that info if I may ask….I have actually expected as much.I think all people should know about their history but,that history should be acurate.

  29. Wow…really? Not once? Jeez…Primary sources are SO important in History since you get the information from the source that was actually there.

  30. In college courses, you do actually have the opportunity to go in depth into European studies, and this video is of course about college. I am an international studies major and I study all of Asia, but if someone was interested in studying Ireland, they would want to take an international relations course based on Europe and from there, Ireland would be one of the main focuses at times. Blacks have to learn history because we can't even trace our ancestors beyond a plantation, if that.

  31. I couldn't agree with you more. I think everyone should have a place to learn more about their particular culture/background if they wish to.That is the beauty of America today.. thankfully we all can : )

  32. According to a article by Cathy Young, Reiley’s opinions (a short, approx. 500 word blog post) were based on summaries (NOT simply titles) previously published on the blog for which Reily also wrote. Perhaps the Young Turks should do their research as well, instead of vilifying and silencing any discussion that departs from leftist rhetoric and propoganda.

  33. Except that the "truth" you're speaking is some racist, unhistorical bullshit. Yes, black labor, especially black slave labor, played an important part in America's economic development. So did Chinese, Irish, Jewish, Italian, Polish, Mexican, etc… labor. How black people were treated was especially egregious, nonetheless, that doesn't make fantasy a reality all of a sudden.

  34. For every intelligent person in America, there is a misguided idiot like you, so let me re-iterate for your dumb ass: America is built off the backs of 400+ years black labour. Wall Street was built off the back of the slave trade. Granted, the races you mention have made a contribution to America's development in the last few DECADES, but the FOUNDATION of America is built off the backs of black people end of story. Lesson learned.

  35. The last few decades? Again, you have no conception of history. Yes, the history of slavery in the north is shamefully ignored. Nonetheless, the foundation of America is multi-fold. It's not any more true that America is only about exploiting black labor than it is that America never exploited black labor.

  36. Maybe there would have been no Wall Street without slavery. It's hard to imagine how America would have been settled without slavery, given the deep roots it had in the economy. But it's also hard to imagine how it would have been settled without religious oppression in Europe, help from Indians, stealing land and life from Indians, immigration, the resources available, and a whole host of other things. It's not ONE thing.

  37. Are you seriously suggesting to me that Italians, chinese and irish were as profound a contributory factor to the builoding of America during slavery and the slave trade, the very epoch upon which America made its most profound fiscal gains as a country??? Because if you are you are VERY retarded indeed. You're losing the debate. Please don't embarrass yourself any more than you already have. SMH.

  38. America was immensely poor and backwards during the slave trade. It was a period when Europe thought us no threat to their position in the world. We were an agrarian country. It was the north where our economic growth was strongest, especially after they outlawed the international slave trade (which, by the way, happened when the country was 31 years old, 1807). But I'm not "debating." The facts speak for themselves.

  39. Now you're veering away from the PREMISE of my original arument; America is built off the backs of BLACK PEOPLE – this is an incontrovertible fact. Irrespective of the contributions of the aforementioned races you alluded to, the original fiscal foundation of America is built by black blood, sweat and tears. Remember, without the enslavement of black people as collateral, there is no Wall St

  40. I mean, has any group been victimized as egregiously and horrendously and over as long a period as blacks? No, no way, not close. Nonetheless, being the BIGGEST victim does not make one the ONLY victim. I don't object to your portrayal of how blacks were abused, just that somehow noone else was abused. It's only true if you're a racist.

  41. Probably true about Wall St. But when someone said America was built on the backs of many economically challenged immigrants, you said it was on the back of black labor. You imply that noone else has played a role. If that's not what you meant, well, sorry for my misunderstanding.

  42. The surest sign that you've lost this argument, is the fact that you have to post THREE ripostes that are not even equal to ONE of mine. I'm going to repeat it until your dumb ass gets it: America is built off the backs of black people and black labour – END OF STORY. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  43. Again, not arguing. I'm not sure how you're judging "equality of comments" but I'm posting comments when I have something to say. I guess I could "Uhmurica is builded on the backs of the wite peepul" but that's not my position. It's not my opinion, it's not what the facts have to say.

    Also, you spell labor the British way? Are you not American?

  44. Being the biggest victim is just that – the biggest victim. Black people are not looking for a trophy for their suffering, what we don't like is people diminishing the profound contribution that Black people have made to America and to this day, the powers that be run mile when reparations are mentioned. NO other group in America has been more vicitimized than black people and they continue to be to this day, explicitly AND implicitly.

  45. Well who the hell would have been "playing a role" during the slave trade other than black people? Were Irish people buidling infrastructures at that time? Were Koreans opening convenience stores at that time? No. That came later. America initially gained its wealth off the backs off black labour and the slave trade culminating in the creation of Wall St. Again, this is an incontrovertible fact.

