Blog Promotion Strategy Ultimate Guide

Blog Promotion Strategy Ultimate Guide

– [Pete] You’ve wrote a blog. You’ve hit publish. Now what? – [Andrew] In this video, we
lay out a full blog promotion strategy that you could
be using to get more eyeballs than ever before to your content. – [Pete] Hello everybody. He’s Andrew. I’m Pete. And every week we create
videos to help you make marketing un-boring so that
you can get results faster. – [Andrew] In this video,
we’re laying out our blog promotion strategy
to drive more traffic to your blogs than ever before. We’re going to give you
three overarching aspects of your promo plan to think
about then three power ups to drive more traffic to your content. – [Pete] If that sounds
good, don’t forget to hit that big red shiny
subscribe button down below and your favourite cake
will be delivered straight to your door tonight. – [Andrew] Salted caramel tower cake. – [Pete] Tower cake. Wow. That’s not just a cake,
that’s a whole tower. (beep) – [Andrew] Let’s get going. Pete you don’t look ready. (beep) You ready?
– [Pete] Let’s get going. – [Andrew] Starting with social media. Social media has to be part of
your blog promotion strategy, but it’s not as simple as it once was. The problem is social networks
don’t tend to like links and would rather keep you on
their platforms for longer. So posts that have links to your blog tend to get you less organic
reach across the board. So what do we do with this problem Pete? – [Pete] Step one is to
realise that algorithms will actually show people more of the content from pages they are more engaged with. So algorithms although they
are pure, pure evil, they do actually just wanna show
their users the best content and give their users the best
experience on their platform. – [Andrew] That’s what
they want you to believe. You have fell hook, line, and sinker into that one.
– [Pete] (mumbles) So we need to combat the
“we don’t like links” with “this post has a link in it but
we’re gonna show you anyway” because I’m loving your stuff. This is where it pays to
not spread yourself to thin. Spend time building a community on one dominant platform or two. Natively. Not just always
linking away back to blogs, but actually providing
content within that community. So that when you do finally
post a link your community is ready for it, link or not. They are hot. They want it baby, they want it. – [Andrew] Step two is
to post links on social where all the value isn’t in the click. What do we mean by that? Well, don’t say “If you
want to learn this,” or “If you want to see
this then click here.” Teach or give some
value in the post itself and then have to link to learn more. Meet the social networks
half way. Compromise. You can repurpose your
content into images, into GIFs, into video, into mini blogs to give the network some of what they want i.e., good content
natively on the platforms, but then include the link so
you are driving traffic too. – [Pete] Tease them baby. Tease them. Next up we have search. This could be Google search. It could be YouTube search. It could be Yahoo search. Wait. What? – [Andrew] Probably not that last one. – [Pete] Yeah not Yahoo. To be honest, you shoulda been doing some keyword research before
hitting that publish button. You know you should have
done it but ya didn’t. But don’t worry, we’ve got
a video ah (beep) (beep). But don’t worry, we’ve
got a video here all about keyword research so
you can get going with that. There is some stuff however that you can be doing after you’ve hit publish to help you with your
search engine optimization. – [Andrew] Such as forward linking. Go to your old content,
potentially content that is already ranking, and add links in relevant places to that
new piece of content. Could you also think of other
people in your industry, potentially your peers or your friends, who have similar bits of content and suggest a link swap with them. – [Pete] You can also speed
up your google indexing. We’ve got a killer article on that by our Atomic member John Espirian. And that is in the description below. – [Andrew] The third of
the big hitters in any blog promotion plan is email
and this is something that some people, maybe
you, just do not do. Email is not just for coupons or crappy newsletters or special offers. That is crap email marketing. Instead, 80% of email marketing should be spent sending your
subscribers useful, relevant, and valuable information
i.e., your content. – [Pete] This is your warmest audience. They’ve actually told you
they want to keep in touch unless you’re just a spammy email marketer who deserves justified torture because they have just scraped their list. – [Andrew] But if you have
built your email list right then send traffic to your
content and just your content. You may be watching this video
right now because of this. Let us know in the comments if you are. You guys get first look because you’ve opted in and we love you the most. – [Pete] If you want traction
with your content–shares, comments, views–then send it
to your warmest audience first i.e., the people that have
actually told you they want it. And this will give you
the upward momentum to be picked up by the algorithms in search to be shown to even more people. – [Andrew] Right. Are you
ready for the power ups? If you’ve already done
all of those let’s see if you can do any of these. – [Pete] Number 1 to collaborate. Two people collaborating on one piece of content equals two potential audiences even Andrew can do those maths. – [Andrew] Hey. – [Pete] But if you can’t
get someone to collaborate with you and say “Yes,” do it anyway without them knowing. What I mean is talk about
them in a favourable light add it into your blog and tell them that you’ve done it and
they might just share it. Why do you think Facebook Live expert and our own personal hero wise old man Ian Anderson Grey keeps on
popping up in our videos? – [Andrew] We’ve got a whole
other video about collaboration coming up in a few weeks time
so make sure you look out for that one unless you
are watching this video in the future where in that
case it should already be there. – [Pete] Number two is to pay. Even a small amount spent
on say Facebook Ads can really boost your traffic
numbers to your content and because you’re linking to
valuable content not just sales pages the cost-per-click
tends to be much lower. – [Andrew] Number three is sharability. Now this is a whole other topic in itself. But just ask yourself is
your content sharable? Do you make it easy to share? Do you have click-to-tweets? Is your content good enough to share? What does sharing your
piece of content say about the person that’s sharing it? These are all things
that we should be putting some thought into when
crafting our content. – [Pete] And that guys
was our full promotional plan ready for you to execute. And, yes, it is getting harder and harder to drive traffic to
your blog but that’s not an excuse and a reason to give up. It’s just a reason to try harder. – [Andrew] And on that
motivational ending, I’ve been Andrew. – [Pete] I’ve been Pete. – [Andrew] See you next time. – [Pete] Bye. (high-spirited music)

16 thoughts on “Blog Promotion Strategy Ultimate Guide

  1. I had a heated discussion the other day with someone that said it doesn't matter what kind of content you put in your newsletter – no one is going to open it anyway – and the value of sending is having an email they have to delete. WHAT?!?!?!?! Thanks for reiterating my side – send value!

  2. Another great video. I've consistently written a blog post every week in August (as opposed to once a month). Should be letting my email list know about blog posts every week versus sending out a monthly newsletter? I've been worried about filling up their inbox as my list is 99% clients.

  3. Yep, I clicked through from your email too. Great tips here…..I like the forward linking one. Just need to implement some of them now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Having this video come through to my FB messenger this morning has TOTALLY changed my view on messenger bots! Such brilliant advice here, thank you so much!

  5. Love the emphasis on content quality. It's still the best way to make your content marketing stand out! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›

  6. Thanks guys, your channel is super helpful. I've watched a few of your videos today and they have all helped me with my work. Keep it up! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  7. Great video. I enjoy the format with the two hosts. I'm currently having some traffic via facebook ads, as well as via my facebook page, but it's not a ton. From another video I understand that it takes at least six months for a blog to really take off.
    I have a fiction-blog: every week I release a new piece. It's all related, with recurring characters and a recurring setting.

  8. Another great video guys! I love your comments about collaborating with other bloggers. Pure gold!

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