Blogging SECRETS Revealed! You’ll FAIL Without This Knowledge…

Blogging SECRETS Revealed! You’ll FAIL Without This Knowledge…

I’ve got a treat for you. Inside today’s video,
I’d like to share with you the secret to your blogging success. I want to share with you
a really cool little system that you might not have seen before and I think you’re going
to love it. Hi there! Gideon Shalwick here. You might
have seen the emails going around the internet about our new Become A Blogger course that’s
launching very very soon, at the time of this recording. Before I tell you about that, there’s something
else that I’d like to share with you. That is the secret that I see to blogging success.
I’ve been at it now for a number of years, blogging actively now for about five years.
I’ve seen many many successful blogs. I’ve been able to set up some of my own successful
blogs, as well. Not just one, but multiple ones. I’ve trained many many people to become successful
bloggers as well, who go through the training courses that I’ve provided online. There are a few things that stood out as the
common things that make blogs successful. I’d like to share with you this system. I
think once you’ve seen this system, it will be very clear to you how this blogging game
really works. It’s not just about setting up a blog and
thinking that it’s set and you’re going to get traffic, you’re going to be rich and famous.
There’s a lot more to it. There are other factors to this whole system, this whole ecosystem,
that you need to think about as a blogger. Without further ado, I’m going to jump straight
into it and show you the system. I’m going to go through my handy iPad screen here and
show you the screen. I’ll share with you how this system works. The Secret To Blogging Success The first thing is to figure out your Target
Market. Absolutely critical! You’ve got to get the right target market; when you select
the wrong target market, you could spend a lot of time and a lot of money on the wrong
thing. And you discover that it’s too late and you wasted a lot of time. It’s critical that you pick the right target.
There are secrets to selecting that and I’ll share with you in a second how to do that
and where you can find more information on it. The next thing is to setup your Content Hub.
This is really just your blog. This is your blog. I’ve decided to use video blog for my
blog, but you can just have normal text-based blog as well, or an image-based blog, or a
combination of all three, or a combination of just two of them. That’s the second thing. The third thing is to start generating Traffic.
Traffic from your target audience to your blog. This is why your target audience is
so important. You’ve got to get the right audience because once you know what that audience
is, you know specifically where to go for the right kind of traffic. You can’t just get any kind of traffic for
your blog. You need to get the right kind of traffic of targeted users. Very very important!
That’s the third thing. Of course, you can get free traffic, borrowed traffic and paid
traffic. Those are the three main options. The next thing is to Monetize. Once you’ve
got your target market sorted, you’ve got your blog, you’ve got traffic there, what
do you want to do with that traffic? Obviously, they come to your blog and read your post
and watch your videos or whatever it is. But it makes sense if you’re in this for a profit,
to monetize it. There are many different things you can do.
You can sell products, you can sell services, you can sell advertising on your site. There’s
a bunch of different things that you can do. More on this later, but I have to say that
once you have the traffic, you’ve got a targeted traffic from that really good niche, or target
audience that you found, making sales or making money from it becomes a lot easier. And then of course, there’s this whole thing
of optimizing it. So you can use things like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, search engine
optimization (SEO) and iTunes, things like that, to really drive the traffic and exposure
home to your blog. That’s the system. As you can see, it’s not
complicated. There are just five things. There’s not much to it. As you can see also, it’s
not just about a blog or creating content, there are other things that you need to think
about as well to make it successful. I have just really touched on this topics.
There’s obviously a lot more information to this. What I’d like you to do if you want
to find more information and see the bigger picture, we are relaunching Become A Blogger
program. When I say “we”, I mean Yaro Starak, who was my original launch partner with Become
A Blogger. We’ve recently teamed up with Leslie Samuel, from the States, who has generously
helped us to recreate all the content. This whole thing, the Become A Blogger program
has been totally redone and I’d love for you to go and check it out. If you’re interested
at all in setting up your own blog. Obviously, this is not for everybody. This is more for
people who haven’t got a blog and interested in setting up a blog for the first time. Or if you’ve set one up but you haven’t really
been able to get success from it, I think this is something that can really be useful. There is an optin process required. You’ve
got to optin to get access to some free videos. We have three or four different training videos
that you can get access to. Obviously, there will be some sort of a product
at the end of it that will launch. But for now, get access to the free stuff. There are
some really good training in there. In fact, the first video is sort of just setting
the scene going through some of the system stuff. The second video a really amazing interview
that Leslie had with one of our followers, who is now listed as one of the top 1% of
sites in the world. Google has told this guy that his site is one of the top 1% in the
world. There’s going to be an interview on that coming
up very very soon that you’ll get access to when you sign up for this. It’s free. Get
access to that for free and learn from this guy. This guy makes (hhhmmmÉ going to double
check) but if not seven figures, pretty close to seven figures. Go and watch the interview
to find out. There are some more training, a bit more step
by step on how to setup your blog and more of the nitty gritty stuff. If you’re interested
at all, there’s be a link below this video that will take you there. There’s a specific
link, you’ve got to follow it to get access to this specific three or four videos. Once
you’ve opted in, you’ll be able to watch those videos as they become available. That’s all I wanted to say. The secret for
me, once again, just to summarize this, is really to have this ecosystem look at blogging.
It’s not just your blog, it’s all these other things. There’s getting the right tagged audience,
setting up your blog in the right way, getting the right kind of traffic, monetizing it properly
and optimizing it with all these social media tools. Go ahead and check it out. There’s a ton more
information that I love for you to get access to. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you inside
the next video.

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  1. Wow, i am really impressed with your videos, they have all helped me a lot, keep up the good work, thanks for helping my channel grow!

  2. Thanks for doing all of this work for us to benefit from 🙂 I will have to make some time to watch to draw more clients to me. I refresh resumes and motivate and create confidence in clients in preparation for interviews.

  3. Always good videos Gideon. I think the hardest part is finding the right target audience and creating content that attracts them.

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  5. Hello 🙂 Thank you foe sharing these secrets with us! I went to the link you provided in the description and the video with guy you were saying that makes a lot of money isn't available yet. So I'm wondering, when will be up? I'm curious to see it. Thank you 🙂

  6. Hi Gideon, I like your Wp theme of your blog, do you have that theme for sale? if not wich one do you recomend similar to yours? what Video player you use in your blog?
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  8. hi Gideon thank you, for the video, i have been following you since long time.
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  12. Love your relaxed nature and presence. I have a stupid question: when you and many others say in your videos, "Click the link below (and point down)", WHERE are the links? I believe I am not too tech illiterate, but I'm sure I'll laugh at the obvious answer.

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