Blind Soup Taste Test

Blind Soup Taste Test

Sometimes when you’re sick all you need
is a little blind folded soup taste Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Each week we ask you to ask us questions
on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr and those questions – much like the
weather – sometimes produce unpredicted results. One day everything’s
going fine and then your warm gulf coast question hits another mythical beast’s
cold rocky mountain question swell. Suddenly you got yourself an
F-5 question-ado. But, mythical beasts, we are storm chasers
and when we see a question-ado, we don’t run from it! We run into it. We drive
our answer truck straight towards the eye of the question-ado, collect all the data
we can, and then deliver our answers on the nightly news. Or at least in
approximations meteorology is a crap shoot. And this is not the
nightly news, this is an Internet show. Oh, yes it is! And we asked you to ask us
questions about being sick, and those – question-ados just came blowing right in!
– Oohoo! Starting with Julia Ekström, who asks,
“What’s the best soup to eat when sick?” – Hmm!
– Well Julia, you’re on the right track because eating soup is something you
should do when you’re sick, it’s scientifically proven. It hydrates you,
the steam from the soup can open up your- the inside of your nose. Congestion can
just pour right back out into the soup. – Ew.
– Sometimes that happens at least. Don’t eat that. Okay, but the answer to the question… – …of what is the best soup to eat
– Ah, yes. Can only be answered with blindfolds
and very long spoons on planks. (Link) It’s time for,
the blind soup taste test! Okay, this is pretty simple.
We’re gonna be tasting five different soups while blindfolded.
They will be coming in on the patent pending Spank. (chuckles) Which is just a
plank with a spoon on the end of it. Gonna get spanked in the
face with some soup. We’ll each have a chance to think about
what our answer is, then there’ll be a countdown. We say what it is.
That’s it, man. Are you ready to taste – some soup?
– Oh yeah. Let’s taste first round. (Rhett) Round one! – (childish) Okay, soup in the mouth!
– Uh oh. – Eh. That’s a big spoon, man.
– Yeah. Y’all overdid it with – the spoon size.
– Got a lot of soup on the spoon! There’s some mushiness in there. What is that? – Can I get the rest of that spoon?
– You didn’t drink it all the first time? No, cause the spoon was sideways.
How’d you get it in your mouth? My mouth is small. Tastes like liquid dog food to me.
Believe me, I know. I’ve eaten that. – Alright.
– Okay, I have a guess. – (Stevie) You ready? Okay, here we go,
in three, two, one. – Broccoli cheddar.
– Broccoli cheese! – (Stevie) Yeah, I mean – It’s cream of
broccoli and you both said broccoli with cheese. I mean cream, cheese,
it’s cream, but- I didn’t taste as much cheese but I didn’t
know there was such a thing as just broccoli soup. (Both) Round two! Now to hold my mouth open bigger this time
cause I know how big that spoon is! That Spank! Oh, there it is. (Both) Oh! Spicy! – What is this?
– Can I have more? Some fell in my lap.
I guess I’ll get that later. (crew laughs) – I ate some spicy juiciness and then-
– Spicy juiciness! Now I just have some chewy chewiness. I think I feel like I know what this is.
I think I feel like I know! – Do you feel like you think you know?
– Alrighty, I got a guess. (Stevie) Here we go in three, two, one. (both) Gumbo! (both laugh) – The gumbo boys!
– Oh yeah! – Are you giving me a high five?
– Yeah! Yup! – Oh, really?! (laughs)
– That was my head. (Stevie) Guys, unfortunately you’re
both incorrect. – (laughs) Oh, gosh!
– (Stevie) Do we want to have a follow up answer just for funsies? Yeah, Gumbo!
– Oh, up, up, up, up… Ah, I don’t know. – (Stevie) It’s hot and sour soup.
– Hot and sour soup? – Gumbo boys thought it was gumbo!
– (laughs) You know what gumbo is? – It’s hot and sour!
– Y’all put gumbo in a hot and sour bowl. (both) Round three! – Okay! Spank me.
– (chuckles) – Whoa! This one’s a little chunky.
– (laughs) Alright, I’m ready to guess. (Stevie) Mmkay. Here we go in
three, two, one. – Vegetable beef with burger.
– Sirloin burger chunky. (Stevie) Um, that was a little confusing. – I said vegetable beef with burger.