  46. I don't and never have disagreed with that. I disagree only that blacks are the only one. I think, from an economic perspective, it's actually been harmful not helpful to the economy as a whole to hold a certain group of people in perpetual poverty and abuse. I can't prove that but it makes sense that if you afford people opportunity, they grab it. And the more people there are making use of their opportunity, the better for everyone.

  47. Well, for starters, Irish people were sold into slavery. Less common and didn't last as long, but there were totally Irish slaves in the colonies. Secondly, I'm saying that the slave trade is not the only thing that built America.

  48. Ah I see. You were arguing based on High School education and lower classes when I was speaking about Higher education classes, which is the subject of this video. I get it now.

  49. Please stop rambling for the sake of rambling you've already been duly rebutted as anyone of this page can see.

  50. Well, part of our discussion… I don't really see it as an argument, it's been very reasonable and polite… the part about the focus of the classes… I suppose you win by default with that point… but what of the value of standard history courses vs racially motivated history courses?

    If the standard courses are not, in your view, unbiased… why is the focus not on improving them, rather than on separating history based on race, forcing division, and creating an even more biased system?

  51. I know we were simply discussing. When I said "you were arguing" I didn't mean it as an angry altercation, I meant it more in the debating sense.

    But anyways, I was never arguing FOR separate classes based on race. I was only showing why they are that way at the moment and that people have been fighting for making the classes be in standard history courses for many years.

  52. People cry "racism" far too much. ESPECIALLY in USA. It's getting old. Just let shit go. Let…it…go…

  53. why is it that people dont have a problem with asian studies or mexican studies or European studies but people have a problem with black studies and for you white people that say black studies is about hating white people are clearly retarded all because slavery and jim crow is mention that doesn't mean it about hating white people seriously get over your white guilt you guys don't get it she was criticizing black studies with out evening reading about it which its what you guys are doing now

  54. Of course. I'm not suggesting that anything was the "same" just that the story is more complicated than White People Exploited Black People and Black People Built America. For starters, the first legal slaveowner in the British colonies was a black man named Anthony Johnson.

  55. … and I can see that you've been duly rebutted.It's amazing that everyone on this page can see that you've lost this debate except YOU.

  56. @RedChilliGod the fact that you say you were forced was wrong….you are never forced. Then you dismiss African studies as bigotry.

    Early colonialist exploited Africans that is fact. What the fuck you expect….? oh but your in favor for diversity but you call african studies bullshit GTFO STUPID ASS TYPICAL WHITE IDIOT

  57. yeah, you should only have to learn about white studies…thats the way to become educated and expand your world view (sarcasm)

  58. it is wise to learn about as much people as you can because you and your racwill not always be in the majority and it may be important to know who you work for or work with

  59. ive seen black studies, they are just like if white supremacists were teaching in schools.Cept they blame black people having the least achievements of all reaces is due to the white race going in africa and enslaving them.BS

  60. You're trolling right if not you have got a lot of learning to do. I have taken numerous African American history and studies classes. Nothing you are saying is accurate.

  61. I don't get why Desi keeps wanting to sarcastically tie this to conservative economics. That is kind of a biased assumption she is making. Ho ho, don't like black studies? I bet you are one of those free market people too!

  62. I agree with Naomi Riley. Real issues IN ACADEMIA that need to be contended with are incarceration, graduation and unmarried birthrate. Academic prose which "begin and end with blame the white man" are NOT academically sound. I'd imagine that she's also read a few papers in her life and that by glancing at the titles of a couple student papers, she knows what the content is without having to read it. How often have you seen a heading at Fox News and thought "I already know where this is going!"?

  63. Interesting discussion. It's funny that lostchild never responded to THIS key point. S/he detracted from it early on when this was the original point in your conversation. I think you, Ryakki, are correct. An integrated discussion of our history between the social classes: white/black, rich/poor, Protestant/Catholic, etc. offers a by far richer historical experience than segregationist classes.

  64. If you pause at 1:25 it looks like the lady is trying to look innocent after cutting a huge fart, but Ana knows its her who did it.

  65. god liberals are stupid. i bet the two presenters on this program have a degree in social-studies or a similar subject. they certainly don't look like they have an iq high enough to do maths.

  66. I am white and I feel very guilty for being white, please punish me world! I think killing myself would be OK, but then I couldn't work towards bettering other races' circumstances and that would be bad. I will sacrifice my "privilege" in exchange for helping other races (blacks only)- that is how guilty I am feeling right now. Shameful and guilty about my genetics, that is what I am about!

  67. Someone expressing an opinion differing from mine!!!!!  No no no. They must be fired, then tarred and feathered.  Typical "Progressive" groupthink. 

  68. Whether something is protected as academic freedom should not be a function of the opinion expressed. That is the essence of the difference between "academic freedom" and "academic repression."

  69. THE CONDESCENDING UNDERTONE IS JUST GOLD. The breakup of black families is by far the biggest problem that can be helped, but no, let's berate this woman for pointing out that we need solutions and not this white privilege bull shit you are ramming down our throats.

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