Blogger Sues Google for Revealing Her Identity

Blogger Sues Google for Revealing Her Identity

woman by the name of rosemary port is
planning on suing google for eighteen million dollars because she feels that
google did not protect your privacy rights ok as she wrote an anonymous blog
about a woman up by the name of the school a calling she’s apparently of old
model and uh… in her blog she wrote i would have to say the first place award
for the scaned houston n_y_s_e_ would have to go to a school there so um… this list school a girl decided
to uh… silver for defamation and while doing so she asked to go to
release uh… you know rosemary ports personal information and uh… after google did so uh… rosemary things ok will date
totally violated my privacy rights so she’s planning on seeing them for
eighteen million dollars you know i’m a guest everyone in this story even okay for soft out against the model who uh…
pascual to reveal identifier in the first place ok so some blogger causes
skank that’d be fair to cohen uh… she recalled more than a sketch you got
called an old hag anti-psychotic line before perfected which is unfortunate right but and information does not look like a enough skank goran my or a you know
she’s using a perfectly lovely elating but uh… i don’t know anything about
her but it’s bloggers who cares right and you know it’s a and and and
sometimes bloggers have xlost or is it a break the fact that you’re allying shady
hobart what every single u is not one of those stories no one thinks hello anonymous blogger has you figured out
right right like we don’t think it’s a real news source with intel between the
news blogger i’ve got some blogger destroy about some model in new york
city so i’m against hurt getting google to reveal it in the first list number
two how is the court’s that maybe will review right because there was a court
order what to do with it the one thing i’m not yes i guess is
going well because the court force their heads
everybody forces that’s right when you get to the blogger that you can allowed to call people
skaggs right but was someone reveals your identity
your outraged i mean look so it’s easy to lob stones when europe
living in an invisible house probate but all of a sudden we show you why you
have such a tough guy anymore yellow bus i mean i call people skaggs you’re
somewhat outraged that your sewing for millions of dollars right too which i
said it was inevitable score skank this calm down and when we were
villarreal walking out the barn on this planet and its only and lives when it is an interest rate
sensitive are hot air come up with that figure eighty million dollars the just
pull it out of the rats but where does it come from again a lot
of what it means i was so devastated that someone figured
out that i was calling someone else will stick that you owe me eighteen million dollar
kids so crazy use says you found out what a jerk i am
ok and how i couldn’t couldn’t really stand behind my words
now you owe me money for revealing my lack of bear uh… come on come on come on come on if
you’re going to be a real quote-unquote blogger right that had the balls to do it right so you
have cut them but i called yesterday we’re gonna do about it now should i sell bloggers role uh… up religion does not like his are well you know so far blows country as authorities uh… no okay so i i i’m
against the blogger polyester model i’m against the whole damn thing but here’s what they know it it was on a jury eighty million out eighty million dollars and i can’t look i wouldn’t give ur
eighteen cents not just cuz i’m against her because global had no choice the
court made them do it it initially but it is you gotta make agreeing to the

100 thoughts on “Blogger Sues Google for Revealing Her Identity

  1. "like totally violated her privacy" "the whole annonymous blogger thing is so lame"

    Ok if you're going to pretend to be a news editorial, at least try to present your story without resorting to valley girl speak.

  2. It is my personal opion when you have a man that has been stalkin girls for 3 months now and you read his profile, the "about me" section google needs to be held accountable for this, this man steals young girls vids and pics, uploads them on his channel and also now uses photoshop to change the apearance of the girls pics, the name in FirstConsulSiouxVL, disgusting and google lets this happen???????

  3. BTW just in case someone would happen to check this filthy man out he will provide the link to the girl he is stalking channel, it is plainly seen on his channel posted as the website link

  4. I made a typo the name os the man who is doing this FirstConsulSiouxVl, now something needs to be done about this, they report a pathetic story like this and this guy continues on stalking minor girls, I see a problem with this, calling them every filthy name in the book

  5. Google has nothing to worry about, she will lose her case. Neither should Google settle the suit out of court for no amount of money.

    When people with many deficiencies use blogging to cause harm and pain to another, they are the most pathetic individuals on the face of the earth. They live their lives hating others, instead taking time out and work on the many deficiencies they have. Anyone who maliciously attacks ONE'S character behind the curtain of blogging should be exposed.

