Blogger VS WordPress – The final verdict

Blogger VS WordPress – The final verdict

Hi Besties, Blogger vs wordpress Hmmm, zat is the question. To which Dr. FrankenSEO has the answer It’s true I do have z answer and it might
surprise you. Z! Go get the intro so we can discuss blogger
vs. wordpress I love telling you my opinions So Dr. FrankenSEO Everyone is waiting for an answer Which is better? Blogger or WordPress definitely wordpress buy why? You’re making blogger feel bad I have 6 reasons why wordpress is better than
blogger First? My boyfriend Google likes WordPress way better and always puts wordpress blogs above blogger
blogs on search results. and second? You can own your content if you use wordpress
on your own hosting Oooo, how can people do that dr. frankenseo? It sounds complicated silly Renae, you have a step-by-step web tutorial
zat teaches people exactly how to do zat totally free Just go to to grab
the free step-by-step tutorial plus an exclusive kit with extra graphics and tools to help you
from start to finish yeah. Why else do you like wordpress more than blogger
Dr. FrankenSEO? You have more power for better branding with
wordpress I love branding Yes, yes you do. What is the 4th reason you like wordpress
more than blogger? You can back-up your blog if you own it with
wordpress on your own hosting. So …you’re saying I wouldn’t have had
to start that one blog over after 2 years if I had it backed up? mmmm yes. What is the 5th reason you love wordpress
more than blogger? Can you imagine having a smartphone without
any apps? no. Well zat it exactly what it’s like having
a blog with no apps. and you can’t have apps on blogger people. And what is the last reason you love wordpress
Dr. FrankenSEO? You can categorize your posts on wordpress You can’t do that on blogger? nope. it’s all random posting. So I wouldn’t be able to to categorize my blog into Product reviews Silly videos Serious webinars Website tutorials Social Media News Extra Special Announcements I need a sec and more? right. Clearly wordpress is the right choice for
your new blog besties. And it just so happens that I have a free
step-by-step tutorial to help you get started. I mentioned it’s free right … It’s totally
free … don’t make fun of me. I know what I”m doing! Remember to go to
to get started asap. stay for outtakes? Love you all peace out yo!

35 thoughts on “Blogger VS WordPress – The final verdict

  1. Interesting. Well, Renee what do you think of Square Space? No one seems to talk about it or compare it. It is really cool & amazing though! What's your take?

  2. Dr Franken-SEO should have a face off with the Bearded lady on her attitude day (which is like every day )
    I agree with that hawt Dr. Fanken-SEO chick! Her hair and ever so hawt lab coat are fashion statements which could catch on.
    I have a dormant Davemania blog on WordPress – it hasnt seen life in years. Its pretty good. If BlogDrive had of evolved more instead of balking it would have dominated Blogger and WordPress. That was my base of ops back in the day. Spammers assault that place like fleas infest camels in heat, and I mean that in a family friendly sort of way. (?)

  3. I started my blog on blogger but I'm interested in switching to WordPress, is there anyway I can convert my blogger posts to WordPress?

  4. A lot of people think that having a Blogger blog gives them an unfair advantage because Blogger is owned by Google. Unfortunately that's not the case. You have less chances of getting quality links to a Blogger blog and less chances of your content being shared on social media. I know from experience because I have active blogs on both platforms. It's kind of sad that people don't take you seriously if you're on Blogger but that's just how it goes.

    Thanks for another entertaining and encouraging video @Renae Christine Love ya!

  5. Whew! When you said her Answer might surprise us, you made me nervous, but I've been doing it right all along. What a relief! (Heavy sigh!)

  6. 1. Google likes wp way better than own kid – blogger? interesting! i think: you're wrong. Good, optimized template + unique content and you don't have to worry about platform.
    2. "own hosting"? are you sure? you have server in your home?
    3. you can use a custom domain on blogger.
    4. you can backup your blogger posts, template and photos with a few clicks. You can import your posts and template to another blogspot. You can import it to wordpress if you want.
    5. blogger have gadgets and you can add own, e.g. based on javascript
    6. you can categorize your posts on blogger with labels.

  7. Hey Renae! I an running to download the kit because I have been on WordPress since 2008 for my DIY blog. I am still using the free version but I am finding it so limited. I can't run google analitics on it and that is needed for so many opportunities. It has the automatic stats but they feel incomplete and I can't compare and track data that well. Also my blog has over 3.6 million hits and I get 30k unique visitors a month and I can't sell ads or share with the wordpress ones. I understand that they need to run ads to keep it free but I have become so spoiled with the lovely ad revenue split on youtube so I questioned my blog choice but I have built it up so much that I am afraid to switch, I don't want to lose my nearly 5k subs or viewcounts. I have considered clicking the "go premium" option but it would still be hosted by wordpress so I don't know if I would be able to do all the things I want to do with it. What pout me over the edge was the wordpress skimming links, have you heard of them? I live in a state with nexxus laws and we can't be affiliates with big companies like Amazon or even the smaller ones that are on shareasale because those companies will not collect Maine state sales tax. So I am not an affiliate with those companies BUT I had a sponsored post the other day and I linked to the suppl;lies I used from the sponsor and the sponsor contacted me saying the wordpress changed my links so they would get a commission on all the sale that went through my site. I had no ideas they could do that. I don't know if I had an affiliate account if they would highjack my link then too. I did not mind them running ads to pay the bills but changing my links is unreasonable. Up until that I was like Yay wordpress! I do think WordPress looks more professional and loads quicker and my blog really took off from the start so I guess I should not complain. I'll take a look at your worksheet and see if it is something I can handle. (if not maybe my hubby can!) Thanks again!

  8. On WordPress, I am planning on buying my domain later on in the future if I see my blog being a success, but when i do that will everything on my blog get deleted or will it stay the same? Will I have to back it up first somehow?

  9. Well all I know is that I have a good product & WP seems to be better than blogger so it looks like thats where I need to start but to start my own webinar…is that at all correct to showcase what I have?

  10. Annoying! WHAT? Clearly a brain that only can think inside the box! I think it's cutting edge extreme creative. LOVE IT! Remember, we will never see a hater that's doing better than us! YOU CRUSHED IT!

  11. I went to the link and it only gave me a landing page to sign up to the webinar that I have already watched! No tutorial about integrating your own hosting for wordpress. That’s false advertising Renee

  12. Blogger blog is powerful but bloggers are recommending wordpress to newbies. Why? ?? Affiliate commissions?.

  13. I use wordpress and one this very anoy is wordpress for longtime it ask me to buy alot for anti virus and buy service because of msql query problam so i now to start blogger it more easy and cheap

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