Blog Write Now! Viral Blogging Tips From Jennifer LeClaire

Blog Write Now! Viral Blogging Tips From Jennifer LeClaire

hey guys Jennifer LeClaire here senior
editor of charisma magazine author of about 25 books on various topics of
Christian writing secular writing and also very popular blogger you may have
read some of my blogs that have gone absolutely viral I have two columns that
I write for charisma magazine I want to teach you today had a blog right now you
might have read my watchman on the wall column where I dive into issues in
society and comment on those issues that are in the news or you may have read my
columns in the plum line which is my spiritual column my teaching column you
probably read some of my stuff in prophetic insight or even on elijahlist
where I put out prophetic words and prophetic videos I want to teach you how
to blog right now you have a prophetic voice you have a prophetic expression if
you are interested in writing you need to pick up a pen you need to grab a
laptop you need to find something to write on and you need to start writing
blogging is a great way to get into the writing realm as a matter of fact
blogging can actually turn into a book if you blog consistently if you blog
regularly if you blog on the same topic long enough when it comes time to write
a book many times what I do is I go back through my old blogs and I grab a pieces
and parts that I can expound upon that I can press into so you know I’ve learned
some tricks of the trade I want to teach you and this is really one little part
of a broader writing prophetic bootcamp that I’m going to be doing this summer
so I want to give you a taste I want to equip you I want to see an army of media
people rise up photo of photographers writers videographers artist everything
with regard to prophetic expression prophetic people are creative people and
we need to take back the media mountain so I want to share with you today just a
few tips I’ve got 13 that I jotted down quickly I don’t think I can get through
all 13 of these because I’ve got a prayer call but I want to get through as
many as I can so I’m probably going to keep it short in my writing school my
prophetic writers boot camp which is called right now
I will go deeper I will dive deeper into all these things and more but I wanted
to just get you started you know I wanted to just help you start blog
writing now now is the best time to start well you know I I hear people say
well I’ve got a book in me well you probably do but you’re never going to
get the book out of you unless you start writing I am here to help you praise God
here’s what we’re going to do going to go through these kind of quickly you’ve
probably seen some of my articles I’ve had articles go blogs go absolutely
viral see 2 million shares which means more than a million people read them you
know it’s a matter of establishing your voice establishing your patterns your
your your thrust find out what your passion is let’s talk about that here’s
the thing you got to be very first of all if you don’t have a blog set up set
what up you can you can write for other people’s blogs if they’ll let you but
you need a central place where you can put all of your writing you can go to you can get a blog theme there pick something that’s attractive
pick something with colors that suits your style pick something that you know
it is modern don’t pick something one of those old blogs you know from like the
1990 early a 1990 era where it looks like little digits on the page don’t get
one of those old-style things where it looks like you know maybe the World Wide
Web it was the first site on the World Wide Web pick something attractive pick
something that that suits your personality that that goes with your
theme something that you can be proud of you can pick a free theme the next thing
is before we start talking about the writing part is go to GoDaddy go and get
a name of your blog you know my website is Jennifer but I’ve also
got 365 prophetic calm I’ve also got awakening TV calm I’ve got a number of
URLs get your name if you can comms are the best but dot orgs are good if you’re
a non-profit go get your name right now if you can if you can’t get your name
then think of some kind of brand think of something that that sort of describes
what you do you know we’ve got all kinds of bloggers out there in the prophetic
some you know a friend of mine is she goes by lovesick scribe it’s awesome
that that’s her sort of moniker that’s her that’s her branding so if you can’t
get your name then pick some kind of theme
and give it some thought don’t just willy-nilly buy a URL and start
marketing and branding that give your branding some thought that’s a whole
nother deep topic I don’t want to spend too much time on that number three start
writing no time like the present just start don’t wait till tomorrow
don’t wait till next week don’t wait till next month don’t let that spirit of
procrastination stop you from doing what God has called you to do start writing
now that’s why my writing workshops are called right now prophetic training boot
camp for writers right now not tomorrow not next week start writing there’s
never a better time than the present and the longer you put it off the easier it
is to put off the longer you put it off the more time you’re wasting where you
could be putting together information for your book you know blogging like I
