Blog Vs Website What’s the difference?

Blog Vs Website What’s the difference?

everybody on your radio spot and this is
my daily video journal today i’ve got a great question today on the web uh… for a gentle and want to know what
was the difference between a web site and log in you said you know sorry that
i’m i’m so dunstan question and it’s really thought of them question because
you hear a lot of people journalists and whatnot they’ll say things like you go visit my blog our check out my
websites and so i want to just a quick meeting
and explain the difference between you know what’s the difference between a
blocking the website on he’ll a blog is hosted on a website now some websites are one hundred percent blocks that’s all
there is there is is a blog on journalists writers tend to have blog
sites uh… my good friend eric asio bridges
dot com he has a blog sites on and and what that is essentially it’s
a website but it’s so purposes is blocking that he’s got a i think he has a contact us page maybe
like a menu of the asio services that he provides but on it’s a blog site uh… now a website like our website at
w_w_w_ dot you are video spot dot com and simple biz fit dot com those are websites ozark e-commerce you
know brochures sites uh… but we have a blog built into it
so what’s a block uh… while blog comes from the longer
term weber log and i believe it was first coined unlike the early nineties
and originally a blob was like a forum essentially what a blog is is is is a
diary or journal uh… where writers on thinkers alters
professionals whatever your industry nature in you know you collect your thoughts and
you provide informative information uh… you know it hindu nato indocin worthwhile senseless hosted on
your here your website so people can read it baking click other links through it
maybe you post a picture of a lot of people do blocking uh… we’d like to consider our blog
more of a video marketing technology blog so we like to blot on things about
but you know new technology on and also our upcoming products and services where i’ve got a good friend on her blog is hostages changed the name of it is she’s
she’s a mom uh… used to be breaks the next three i
believe now it’s called casual fridays so it’s probably worth press dot casual
fridays dot com and what she does is among the blocks
actually blogs about her life out in the funny stories my wife does the same
thing uh… so that’s the major difference
between you know all website and a block you
technically a blog is eight featured rumen in a website so you know you’ve got this
website in one channel about website is dedicated to blogging which is shorty over a printer fifty
words uh… that are talking about a given
subject to review the topic or given category now some websites or one hundred percent or ninety percent blogs and that would be like applaud sacked on so hopefully that helps you know
clear up some of the differences you’re in that market place you’re looking to
develop a website or a blog site we’ll offer ghost writing services we
also went so we also offer web sites social media and video marketing design
so i give us a call if you look at brother married we love helping out
thanks so much this is my big internal polls on twitter

9 thoughts on “Blog Vs Website What’s the difference?

  1. Good information. what are your thoughts about go daddy or weebly? I want to see how i can market more on blogging. I would love to write and do journaling but want to market it in a way it can make money. Can you help with that> thanks

  2. hello. I'm trying to become an affiliate and just send my costumers to amazon or any other affiliate program and get a commission. so should I just use a website or a blog. . I'm confuse man.

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