  6. FIRST! And what I mean to say is that this has first amendment written all over it!

    See what I did there? You lame Firsters should try it!

  7. Get some balls anonymous blogger lady! U deserve to be sued if ur gonna be a vagina about having bad things to say about people.

  8. Where do you draw the freakin line here?? Craigs list killer, someone else getting beat or killed!! I think private info should be revealed on everyone..that would even the playing field!!!

  9. And what would have happened if she didnt do anonymously? She still would have been sued for defamation… It doesn't matter if she has the balls or not. She wouldn't have sued someone if they shouted all those things to her face in person and in front of hundreds of people. I just think the model is a sensitive bitch who can't take some criticism.

  10. They did violate her privacy rights, but the did it due to a questionable court request.

    I mean, is that realy deflamation of character…she is a skank. It's not like they claimed she was drinking baby blood. There was no disprovable fact listed. It's also not as if you can win a liable suit against a crazy person, cause if they believe what they said, then they didn't break any law. This is why no one bothers going to court against Bill Oreily for the crazy shit he says.

  11. How is it defamation from somebody anonymous! Please, nobody will take that seriously and if they do how would you know anyway. Besides, who reads that shit anyway. People baffle me!

  12. what are you talking about? this suit has no merit. google is under no obligation to protect the privacy of a blogger. this bitch is getting the humiliation she deserves for being a cyber bully. you don't get to sue a service provider because you're too stupid to comprehend that freedom of speech doesn't apply to content. maybe learn something about slander and libel laws before you post nasty shit about a rival. better yet, grow the fuck up and stop acting like a high school mean girl.

  13. sorry, but the law degree hanging on my wall begs to differ with you…you should seriously read up on libel laws, slander, and defamation of character statutes. also, it wouldn't kill you to gain an understanding of court ordered subpoenas.

  14. So long as you are not stating opinions as facts, I think you should be able to blog about anything or anybody you want, anonymously or not. How on earth can you sue someone for doing something that they were court ordered to do?

  15. First off, it's called "freedom of speech" she is entitled to her opinion especially since she's just an ordinary person NOT a member of the media. Secondly, because of that- that woman shouldn't have been able to sue for defamation of character. So thirdly the courts shouldn't have even have humored that model into making her think she actually had a case by ordering Google to do it. So in conclusion, Google isn't to blame.

  16. guess what! you write it and put it on the interenet–it isn't a silent comment anymore. It is everywhere, forever for everyone to see. You can't take it back. Lesson: don't write anything you are afraid may get back to you. because it will !!

  17. yeah, i agree. all 3 parties suck. besides, what do u expect when u post something on the internet. u want the world to see it but u want to control when? c'mon

  18. Ok, U.S. litigation craziness aside, if you're publishing something as non-fiction, you'd better make sure you cover your butt, legally speaking. With a valid court subpoena for the real name of the blogger, Google has no choice and Ms. Port doesn't have a case. In a fair world, Rosemary should be billed all the court costs for bringing the suit.

  19. Free speech allows one to say whatever they like, provided it does no material harm to others. It then becomes defamation (libel, slander etc)

    A model seeking contracts requiring a wholesome image IS affected by unjustified UNwholesome assertions. Imagine owning a childrens camp, only to learn someone is widely insisting you are a pedophile. When parents take their kids away, the 'crank blogger' notion takes on a whole new meaning.

  20. The actual sued, The judge decided in favor of them for lack of evidence to prove google had done me wrong, Google has good lawyers…

  21. Arguing with someone who favors Sesame street is like arguing with a little punk ass kid. It ain't gona happen, so run off and go play with Big Bird.

  22. ANONOMOUS BLOG…. Another name for people who are pussies and afraid of confrontation or to be called on their bullshit so they are ANONOMOUS…. I Love it that this lady has to FACE REALITY…

  23. stupid fucking bitch! I hope she loses her case, goes bankrupt from legal fees, loses her home, family, and lives a life of rotten dark misery!

  24. First of all Google could stall such a suit forever if they chose to. Money buys your justice or did you just land here? The rules of the internet are made as we go. The idea of anonymity is expected because of the number of people using it. When you are anonomous you do not have to worry about being PC. If someone is stalking or threatening to harm you, well that is totally different. The terms and conditions/privacy policy is so convoluted and incomprehensibe no one could understand it.

