Blog Awards goodiebag HAUL

Blog Awards goodiebag HAUL

Hey! Today is one of those days when you decide to sleep in so I never set my alarm and therefore I woke up at 12 So I panicked and though “nooo, I’ve slept through half of my day!” and then I panicked again and thought “nooo, I’m mentally 45 years old if I think like that” My hair has grown really long, also. If someone would ask me, “how long hair have you got, Clara?” I’d answer that it’s exactly nipple length. Also, I’ve got a pimple right here. How do you even get a pimple there? Nobody knows. It’s monday today, and since I slept through half my day and I’m feeling pretty sluggish over all, I’ll indulge in a simple and script-free vlog. On thursday, the annual Blog Awards 2014 was held Not 2013, that is, but we all carry the year in our memories and our hearts. Last year I did a video about my thoughts of Blog Awards 2013, link’s in the description (but no english captions, sorry!) But I’m not doing that this year. Because that was sooo 2013. I’ve been marveling at how MissLisibell can get 60’000 views in 4 hours on her ICA (=Tesco’s) Hauls So today, I’m doing a Blog Awards 2014 Haul. Or “Unpacking my goodie bag”, or… “stocktaking my bag of sweets” or whatever you’ll call it. So this is what it looks like. Are you jealos? Well, I thought so. Firstly: two Veckorevyn (The Weekly Revue). Well. Festis drink! With one fourth left. Because I drank it on my way home. I was thirsty. Life hack: don’t drink lemon squash when you’ve just brushed your teeth. Not the best decision I’ve done in my life. Schampoo! Smells… good. A book! Cecilia Ahern – Love, Rosie. The book behind the movie. What movie? RosieandAlexarebestfriendsthey’vebeentogetherthrough theirmischievouschildhoodandrebelliousteenyears The more you know. This looks like the stuff you put in your bath and creates lots of foam. Am I supposed to eat these? Hold on now. I’ve got to try this out. Will you look at that! They worked! Look, like a little worm. You’re so lucky I don’t have a beauty channel. What would I do there? Licourice Fair Trade Chocolate. Time for some tasting. Let’s see how this tastes after brushing my teeth. Utterly exciting. Didn’t it sound delicious? There’s not much left now. Good thing, that, because I suck at this. Nail polish! It’s really glittery and really pretty. Good job, China Glaze. We got clothes from Ellos as well, but I’ve already put them in the washing bag because they smelled funky, so… thank you, Ellos! Well, I guess that’s it. If you thought this videos was boring, then I think we all should be happy about the fact that I don’t have a beauty channel, because this would’ve been all you’d see here if it was. But it’s not! Halelujah! HALELUJAH! Thank you Blog Awards for letting me host the gala, thank you The Weekly Revue for this pretty goodie bag Holy shitballs I’m gonna shower, scrub my body, body lotion myself and drink Festis and eat chocolate and read and paint my nails and be beautiful with my beauty pills which disappeared here somewhere Darn, I’m gonna be so beautiful. I’ts out of this world. I just got a picture message from Johanna. Do you want to see? This is Johanna Pettersson. 19 years old, likes pringles. Ah, okay, now… darn it, no, I’m gonna shape up. I’m gonna continue losing my hair now. Look. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Blog Awards goodiebag HAUL

  1. När du tuggade i micken kände jag bara hat och övervägde att sluta prenumerera på dig. Vågade inte se klart videon. 

  2. Can't say thank you enough for the subtitles. You are really great at transferring your humor to the captions. I think if I spoke Swedish and English, I would still turn on the subtitles because they are so funny.

  3. Boken är en av mina favoriter, men min heter "där regnbågen slutar", samma story. En feelgoodbok som man både skrattar och gråter sig genom 🙂

  4. Boken är en av mina favoriter, men min heter "där regnbågen slutar", samma story. En feelgoodbok som man både skrattar och gråter sig genom 🙂

  5. Att sova bort dagen är inte att gå upp 12, utan det är när man lägger sig mellan 05-08 och går upp runt 18. Då har man sovit bort dagen (y) 

  6. Om du inte vill ha boken Clara så kan jag ta den. Det är inga problem. Jag är så nyfiken på både boken och den kommande filmen, som kommer senare i höst.

  7. I subscribed because I thought you would do more English videos. Sadly you don't. Subtitles aren't always enough. It's cool that you like to speak Swedish in your videos, but you haven't even made on English video since I subscribed to you.

  8. Oh my… Is waking up at noon bad? I've been doing it every day that i don't have to wake up early for whatever reason since I'm like 12…

  9. Dom där beautypillrena är väl såna man ska bryta på mitten och smörja in typ ansiktet med? 😮 haha, eller såg jag helt fel? 😮

  10. You are so freakin' adorable. I'm sure i could watch anything you put out. That sounds awfully superficial. I apologise. Okay, done now. You're great – keep making. Okay.

  11. Evelin de var väll lite att överdriva? se dendär pommes reklamen då ska du se hur man tuggar i en mick! jag tyckte de va roligt i alla fall 😀

  12. Ms Clara, love you expressions and the language, its in the way you speak. i don't understand a word (except the ones in english)…I imagining falling in love with and we can't even understand each other, only our expressions to the talking. and you are fantastic and i seem to understand the important parts of the talk (the basic parts — LOL) just my way of saying i love listening to you without subtitles. Don't worry i have no dreams of seeing you i just like to watch and listen to you in your native language. thanks 

  13. ditt hår växer snabbare än mitt fan, och jag hade ner till brösten när du hade typ lite kortare än till axlarna, nu har jag fortfarande ner till bröstet och du har ju hunnit ikapp fan :'D

  14. I went to sweden i bouht 11 bags of bilar now ate them all, so i was kinda depressed couse i couldnt find them anywhhere so my last chance was ikea so i went there.., AND THEY HAD THEM!!
    So im planning to go back to sweden this summer only for the bilar
    This made no sense so bye or hejdo

  15. Jag har tänkt på att du fått långt hår i varje videodu gjort senaste tiden… blir lika avundsjuk varje gång!
    Din jävel! xD

  16. Så du fick panik för att du vakna kl 12? Du jag vaknar kl 13-14 ugerfär. Om jag vaknar kl 12 kmr jag va jätte trött hela dagen.

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