Blogger – Google Privacy Tips

Blogger – Google Privacy Tips

Case: Hi, my name
is Eric Case, and I’m Blogger’s
Product Manager. is a service
that lets people share articles, photos, videos,
journal entries with each other on the Web. And so we have a couple
of settings that we’re gonna show you
that lets you limit who can see
what you’re writing about. To adjust the privacy settings
for your blog, click the Settings tab
in Blogger. You’ll be taken
to the first tab called Basics. If “Add your blog
to our listings?” is set to Yes, it may be linked
from when you update it,
which could send visitors to your blog. If this is set to No, it won’t be linked
from Blogger, but will still be viewable
on the public Web. If you don’t want certain blogs
in your profile to be viewable by others
on Blogger, click “Edit displayed blogs” and uncheck the boxes
next to the blogs you don’t want others
to see. We have another setting
that lets you control how search engines
like Google interact with your blog. The default setting
for letting search engines crawl and index your blog
is Yes. But if you select No, then all the major search
engines should respect that preference,
and your blog shouldn’t appear in any search results. Now even if you adjust
your settings to not let your blog be linked from
or let search engines crawl it, people can still visit
your blog by going to its URL. To control who has access
to your blog’s URL, go to settings
and click the Permissions tab. Once you’re there, you can choose whether “Anybody, Only people I choose,” or “Only blog authors” can view
your blog via its URL. If you want to let
your friends post to your blog as well as view it, click Add Authors and add the email addresses
of the people whom you’d like
to grant permission to coauthor your blog. Thanks for watching, and be sure to come back
to the Google Privacy Channel for more tips.

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  1. This video on blogging does not play through. It freezes at 14 seconds. I was able to watch other videos on this site.

  2. maybe they want to keep a private journal/thoughts_scheduler which is accessible(to themselves) at all times from any computer, what better than the internet and a blog.

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