Blogger Base at ITB Berlin 2018 – for Travel Bloggers and Influencers

Blogger Base at ITB Berlin 2018 – for Travel Bloggers and Influencers

(energetic music) – ITB Berlin’s one of the
most professional events on my calendar so I’ll have to be here. It’s just a really awesome event. – Actually I live here in
Berlin and I come because it’s important to make contacts and network with other bloggers. – First of all, I’m
German so I want to come to Berlin to meet with the
German brands and second of all it’s the largest tourism fair
in the world and that’s why I definitely want to come. – So ITB decided to set up the
ITB Blogger Base due to the high demand that we saw
during the last few years. First of all, the amount of
bloggers raised a lot so we even see the number of bloggers
grow more than journalists so we said, “Okay, we need to
give them a place to blog.” You know, community is really,
really important for them so this is the place. This is the Blogger
Base and we’re really happy it worked out so well. – I have been to the Blog
Base. It’s an upgrade from last year. We’ve got
proper chairs, we’ve got WiFi, we’ve got charging stations
and even a nice cup of tea. – I like the idea of
Blogger Base a lot because it’s always great to
network with other bloggers. Connect with them, see what they’re doing. Learn from each other
and great networking. – Blogger Base is a great idea.
It makes you to communicate with other bloggers, to have
a better interaction with them and to get to know each other also. – Blogger Base, it’s a good
chance to meet your colleagues catch up about the day,
recharge your devices and also just have a space to work because as everyone knows, it’s
super busy on the floor and it’s bustling and
crazy and lots of people and there’s never really a
chance anywhere to sit down and catch up on your
work because ultimately, while we’re here, we still have our work that we have to complete
and emails to catch up on so it’s a good space to relax. – Travel blogger, ITB’s the
biggest travel conference right now, in the world and
it’s a good chance to meet companies to meet other
bloggers that do the same what you love to do. – So the ITB Blogger Speed
Dating is 90 minutes of high speed dating quality.
So what happens is, we have approximately
180 bloggers this year who get together with 180
exhibitors from ITB Berlin and they get eight minutes
each to pitch their blog, to pitch their company, and
then see if it’s a match. We do have a pre-set matching
schedule. The system, you can filter what you would
like, what you’re interested in and then you can pre-match
already. So, you come to the Blogger Speed Dating and
you have nine meetings, eight minutes time and
hopefully a lot of corporations. – It’s really great value,
the contacts. Because, some of them contact you so
they usually follow up with it. Especially the German destinations. And I always get good
corporations out of it. – Speed networking is kind
of important for me. I mean, it’s the first introduction
to meet new people. It’s like a good, quick introduction and
then you can build up on it. So from that perspective,
it’s important. Yes. – It’s fantastic. It’s
such a great opportunity to meet people face to
face. It’s the one reason you come to ITB. is to get that face to face meeting. Even if it’s for a few minutes. Invaluable for me as a blogger. It’s one of the reasons
I love coming back here. – I do do the speed networking
at ITB. Again, this is an opportunity where you have
a chance to meet maybe up to 10 people within a small space
of time. It can be a little bit more easier than running
around all the halls and trying to pre-plan meetings. It’s
very targeted. They come to you or you go to them and there
is a chance to do a miniature pitch within that set-up. For
me, that will be my biggest afternoon here. I’m seeing
lots of people that I genuinely really want to have a chat with. – Besides the ITB Blogger
Base that we created newly this year and the
Bloggers Speed Networking which was really successful,
part of the ITB Convention is the e-Travel World so what
happens in the e-Travel World, it’s all about travel
technology and of course, bloggers are a huge topic
at the e-Travel World. There’s some bloggers giving
advice to the companies on how to work with
bloggers. It’s a lot about influencer marketing. How
can companies work with bloggers to create good
content and things like that. (energetic music)

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  1. Great to see so many travel bloggers at ITB Berlin. Blogger Base went down really well with everyone.

  2. Thank you so much! What a great video! We are very happy to have all the travel bloggers at ITB Berlin each year!

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