– I said sirloin burger, chunky. (Stevie) It’s cheeseburger soup.
So you both got the burger part – of that correct.
– Is it made by Chunky? (Stevie) It is not made by Chunky.
I’m gonna give you each a half point ’cause you said burger. Do
we feel like that’s fair? I mean, all I tasted was the burger – and I tasted-
– Man, burgers are getting desperate… …when they’re making their
way into soups. I definitely tasted some cheesiness
but I didn’t know where to go with that. Listen people, if you want a cheeseburger
don’t get a soup! Eat a cheeseburger! – Hey, what about people-
– There’s a reason why it’s a cheeseburger! What about people without teeth? They
gotta have their cheeseburger too, man. Well, they can have some. (both) Round four! – Oh, ew. Mm. Ew.
– What? What? What? Ow. – I am not tempted to like that.
– Let me get some more. Ooh, really?
Oh! You know what? Alright, I got my guess.
Come on, push it. Yeah, I’m ready. (Stevie) Okay, here we go.
three, two, one. – Minestrone.
– French onion. (Stevie) It is spicy crab soup. – (laughs) I thought it was fishy and then
I was like, hold on, that’s just onion. – Spicy crab?
– I said French onion. Yeah, you’re just as wrong as me, man!
I said Minestrone. Neither one of our guesses had anything
to do sea worthy in it. We didn’t even get anything right. (both) Round five! Anybody’s game, Rhett. – Mm, agh!
– It’s cold! Why is it so cold? (crew laughs) Okay. I’m ready. I’m ready.
I am so ready. (Stevie) Kay. Link, you set? I have- Okay. (Stevie) Kay, here we go.
Three, two, one. – Gazpacho!
– Cold cabbage soup. I don’t know. (Stevie) Guys, it’s beet borscht. – Beet what?
– (Stevie) Borscht. – Beet Borscht?
– What is gazpacho? It’s the only cold soup I could think of. What is beet borscht? What is beet borscht? So, we tied so we get to collectively
decide what is the best soup for when you’re sick. – Chicken noodle.
– Yeah, chicken noodle. Okay! This has been,
the blind soup taste test. Alright, on to the next question.
Yao Miku asks, how do I throw some sick rhymes?
Alright, good question. Step one, is you put on some sick gear.
Got to put the right end of the gear in – your mouth.
– (chuckles) Alright, step two that,
you drop a sick beat. And then you drop some sick rhymes.
Yo Rhett, drop a sick beat. – Chicki chicki chicki chicki.
– I be coughing and wheezing! – ♪ (beat boxing) ♪
– Got the sniffles, I’m sneezing! One second I’m burning,
next second I’m freezing! – ♪ (beat boxing and coughing) ♪
– Pretty sure I picked this up on the public bus. That dude who talks to
himself gave me strep dukakis! – What’s with this sickness?
– ♪ (beat boxing) ♪ Came out of the blue with a quickness
phlegm filling up my lungs like molasses so vicious. Can’t hear anythin’!
Sinus pressure is insane. – I sound like a cross between Yoda and Bane!
– Chicki chicki chicki chicki! – (scratchy voice) Mm, this is what I
sound like when I’m sick! – A tissue I need!
– ♪ (beat boxing and DJ noises) ♪ I can’t breathe through my nose! (both) But we can drop sick flows! – Ho!
– You wanna drop some sick flows? Yeah, I can’t breathe through my nose now. Drop a sick flow. You ready? Oh, (laughs) I- (laughs) I just tried to do it and I- I put my
finger here and then I put my finger in my ear! Did you see that? – I’m flowin’ the whole time!
– That’s a sick flow, man. I don’t know where to put my other finger! – No, there is no finger!
– (both laugh) – I put my other finger in my ear!
– There is no finger. – (laughing)
– It’s like a philosophical thing, Link. You don’t- there is no finger.
(laughs) Oh, gosh! It feels so good, doesn’t it?
That’s a sick flow. (both laugh) – Don’t you feel better?
– Oh, yeah. How about we just get another
question going here? I blowed my nose with this and then
wipe the table with it. – (both laugh)
– I can’t believe I put my finger – in my ear.
– (both laugh) Always looking for a place
to put a finger, Link Neal! (uncontrollable laughter) I put my finger
in the other nostril and then I put it – in my ear for a second!
– (laughs) – Alright!
– Ask the next question! (laughs) – Ed, who on Twitter- is me.
