Boss, look what I’ve got. What’s there in this sack? Have you got some treasure? Not treasure boss. There are calender’s in it, look. Why are these cross signs on the dates of these calender’s? Boss, these are those days when you failed to finish Vir. Meow! This means, boss has been failing since so many years. So you are here to show me my failures? You fool! What have you done? You ruined all the chemicals which were for my new experiment. Why do I make such mistakes? Timbaktoon !! What’s happening? Oh! This is turning into a blob. Now I need to get it under control. Timbaktoon, get my missile shooter gun. Quickly! Now you will attack Vir with this blob and finish him off, am I right boss? Yes! And I won’t fail on today’s date. Go and attack Vir with this blob and set him free. Go!! Vir, this time nobody can save you from this attack. Your game is over. Shit! I’m dead. I missed the target. Now it’s a big problem. Boss I’ve made a mistake. I saw that. No worries, I will control Imli, you go ahead according to the plan. What’s wrong with Imli? Imli? What are you doing? X-ray vision on. Some alien has overpowered Imli. I need to inform grandpa. Grandpa, there’s a problem over here. I guess Mad Max is controlling Imli through an alien. Vir, you take care of Imli. And send the alien’s image, which you have stored through your x-ray vision to my computer screen. I will find some way out. Ok grandpa. Oh! This is a blob made up of different chemicals. This is surely Mad Max’s deed. Now Vir will have to come to me. Hehe! Boss, you are genius. Meow! Now Prem Sahay and Vir can’t do anything. I just have to keep Imli and Chulbul under my control. Grandpa, along with Imli, Mad Max has set his control on Chulbul too. He has kidnapped them in a van and he is taking them away. Please do something fast. Robo boy suit on. Boss, your work will be done by Chulbul and Imli only. Vir is now being finished by his friends. Hey Imli, Chulbul? I am Vir, your friend. Vir, this is a blob. I have sent sun’s positive energy in your programming chip. You have to turn on those energies, hold Imli and Chulbul’s hand and transfer the powers in them. By which the blob will come out and you’ll be able to control it. Ok grandpa. Oh! What was wrong with me? Why is my head so heavy? Where are we? I will explain you everything later, lets go. Yes boss, I’ll be reaching at our den in few minutes. Look, you have to do what I’ve said. Yes Vir. Mad Max will feel that we are still under his control. We will act nicely and gain his trust. Good! Mad Max should not even get a hint that I’ve removed the blob from you both. And now you are not under its control. Won’t happen at all. Vir, don’t do anything tricky or else. Well done Timbaktoon!! Imli, Chulbul now you both can finish Vir. It’s an order. Hey what’s this? Finish Vir! Boss, I feel there is something fishy. What’s wrong? Why the blob’s remote isn’t working? Because, your chemical blob is no more in Imli and Chulbul. Infact, it’s with me. Boss, he has captured you blob. No! this is not possible. Vir, I won’t leave you. Help boss!! I am hanging!! Grandpa, you are here? Yes, I got the address through the tracking device which is in you. Vir, first we need to freeze this blob and later on leave flames on it, to break it into pieces of ash. After doing this we can prevent the destruction by this blob. Okay. Haha!! Vir, now your game is over. Vir!! Vir, do as I said. Vir, first you need to freeze this blob. Later on leave flames on it, to break it into pieces of ash. Grandpa, Vir went under the ground. Boss, your work is done. Vir is finished. Vir, you have done a great job. The blob is finished. Boss, Vir is saved again. Today again I will have to make a cross on the calendar. Vir, once again we have won. Grandpa, today humanity has won.

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  1. i have seen all episodes of vir the robot boy cartoon please upload new episodes of vir the robot boy because i like this cartoon and i want to see new episode of this cartoon

  2. this new episode contains v interesting scientific story,thx for uploading and congrats to the developers

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