Blogging Tips for Beginners | CloudMom

Blogging Tips for Beginners | CloudMom

Hi everybody. Somebody wrote in to the site and asked me
if I have any tips or pieces of advice for rookie blog writers. So I thought that was a great questions and
I’m going to try to share now for any of you for whom it could be useful what I think are
some good things to think about if you’re considering starting your own blog. My first tip would be to speak from your own
experience. Unless you are, you know, a board certified
pediatrician or a lactation consultant, people really aren’t turning to you for the kind
of general advice they can get, you know, from their doctor or on the internet or in
a, you know, baby treatise type book. They really want to hear what you’ve been
through and what worked for you. So they want to hear what’s real, you know,
they don’t want to have you know general sort of medical tips, that’s not really why they’re
you know coming to your blog. And part of that which is difficult is that
you have to kind of share or be willing to share this messy stuff and as much as you
might be sharing the stuff that are the beautiful sort of fun moments of parenting because let’s
get real people, we all have a ton of them every day. I mean it’s right now a Saturday, I’ve got
some kids planted in front of a movie because I really needed to film a blog for this week
and I have to keep my house quiet. Meanwhile I live in New York City, there’s
so much construction going on there’s like loud banging outside my window, you know all
that kind of stuff. That’s real life. Blogs are not sitcoms, they’re not highly
produced network television, you know people don’t look for that kind of perfection, but
they want to hear from you. If they’re going to read you, make it you. Make it the real you, maybe not every single
piece of the real you, but what you write should be real and it should be from your
own experience. My number two piece of advice would be to
make it creative and to not be scared because blogs are not about being an expert. CloudMom really started as a collect of videos
on new babies, I had no idea what I was doing. I had a background, I had worked at HBO, I
had a background in video and in television but as a lawyer. And when I had my fifth baby I just started
filming videos because I felt like I had so much to share and I then uploaded all of them
to YouTube, I uploaded like 200 videos onto YouTube having no idea what would happen to
them and that is how it started. And actually wasn’t really the right way to
do it, but that’s how it started. I then got into a lot of like health topics,
pregnancy type topics, I started blogging about fashion because I just like thinking
about fun things to wear. For me it’s like a nice escape from being
a mom in the way I usually look on a daily basis, which is super casual. I’ve done some travel things because my family
likes to travel, I’ve done recipes, you know I’ve done some more sort of thoughtful type
posts, I’ve done some yoga blogging – I’ve really done a lot of things and it’s been
quite open ended and that is really the freedom and liberty that’s provided from a blog. You don’t have to have one mantra and just
stick to that, you really can be creative and in doing that, really talk about your
own personal experience. Further to that point about speaking from
your personal experience, think about your voice, ok? Your a true, authentic voice, the way you
want to portray yourself. Is video right for you, are you better off
writing, you know, text blogs, are you somebody who’s great at taking photos and really wants
to share that? What is going to be the medium through which
you’re going to most effectively be able to communicate? And again, people want to relate to something
that feels real, that looks real, and they want to see really parts of you. So you want to really think about that voice
and what you’ll be sharing so that it’s something that’s very relatable. And again as part of that, people really aren’t
looking for perfection, I actually think people, I have been surprised, I mean I have had some
really mean people comment on my stuff, but I’ve had so many kind and lovely people really
from all over the world that touch my heart every day and they’ll say thank you for some
video they watched that they said was helpful, and I feel that they’re really, really kind
and in general YouTube has been an incredible audience and I’ve met a lot of great people
through the web too, and that they’re not looking for perfect production quality. People know, you know, I’m not Megyn Kelly,
they’re not looking for NBC, they’re not looking for Katie Couric, they don’t want like a perfect
looking thing, they just want some good advice or some good tips or somebody they can relate
to so that they can share a bit of their own experience as well. Ok, so as a practical matter, it’s not so
easy to run a blog when you’re doing all these other things, you know, you might still be
working, you have a bunch of kids, you have all these family demands. Somebody taught me this once and it really
was an invaluable piece of advice, the perfect is the enemy of the good. And what does that mean? Well, if you want everything that you do to
be so perfect, you’ll never be able to publish it and you’ll never be able to move on and
get to the next thing which might be cooking dinner for your kids, driving to a soccer
game, or producing your blog for the next week or your vlog. So you’ve kind of got to just like get it
out there and then go with it. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes
I spend a lot of times, time, on the text blogs I write every week, but there’s a point
at which you just gotta like click that publish button and they just have to go out in the
world and then you don’t look back because part of having a blog is just continuing to
produce content so you don’t want to be too particular about it, just do your best, get
it out and go on to something new. My fifth piece of advice, and this has been
one of the most fun things I’ve been able to do, is to really get out there and meet
other bloggers. You will learn so much from them, there’s
such an incredible community on YouTube, on Twitter, on Facebook. I’ve met, you know, actually the Freckled
Fox, I’ve met like a lot of cool bloggers. I started by going to two BlogHer conferences. I went to some other conferences and I’ve
tried to stay in touch with people, I’ve worked with other people in the past, it’s been really
incredible. We try to promote each other, that just makes
it feel like one big group of friends and it really can teach you a lot too. I’ve learned a lot about YouTube from other
bloggers, I’ve learned a lot about, you know, fashion blogging, or some of the other things
I’ve done, so that I really, really recommend and you know it’s fun so there’s really no
reason not to do that. So my friend rookie blogger, I’m so happy
that you’re going to be embarking on this big journey of trying to start a blog. Please write in with other questions, please
send me the name of your blog, I can’t wait to see it, and I really appreciate your asking
me your question. I hope my tips are helpful, and I will see
you soon on

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  1. I love ur vidoes .. They have helped me alot with my now 3 month old baby.. I am grateful tat there r ppl like u who r helping ppl with ur experience.

  2. Hi melissa…i love all ur videos…just wanted to ask u does formula affects the babies kidneys….. my baby is 8 months old n m an exclusively expressing mom…. my supply has stopped …whenever i express i get only droplets …. so i give her formula milk….so is there any disorders of feeding only formula

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