  25. it means its easy to talk shit when people don't know who you are. think of it, someone in an invisible house (meaning they are invisible too) can throw stones at people outside when they cant see them. its a metaphor…come on.

  26. You're right the blogger should have the guts to be known. But the court should not have taken the case seriously enough to have forced Google to reveal the identity. The model should get over herself, BUT and this is a BIG BUT, I am only slightly exaggerating when I say that probably 90% of the idiots that view those blogs/vlogs CAN NOT tell the difference between a legit blogger/vlogger and a douche bag with the limited ability to use the internet.

  27. I support the concept of privacy but I actually have no respect for News supplied by an "Anonymous News Sources" either. There are some cases yes, but in most cases No.

  28. It actually might make sense for the model to pursue the anonymous blogger. If you're trying to get jobs and the internet has you made out to be the next Lindsay/Brittney/Paris/Kate Moss then you might have a real problem. This demands that your potential employer is smart enough to google you but dumb enough to believe "anonymous" internet sources.

  29. I hope she loses her case. People should be held accountable for their actions, if she doesn't feel like being known then she shouldn't be doing it.

  30. she wrote it in an anonymous case. dunno if you know this, but anonymous means people dont get to know who you are. second, she shouldnt have to pay someone because they didnt like what she wrote. i dont respect either, but i have to stand for individual rights.

  31. Exactly!! That is what separates America from the rest of the world: you are (supposedly) safe, in America, from unjust harm by arbitrary jerks such as Rosemary Port. Sadly, too many Americans do not understand the damage that libel and slander can do. Libel is no different from robbery and mugging, yet these idiots presume they are protected by "free speech". If they are fully correct, then & only then, is their speech fair. However, if they lie & harm someone, then they're criminals.

  32. Pffft probably no case at all, considering Google's EULA's. Blogger probably signed away her rights by clicking the check box.

    Also, the plaintiff is a ****ing hypocrite. Defamation is a subsection of privacy law. Go eat Google's lawyers!

  33. you know what this is such fuckin bullshit. So many times i leave bad comments online about random famous people hoping that they see it and find out it's from me, but nooo of course I don't get that lucky and get tv recognition for that.

  34. You know what this is one easy case. You can't have a libel or defamation case if the things said or written are true. So all they have to do in court is put out something in the news calling out for all the people that she has slept with to reveal themselves. So basically if a shit load of the people that she had sex with respond and the numbers are greater then say 10, then bingo, case closed because she is a slut.

  35. ok…. you are so smart. Maybe you should run the country. Nah, jk… you sounded pretty dumb with that comment. Keep trying though.

  36. I love Cenk when he throws the pen down, in his blogger example. That was gold. Well done, Well done!
    (I have to agree, A 18 mill, way to high no mather what,
    B. court order, what can Google do? NOTHING! Lady they can't say no to that.)

  37. If google buckled under the law sue of some model then you know they are just plan eager to help the CIA, NSA or any other agency with real power. My real concern is how much information farming does google do?

  38. And then some mental institution escapee with an explosives fetish who happens to disagree with blogger lady comes across her name and matches it to the stalker's database of names to addresses…

  39. @JackSoban i spelt it rite! if you call me dumb ill sew you! if you have an opinion of me of any dislike and say it, then you owe me money. face book? fuck they will all owe me money! "your" gunna get sewds! does this dress make my ass look big? ya your sewd! can i get sued for this?

  40. The model had been stabbed a year earlier by a man who was released the same month the blogs came out. She was freaked he was after her. Once she found it was Rosemary, she relaxed, they'd only ever spoken to each other a few times before.

  41. can the woman presenter on this show do one single edition without wearing clothing that exposes her breasts (yes, i've watched recent shows, no change)? if not, why not?

  42. what's so funny to me is the whole point of argument here. US based shows that broadcast their content worldwide really need to start clarifying their content with a "US based production" disclaimer, so that the rest of the world can make sense of what they're talking about more easily. other countries don't have such a litigious culture. it's foreign to everyone else except the US. something to keep in mind.

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