said it’s a great foundational practice for your book it’s a great discipline
it’s a great way to continue to hone your skills the more you do something
the better you get at it they say that it takes 10,000 hours of doing anything
to become an expert I’ve been writing for my lord I don’t want to tell you how
old I am and you’ll probably figure it out but well over two decades almost
almost three decades I’ve been writing I just start off writing books to start
off writing newspaper articles for my school paper actually term papers in
school if you want to get really technical about it but start writing now
right now right now right now number four write what you’re passionate about
if you’re not passionate about what you’re writing you’re not going to write
it if you’re not passionate about you know that whatever topic you’re writing
on is going to come off in your writing you’re going to be dull you’re going to
be stale it’s going to be very obvious you don’t care what you’re writing about
and no one’s going to want to read it it’ll be like if a preacher didn’t
didn’t care what they’re preaching about they were told you’ve got to preach on
this and didn’t resonate with them it didn’t sit well with their spirit they
didn’t have any revelation on it it’ll be dry be boring would be without the
spirit we want to write in the spirit you know dr. Steve green the publisher
of charisma magazine he always says to me you write in the spirit you know we
can walk in the spirit we can preach in the spirit we can prophesy in the sphere
we better be prophesied in the spirit but we can also write in the spirit but
you first have to just get into the groove of writing before you can even
think about tapping into the spirit in other words if you don’t begin to write
you ain’t going to write in the spirit you’ve got to write write write write
write get into that discipline start today blog right now write what you’re
passionate about write everyday be consistent you know if you’re give it if
you’re going to do it now I don’t write my blogs every day anymore I do write
every day but I’m not writing a blog every day dr. Steve green my publisher
charisma he writes every day and he just writes very short he writes to 300 words
you know he’s doing a series on momentum now it’s it’s really awesome he’s got a
great book out coming out called love leads you know that he you know he was
writing blogs blogs blogs and some of that helped feed his book I’m going to
keep drilling that into you because your blogs can feed your book and I know
you’ve got a book in you I know you’re listening to me because you’re
interested in getting your word out there getting the prophetic word of the
Lord out there there’s so much you can do if you just stay disciplined right
Dale here almost daily say 5 days a week I write every day I’m writing something
right daily keep it consistent especially if you’re writing for an
audience your audience has to know that you’re going to write them once a month
you cannot build an audience writing once a month
you can in a secular I mean print magazine perhaps but in the internet
world you need to blog with some regularity at least once a week ok do it
every day if you can but please don’t do it less than once a week you cannot
build an audience if you do not write consistently now number six make a point
please I get people that submit stuff for charisma magazine and dear God it’s
like 2,000 words and I can’t even figure out what they meant after they read it
it’s just ramble ramble ramble ramble keep it concise if you’re going to write
a blog to 300 words is okay 500 words is about the sweet spot 800 words is fine
even a thousand but once you get beyond that unless it’s really rich and really
deep nobody’s going to want to read that chop it up into two blogs and you’ve got
double for your trouble praise God keep make a point don’t ramble number seven
find evidence if you can if you’re going to say something back yourself up if
you’re going to write a spiritual article use some scripts
don’t just give your opinion I hate to tell you this and don’t want to hurt
your feelings but I would be remiss if I didn’t explain this to you most people
don’t really want your opinion okay especially in the prophetic now if
you’re going to give your opinion give up gifts scriptures
I’m not against opinion I give my opinion in in in in my watchman on the
wall column but what I’m not really doing I’m not really giving my opinion
I’m giving the Lord’s opinion and so in order to do that you can’t just say
something you got to get scripture to back it up bring scripture into your
writing if you’re a secular blog writer you just try to maybe blog for your
business you don’t have to use Scripture but you should use evidence if you’re
going to make a substantiate if you’re going to make a claim that says you know
the retail industry is is going south you need to substantiate that claim you
can’t just make a statement and not prove what you’re saying with a
statistic with a scripture in the spiritual world with some kind of
anecdote of some kind of edited evidence some kind of testimony you’ve got to
give evidence don’t just give opinions only back yourself up show that hey this
is why I think this is the signs it’s pointing me in this direction okay
number eight don’t be a copycat don’t just copy everything everybody else does
