Blogger removing Google+ Comments, Widgets, Profiles starting February 4th

Blogger removing Google+ Comments, Widgets, Profiles starting February 4th

Hi everyone I’m Peggy K, and today I wanted
to give a brief overview of what’s going to happen with the removal of Google+ features
from Blogger. Now Google+ is going to be shut down for consumers
on April 2nd. But there are actually a number of Google+
features that are actually going to be shut down before then. On January 30th Blogger announced that most
Google+ features in Blogger will be removed on Monday, February 4th, which isn’t very
long from now.The main changes happening on February 4th is that blogs using Google+ comments
will be switched to Blogger comments. Unfortunately, there’s no way to migrate the
Google+ comments to Blogger comments, so all of the Google+ comments will just be removed. If you use Google+ comments for your blog,
you may want to screenshot them or take one last look before they’re gone. The second change is that Google+ widgets
added to your blog’s Layout will be removed by Blogger. These include Google+Badge, Google+ Followers
and the Google +1 button. If you used the Blogger gadgets to add those
to your blog’s Layout, they will be removed automatically. If you are using a custom Theme or if you
added the code for those widgets to a HTML/Javascript gadget, you may need to remove them manually. They will stop working completely on March
7th when the Google+ API is shut down. The third thing that is going to be removed
is the Google+ sharing option on your blog itself. Depending on your theme it may be slightly
different. For newer themes, when someone clicks “Share”
a list of different sharing options that pops up. Google+ will be removed from that list. On older blogs you may have an actual Google
+1 button below the blog post and that will be removed. Also on older blogs the Blogger NavBar at
the top of the screen has the Google+1 button. That will also be removed. The other thing that will be happening, in
March, is Blogger will stop supporting Google+ Profiles. if you are using a Google+ Profile for Blogger
you will be prompted to create a Blogger profile the next time you sign in after this change
goes into effect. You can actually switch from a Google+ Profile
to a Blogger Profile right now if you want to. That may be easier. The only Google+ feature Blogger didn’t mention
was the “Share” link that you see on your posts list in your Blogger account. That Share link is for public blog posts,
and if you click it, it creates a Google+ post. So there’s not any reason to keep that link
once consumer Google+ is shut down. So this is really a bummer if you have been
using Google+ comments or your Google+ Profile for your Blogger blog. There’s not really anything you can do to
get around this because consumer Google+ is shutting down April 2nd. And so hopefully you will get to know and
like the Blogger versions of those features. If you found this video helpful be sure to
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14 thoughts on “Blogger removing Google+ Comments, Widgets, Profiles starting February 4th

  1. Peggy K WE ADORE YOU!!!! Your videos are commujnicated so well and you never say things like "click this button over here" there's always amazing advice, professional, AND PASSIONATE – and we want you to keep doing what you're doing. PeggyK Fan Tshirts? #imwithpeggyK Tshirts? Keychains? 😉

  2. Madam, Nice video, After remove button Blogger Googel+ and my blogger post is safe in blogger website.kindly reply me.

  3. thankyou so much, I was hoping to update my blog until i found out about these changes so that I could start using it for my business. I see it llooks like there have already been some changes to my blog just not sure. if i wouldn't be better off switching platforms and starting over. Its been that long since I created it and i had widgets and comments, i appreciate your informative video

  4. Hi Peggy I m unable to login my blogger account after G+ stopped working. Suggest me d way to login back to my blogger account.

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