Blogging Tips Based on Shocking New Data 😲

Blogging Tips Based on Shocking New Data 😲

– The very thing that you
can’t be bothered to do is the exact thing that’s
gonna give you results. – A recent study of over
1000 bloggers revealed what is working and what isn’t working when it comes to blogging. And the results honestly
shocked us to our cores. Like it was more shocking
than when Will Young went Pop Idol, that’s shocking. – That was shocking. – Keep watching as we show
you how to use this data to get significantly better
results from blogging. We’ll be showing you how
often you should be blogging, how long your posts should
be, and what works to get the best results. (bell ring) – This study was done by our hero and SEO god Andy Crestodina. Who is one of the smartest
guys in marketing. And he’s just so dreamy. (soft music) – Pete! Pete! Pete! Snap out of it. – What? – Doing it again. – Again? (sliding sound) – Firstly, how long should
you be spending on blogging? – 20 minutes. – No Pete shut up. The data shows that the
average blog takes three point five hours to write. Which is actually an
increase on previous years. – But is it enough? – Well actually Pete, no it’s not. Because the data also
shows that those who spend over six hours writing their
blogs are 56% more likely to see strong results, oh yeah. – And yet only 13% of people do it. – Mhmm. – That’s crazy. – And if we combine that with
blog length, you’ll see that the average blog is 1151 words. With only 8% of people
writing over 2000 words. – That’s insane if you think about it. Like actually insane. We all know that Google
loves longer form content. If you want to rank in
Google you need to write more than 500 words, duh! So why do we, why does no one do it? Why does no one do it? – Actually Pete 8% of people do it. So that’s, let’s not shout at everyone. – No, okay. – Well done 8%. – Well done you 8%. – And Pete is angry guys
because 50% of people that write that long form 2000 plus content are reporting strong results. And yet only 8% of people are doing it. Actually, he’s not mad, he’s disappointed. – I’m just disappointed. We need to get our asses into gear. If we want blogging to
work for us we need to put in the effort. In fact, if you read the full study. And I’d highly recommend it. The link is in the bio below. Please go check it out. Everything in this study
suggests the very same thing. All of those things
that you either can’t be bothered to do. Or, maybe you just don’t
have the time to do, are the very things that
are actually gonna give you strong results. Less than 12% of people
guest blog but your 30% more likely to see
strong results if you do. Less than 19% of people
add video into their blogs, but yet over 37% of people
who do, see strong results. Less than 25% of people publish
original research and yet if you do it, you’re
60% more likely to see successful, strong results. And it goes on and on and on
and on, on, on, on, on, on. (chuckles) – This is crazy, right guys? The things that people
can’t be bothered to do are actually the things
that get strong results. – Now it might seem like a lot
of extra hard work and effort to do guest blogging, add
video, write longer form content and so on and so forth. But actually there’s a huge
opportunity here for all of us. The data is literally
telling us that it’s not all that hard to be better than average. And if we could just spend a
few extra hours per blog post, we could actually put ourself
in the top 10% of bloggers, who are getting strong results. And don’t you want strong results? – I want strong results, yes! It’s like climbing a tree to
see the view from the top. But only stopping half way
where you can’t actually see a thing. The payoff is only gonna come
when you’ve reached the top. When you’ve put in the effort
and that’s when you’ll start to see results. – Did you come up with
that metaphor yourself? – Yeah I did, I like it. – You can tell. (crickets) Basically guys, just writing
a really short average blog is not gonna get you the
results that you deserve. You’re gonna be stuck half way
up Pete’s metaphorical tree. And no one wants to be stuck
on Pete’s metaphorical tree. (chuckles) Do they, no but seriously
no one wants to be on your metaphorical tree. – Especially not half way. – Like if you’re gonna
climb Pete’s tree, you might as well go to the top. – That’s quite a way. – Alright guys what do you think? Are you up for the challenge
of being in that top 10%? Or do you wanna be stuck half
way up seeing no results? Let us know in the comments
are you the top of the tree or are you stuck half way up? – I wanna be at the top of the tree! (chuckles) All the way up here. – I’ve been Andrew. – I’ve been Pete. – Make sure you do check out
Andy Crestodina’s article. It is in the description. – It’s awesome! – And we will see you same
time, all together now. – Next time, it’s so not catching on. (chuckles) – No one has even mentioned
how, great that is. – No one’s ever mentioned it. No one watches to the end
of our videos clearly. (chuckles) – Gareth Gate was robbed. (upbeat dance music)

20 thoughts on “Blogging Tips Based on Shocking New Data 😲

  1. I used to have a poster of Gareth Gates in my room, and then one day my younger sisters snuck in and drew big lips, eyeshadow, a beauty spot and a mustache on his face. I've never been able to see him the same way since 😂

    Great video guys! Everyone tells bloggers to just keep pumping out content, but actually, it's better to take your time and create quality over quantity 🙂

  2. I can't believe you're still actively thinking about Will Young and Gareth Gates all these years later!! Ha ha! Great tips though, thanks!

  3. Best get blogging then!! I always thought that because it took me so long to write them, that I was no good at it. Now I’m proud of my 6 hours!! 😃

  4. Thanks you two. I never would have even heard of this research post if it wasn't for you! 🙂 Valuable stuff. See you at the same time, next time! And btw I'm probably standing looking up at the "tree"!

  5. Best summary of the research I've seen by far!

    The tree is a great metaphor. I'm stealing this …and giving you two full attribution. 🙂

  6. The minute I heard Andy Crestodina's name, I had to go and check out the article. I might not be midway on Pete's metaphorical tree but I guess I am hanging on the upper branches because in the post, Any mentions updating old blog posts too and guess what? I found myself in the 38% who do update and yes, my results have improved if I am to believe Alexa and what my Google Analytics data is telling me.

  7. What exactly is the definition of strong results? I might be more inclined to be one of the 8% of people if I knew what was so special about being strong. Did you get paid for each strong results reference? I suppose its better than getting the tree.

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