find something original and bless God please whatever you do don’t play your
eyes somebody else’s writing that is the fastest way to get blackballed you don’t
want to plagiarize it doesn’t mean you cannot find inspiration okay you can
find inspiration in the writing of others I do I find inspiration in books
that I read but the Lord gives me my own unique take my own unique spin my own
unique revelation and I’ve got my own voice you know Ecclesiastes says there’s
nothing new Under the Sun so it’s not like you’re going to find something
nobody else ever wrote about that just doesn’t work that way you know people
have written tons on the prophetic I’ve written tons of book on the prophetic
tons of different books that people have written on prayer you know I wrote a
book on faith and they told me you know brother Hagin he already wrote
everything there is to write on faith you know don’t write that on faith you
this wasting your time nobody’s going to read it don’t take don’t let people tell
you that God will give you a voice a unique way to present something you know
10 preachers could preach on faith I could get something different from
each one of them otherwise why would we keep listening to messages I mean the
Bible we’ve all read it so we can keep reading it right because there’s new
perspective there’s new wind there’s new anointings there’s new sort of
expressions that you can you can release you’ve got a unique voice am I going to
talk about developing your voice because I did one one the video on that already
but we’ll talk about that in depth in my writing launch prophetic bootcamp now
but don’t be a copycat don’t plagiarize I had a colleague in the secular world
and she works for a real estate magazine and they flat-out fired her she got
busted plagiarizing you will damage your credibility don’t do it it’s not worth
it number nine scan the headlines on Google News if you want to be relevant
like for example my watchman on the wall column but let’s take dr. Michael Brown
a friend of mine a father in the face love that man oh god he’s commenting on
cultural issues on things in the news and he taught me so much about doing
that with grace and I came out of the gate as a very young prophetic person
you know kind of on the hard side I was hard hard hard and Steve Hill taught me
to Steve Hill the late Steve Hill called me one day and says you know that was a
great article you wrote the body of Christ needs a good spanking every once
in a while and it’s true you can be hard sometimes but if you’re hard hard hard
hard hard all the time you’re going to come out just preaching
to the choir and a lot of people who need to hear what you’re going to say
are not going to want to hear because you’re harsh you’re hard you’ve got a
season you’re writing with grace you’ve got to be able to reach people who maybe
disagree with you and persuade them you know there’s several purposes in writing
one is to entertain what is to educate what is to perform and one is to
persuade and so my watchman on the wall come I’m trying to persuade I’m trying
to sound the alarm I’m trying to give prayer points to current events you know
when the bombing with it when the when the terror attack recently rather
happened in France I was trying to get some other book done riding my head off
and also I see this headline BAM I got a prophetic word Lord begins to speak with
me about France and the Destiny on France is it inconvenient yeah because
I’ve got deadlines over here and I’ve got projects over here and I’ve got
phone calls over here but I have a responsibility as a watchman on the wall
as prophetic person to to to look at the
news and if the Lord speaks to me something I need to release it so scan
the headlines go to news Google calm you can go and get news on every single
industry Health Science World News US News and you just see the biggest
headlines of the day if the Lord speaks something to you get it out stop
everything you’re doing and get it out get a blog out right away find that find
the current events ask the Lord pray for a prophetic perspective number 10 I’m
going to go through these quickly because I’ve got to get on a prayer call
a pick a good headline dear God please don’t give me a two-word headline
sometimes those work pick something with passion pick something that’s going to
elicit some emotion in somebody pick something with action verbs not passive
verbs you know go read my headlines on the plum line on Watchmen on the wall on
charisma go to my website Jennifer read my headlines you know
they’re not all perfect some of them could be better than that then they are
probably but you know one thing I do well is I write good headlines things
that want to make people read it now don’t write a headline that doesn’t
deliver on what you have in your article don’t use clickbait don’t write
something shocking and then your article has nothing to do with that that makes
you lose credibility but writing ahead spend time working on your headline mull
over it pray over why because if they don’t like the headline they’re never
even going to read the article and that’s a whole other thing as well share
your message number 11 on social media build your social media following just
put it on your your Facebook page put it on your Twitter use the right hashtags
use good photos number 12 measure your traffic you know get some
