Blog Layout Design Tips – Improving the layout of your blog

Blog Layout Design Tips – Improving the layout of your blog

– Blog writing is a great way to get your ideas and thoughts
out to the wider world but if your layout’s poor and crappy, then no one’s going to
take the time to read it because it’s going to be
difficult and hard work, so let me give you some top tips on how you can improve
the design and layout of your blogs. Hey folks. Blog writing can be great fun but a lot of people struggle
when it comes to the layout and it really won’t take that much to make a poor looking blog into a great looking blog. So, let’s run through
some really quick tips on how you can improve your blog layout. Step one is to choose the right font. Don’t go for something
ornate or decorative because it’ll just be impossible to read when it comes to paragraphs of text, so choose something which
is a sans serif font, something which isn’t
decorative or overly ornate, something maybe along the
lines of Lato or Arial, something which is really,
really simple on the eye. The next thing is layout. Try to break up the page. Don’t have one big massive blog of text. It’s very off putting. What to do is break the
text into smaller paragraphs and between every third
or fourth paragraph insert a nice looking image. What that will do is
that will give the viewer the time to breathe. They can read some text, have a nice image and move onto the next
section of your blog. Also, have a great featured image. The title may be great but if you can have a nice image to back that up, it will pull the viewer in and they’ll want to read
your blog even more. So, we’ve got images
between your paragraphs and we’ve got a featured image but where do we get those from? Well, there are hundreds of
free stock image websites out there on the net. Some are better than others but what I’ve done is I’ve actually taken the hard work out of that for you and I’ve actually compiled a list of 35 great free stock image websites for you to look at. So, quick rundown. Make sure you choose simple fonts that are easy to read. Make sure you allow the
reader room to breathe by having smaller paragraphs and breaking up those paragraphs with some imagery. Choose a brilliant featured image that’ll pull the viewer to your blog and want to come in and read it. And remember, if you’re
needing those stock images, head over to the Pixels Ink blog and you’ll find that list
of 35 free resources. I hope you find that useful. If you’ve got any more
questions about blog layout or blog design, leave them in the comment section below, I’ll be sure to answer them for you. Give this video a like, make sure you subscribe to the page and until next time, stay creative.

8 thoughts on “Blog Layout Design Tips – Improving the layout of your blog

  1. Nice work as always, Col. I'm sure these simple tips will be good for those getting started – and for one or two experienced heads, too. Unattractive blogs are a real turn-off, even if the content itself is solid.

  2. Thanks a lot! I was wondering… how do you get those "featured images" on your blog?

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