Blogging Tips – How Journalists Write a Story

Hi! This is Lucy Griffiths and I’m going
to talk you through the five W’s. How journalists construct and write a story.
Because when you understand how journalists write a story, who are
bashing out hundreds of stories every single week, then you can also learn that
to help you with your blogging, with your social media posts and it will help you
just to get into the process you’ll be more effective and efficient with your
time. So we’re gonna talk through the five W’s.
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process. Hi! Welcome back. We’re talking through
the five W’s: who what where why and how. We’re gonna start with the first one. Who
you are. This is a key question. Who you are. Explain to your audience who you are,
what the story is about and if you’re able to convey that succinctly and
carefully, so who the person is, if you’re talking about someone else or if you’re
talking about yourself. Who I am? What you stand for and a little bit of background
about you because when people understand who you are and what you do then they’re
much more likely to buy from you. So it’s really important to explain something
like, Hi I’m Lucy Griffiths and I’m a video marketing strategist, and I help
you to get confident on camera and learn to embrace social media and video, so
that you can sell your business much more effectively. So therefore you’re
explaining a little bit about what you do and they understand your background. They understand where you come from. Where do you come from? This is really
important when you’re explaining a story. So if you were writing about someone
else you would explain where they live, what they do, all of those key factors. When it comes to you and your blog posts, it’s really important to kind of make
sure that you get your knowledge and expertise into the blog posts so that
people understand that you know your staff. So you know, for me I’m always
trying to relate it back to the fact that I have 20 years experience in
telephone, television production and video and journalism so that that gives
me a standing where it’s like ‘I have credibility’. So that is really important
to ensure that you have that credibility and making sure that people understand
you are credible and it helps you to be credible. The next one, what do you do is
one of those things being able to explain what
you do, what the key essence of you that makes you special. When you’re able to
convey that, why it’s important that people understand I want to use you
rather than someone else because you might have a magic ingredient. You might
use a special baking sauce that it was handed down you know five Italian
generations. Whatever it may be, what is your secret sauce? The thing that makes
you special and when you have that secret sauce it means that actually
other people want to get to know you because they think oh wow
she looks like someone who is really she knows her stuff and she’s good and she’s
good at what she does. So when you’re able to tap into that secret sauce that
is only your secret sauce, that is your unique offering that’s unique and
special to you. Why do you do it? Being able to convey why you do it it’s really
important. Simon Sinek has a great TED talk about your why and being able to
convey your why, your inspiration, your motivation for doing something brings
people along for the journey. So for me my why was setting up a
business was because I didn’t want to be away from my son. I traveled a lot in the
world of journalism and I loved my job as a journalist. I was absolutely
passionate about it and I loved helping people by telling their stories and I
work particularly in issues of conflict and you know, really tough stories where
it was very much about working with refugees and people who really needed a
voice and I helped shine a light on their story. So, my world has changed
fundamentally but I wanted to be able to have more time with my son and be with
my son and that was my driving force. That was my motivation so that I could
be able to be with him and be there to give him lots of cuddles and do, you know,
nursery pickups and drop-offs and all those things so I was around and be able
to be around as much as possible, and it meant but in the first two and a half
years of his life, I was around very much of that much of the time. He had very
little time with with extra childcare because it meant that I fitted my
business around him. That was my why. What’s your why? What’s
your motivation and when you’re able to convey that to your audience, they get to
know you and like you because they might have a similar why. They might have a
similar motivation and they understand that and they’re triggered by that. So
it’s really important to share that with them. When is it happening? So when you
are writing a blog post, it’s really important to have the when, whether
that’s a call to action to do something or whether that’s a training event
that’s coming up and you need to put the timings for it. It’s really important to
have that motivation so that they know there’s something going on and there’s a
next step. The when, it leads them to the next step, the call to action. So whatever
you’re doing, have the when so you can guide them on that journey so that they
then can sign up for your latest opt-in, they can sign up to do your training
session, your webinar, or it might be they want to come to your event. Whatever it
may be, have that when in there. There’s a there’s a road. They followed you on the
road. They understand who you are, what your motivation is, what you do and then
they’re ready to take the next step with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and
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