– He can’t do that, can he? Oh, I give you permission, Ed.
He asks, “How do I get sick?” Okay. Well, there’s an accurate answer
to this but it’s a little complicated so it requires us going and listening
to the help of our friends at, (Link) Amazingly Amazing Science! – ♪ (cheerful music) ♪
– How do you get sick? (Link) One of the most common ways people
get sick is through a viral infection. Viruses need a host to replicate
themselves. So, once they enter your body they take over your cell’s machinery
and metabolism to produce multiple – copies of themselves until the cells burst!
– (explosion and pop) Spreading the virus to even more cells. (Rhett) Think of it this way. Your body is
your house and the virus is your friend – Terry from college.
– (Link) He shows up at your door one day telling you how he lost all his money
investing in a Bitcoin ATM in the basement of a circuit city, and asking if
he could crash for a few days. (Rhett) But grudgingly, you let him in.
But what you thought would be a few nights on your couch turn
into several weeks. (Link) He eats all your food, uses
deodorant, and forces you to exclusively watch re-runs of,
“Boy Meets World”. (Rhett) Finally, Terry gets a job as a
janitor at the local genetics research lab. (Link) On his first day on the job,
Terry drinks a vile of purple liquid, mistaking it for grape soda. (Rhett) But it’s not grape soda, Terry! It’s an untested experimental
cloning serum. Learn to read labels, Terry! (Link) You come home from work that day to
find not one, not two, but hundreds of Terry clones. (Rhett) Terry number 44 is going around
the house flipping all the toilet paper rolls under, when he KNOWS you
like it over. (Link) Terry number 99 is using your
Amazon Prime account to purchase bulk Twilight memorabilia. (Rhett) Terry 153 eats garlic hummus
exclusively and tried to do that thing where he blows his burps away from you
but we know it’s you, Terry! (Link) Terry number 35 puts the jelly
knife in the peanut butter while Terry number 300 uses your dental floss
and flicks food chunks onto your bathroom mirror.
GROSS, TERRY! (Rhett) You hide in your room and pray
that sleep will help you escape this waking nightmare, but just as you doze
off, you’re jolted awake by Terry… – ♪ (dark music) ♪
– (Rhett’s voice deepens) …number 74, crawling into your bed and insisting on
being the little spoon. I’m ALWAYS the little spoon, Terry! (Link) Seriously, Terry! Just because
you live in our house for six months, doesn’t mean you have squatters rights! – (Both) Grow up, Terry! You need to get
out of our house, Terry! Seriously, Terry! Get out! Now! – (Link) This has been-
– (Both) Amazingly amazing science! – (Both) Terry.
– Thanks for liking, commenting, – and subscribing.
– You know what time it is. (Both) Terry. Hi, my name’s Kenneth,
from West Virginia and it’s time, ♪ (beat boxing) ♪
to spin the wheel of mythicality. Download our trivia app, Trivy, in the
app store where you can test your knowledge with questions like,
“What’s Link’s mom’s name?” – What is your mom’s name?
– Also, her number. – No.
– (laughs) Click through to Good Mythical More,
we’re gonna open your mail, including – bacon scented t-shirts.
– Ho! – We’re gonna dig into that.
– Wow! In Good Mythical More. All you gotta do is
click through, link in the description. Overly confident conversation
about ancient aliens! So as I was saying the other day,
just to pick up on that conversation Yeah, I remember that conversation. – About the-
– (both) Ancient aliens. We would have no where near the technology
we have if it weren’t for those- – (both) ancient aliens.
– Cause it’s technology and stuff – and because of them- Right.
– They brought it. And you know what, they’re aliens
from a long time ago. – Right.
– They’re ancient aliens! It’s alliteration. I like that. And the planet technologious is where-
It’s like a lab, really. – It’s where they live.
– It’s a floating Earth lab… – place, that’s not Earth.
– What did you see this on? – Cause I saw this on-
– I read it in a book. – Yeah, I read it in that book too.
– Right. They turned the book
into a television series. Yeah, I saw the documentary
and then the book. – Right, right.
– I actually saw the book. And then I saw the documentary,
then I read the book. At first I just saw the book
at the book store. Did you know that my uncle
wrote the documentary? Yeah, and my father told
your uncle what to write. – He dictated it.
– Right. [Captioned by Sammy:
GMM Captioning Team]

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