google analytics on your WordPress there’s plugins for that you get a
techie guy to do that for you really cheap if you don’t know how find
somebody to help you see how many shares something is getting see how many
visitors something’s getting something you get only a few shares that have a
lot of visitors sometimes if you don’t have a lot of shares doesn’t mean that
you’re not getting a lot of traffic because sometimes certain things people
won’t share them you know maybe they don’t want anybody know they read that
you know maybe it’s kind of personal maybe it’s about pride or anger they
don’t want anybody know they read they don’t share but they read it so look at
your stats look at your Google Analytics on the back end
what what took off and then asked the Lord why did that resonate and give
people what they want if you wrote something and it’s super popular right
more like that do a part to do a part three you know give a you a unique
perspective measure your traffic and number thirteen build your mailing list
build your mailing list for many years I send out one email a week with my
article of the week in the mailing list now sometimes I do more sometimes I I do
less sometimes I you know I’m looking for someone if you can send my emails
for me let me know because I need help I’m super super busy but the point is is
that you need you need to build your social media you need to build your
email list because you build your Twitter your Facebook because these are
the things that drive traffic to your website people may forget to go to your
blog but if you have a newsletter if you have a a social media page that you’re
growing you can shoot that out to them it’s a reminder and you can build a
loyal following I have thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of
people on my charisma email list on my email list maybe you want to get on my
email list go to Jennifer sign up you could see what I’m doing you
might be able to get some tips just by looking at what I do
put praise God I want to pray for you but I want to remind you you have a
prophetic voice and if the or prophetic expression is writing you need to get
some training you need to tap into some skills you need to learn how to write in
the spirit you need to have to learn how to write you know prophetically you know
in these days I don’t want to read another stale boring dry article written
by some religious spirit I’m sorry don’t mean to offend you of course a lot of
things you probably double-cast down okay I’m going into prophetic mode now
let me switch back to writer mode we’ve switched the hat okay so you need to be
trained you need to be skilled there’s a skill there’s an art and there’s a
prophetic side to writing we can be as prophetic as all get-out if you don’t
have the skill you’re not going to get published you can have all the skill in
the world if you have the Spirit of God you’re not going to get published so
that was my timer I have to go let me pray for you I want
you to go to slash writing launch the link is up there on the
Facebook live tiny URL comm slash writing launch again tiny URL com slash
writing lunch go there for these classes I’ve got a limited
number of people that can put in at the early bird price I’m doing these last
few a sort of educational Facebook lives to try to bring awareness to what I’m
doing because you might be the one that needs to fill that seat you might be the
one that has the next viral blog you might be the one that has the met the
next a big book contract I want to teach you the mechanics of writing I want to
teach you more than anything because you’re going to get the mechanics you
can get that from a lot of places but what I want to teach you that many
people an art or can’t or don’t teach is that prophetic side tapping into the
Spirit in your writing praise God go to tie the URL calm slash riding
launched share this with your friends I want to pray for you father I thank you
in the name of Jesus that you are good your mercies are good forever god I
thank you that you urge those who have a writing gift to begin to write every day
give them a grace give them an anointing move them by your spirit help them
retain and and understand that the revelations that you’re giving them and
help them to express it in a way that glorifies you and equips and activates
and imparts things to people that read it thank you for listening to this I’m
going to do a couple more of these before the school starts in June it’s
going to be live here in South Florida but also online you can watch these
videos on demand when it’s good for you it’s going to be eight hours a day three
times one a month one in June one in July one in August why because I want
you to take everything you’ll learn one month put it to practice get out there
use what I’ve taught you and then it absorbs some more praise God
slash riding launch I’ve got to go I love you guys I’ll be back with you soon
if you didn’t see my word this morning on the mega go back earlier scroll my
Facebook page go to find out the mega word for me love you guys bless you see
you soon

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  1. This awesome, I have been struggling with this for sometime. I have felt need to teach online through blogs. But I have never been a writer but I feel like God wants me to do it. Thank you.

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