Blog Promotion Tips: (Marketing Strategies To Get More Traffic)

Blog Promotion Tips: (Marketing Strategies To Get More Traffic)

hi my name is Lisa Wozniak I’m a
marketing strategist with Woz Marketing Are you struggling with how to market
your blog for more traffic? Watch this video and I’ll provide you with the
strategies that you need to have people racing to your blog. For the best
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If posting on your blog is leaving you with the lonely sound of crickets
instead of traffic, then by the end of this video you’ll have a list of
blogging tips and marketing strategies that will catapult you as the industry
expert in your field. Not only do I use this strategy myself but I’ve proven it
with countless practitioners and now it’s your turn!
Strategy number one. Create a social media post with one or two sentences
describing your blog and provide a link that will take the reader directly to
your blog. Strategy number 2 copy and paste your entire blog video, and
graphics as well, into LinkedIn Pulse. This will put you in their main newsfeed
and get you noticed right away. Strategy number 3. Offer it up to popular
periodical publications in your industry. Think about the magazines, newsletters,
journals and other publications that are dominant in your industry. Find out who
the editor is from their website, and send them a well-crafted email offering
up your blog as a contribution to their next publication.
Speaking of periodical publications, let’s go ahead and get the ball rolling
here. Comment below with a well-known periodical publication or magazine
that’s dominant in your industry. Okay moving along to strategy number 4.
Send your blog out to well-known associations that are prevalent in your
industry and ask them to send it out in their next newsletter. This can even be
broken out on a state-by-state basis giving you a tremendous amount of
exposure. Not sure what blogging strategies you should be using? Watch my earlier video for a quick guide on blogging strategy. Okay, last but not
least. Strategy number five. Announce it in your next email marketing campaign or
your next newsletter. Because this is a list of people who have made a conscious
decision to sign up to hear from you, they’re going to be interested in what
you have to say. Now you know exactly what to do with your blog to get noticed.
But what about converting these people into paying clients? I’ve written a book
on the subject and it’s yours for free by clicking on the link below. Now, if you
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you the most. This is Lisa Wozniak with Woz Marketing Helping you Navigate your
Yellow Brick Road. Have a great day!

15 thoughts on “Blog Promotion Tips: (Marketing Strategies To Get More Traffic)

  1. Helpful, now if I could only find a way to enjoy writing blog posts. I've been using my videos for posts and just writing a little bit about the video in the post. So far that's about all I can bring myself to do.

  2. Offering to the magazine or publication industry is a great tip.We do this exact same thing when we publish in either business magazines or the photography industry. Just have to be careful because some have really strict submission requirements

  3. Wow! Woz Marketing, I'm so thankful that I found your channel! I'm gonna apply the strategies 1,2 and 4. It sounds to work great!

  4. Thanks for these simple and straight forward common sense strategies. Sometimes we get so complicated! this was great! – Elizabeth

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