Blogging Tips: How To Promote Your Blog?

Blogging Tips: How To Promote Your Blog?

Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from I got a blogging question for you, for those
of you that are interested in blogging, creating your own blog you can always check my free
course on how to Create a Blog to Boost Your Career. Go ahead and click there and you can get access
to that. It’s totally free, delivered by email, lot
of good information there, but I often get questions related from that course and I’m
going to read you one of those today which is about the best way to get your blog out
there. This is from Ted and Ted says, “I’m having
problems advertising my blog. I’m usually only getting 1-2 clicks on my
blog when I create a new post. I created a Twitter account and I advertise
my posts on there. I comment on other blogs once a week. I’d like to do more but I’m having trouble
finding posts to comment on. I’m trying to find more Android Developer
blogs.” Well, you’re going to find some now. Leave a comment below if you’ve got an Android
developer blog. “Are there other ways to advertise my blog? Or communicate with android developer bloggers? I just gave you one. “You send me an email and I’m going to
put you in contact with a bunch that are going to leave comments below with links to their
android developer blog. Also, would it be acceptable to put my blog
on a resume? Or talk about it in an interview? Let’s start with the obvious question. Yes, of course, definitely put it on your
resume and talk about it during an interview. In fact, if you do it right that should be
the main thing you talk about in the interview because that’s going to be interesting. Your blog is essentially your resume. I’ll tell you what, if you apply for a job,
the very first thing that the company is going to do, or the person that’s going to interview
you is going to do is they’re going to Google your name. If your blog comes up and it’s an android
development blog and you’re applying for an android developer position, guess what
they’re going to do? They’re going to click that link and they’re
going to read your blog and they might spend hours reading your blog if it’s got good
information on it. When you show up for the interview they may
have already decided to hire you just based on that. Some of you think I’m kidding about this,
but I’ve gotten jobs that way. I have literally talked to hundreds of simple
programmer community members that have gotten jobs that way. It works—that’s why, again, I’ll put
the link one more time. You need to sign up for this course and create
a blog if you haven’t already. It’s really, really critical. Now let’s talk about how to advertise the
blog and the fact that you’re only getting 1 or 2 clicks per day on your blog. I’ve talked about this a lot of times. I definitely talk about it in that blogging
course. This is something that you have to do for
the long haul and it takes a long, long time to build up an audience and to build traction. There’s a really good book on this actually
called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. He’s the editor of Success Magazine. It’s called the Compound Effect. Go check that out. I actually did a book review on it as well
which you can—you want to check out my book review playlist, you can check that out. Basically he talks about this idea, and I
think this is an important concept is that you’ve got this long slog, I was talking
about the grind. There’s this long period before you’re
not really seeing any traction. If you think about this he used an example
in the book which I’m sure you’ve heard of. If you have a penny and everyday it doubled. In the first day you have one penny, in the
second day you had 2, then 4, then 9, then 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 5/12, 10-48. How many is this at? That’s like 8 days in and you don’t have
much. 30 days in it was like—what was it like,
$10 million or something like that, I can’t remember the exact number. But do you see what I’m saying, is that that
is the compound effect. That’s this idea. You’re running a blog post and you do a
blog post and you get 1 to 2 clicks. You comment on a few blogs. You’re doing this for months at a time and
the year passes by and you’re like, “Gosh, a year? I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been
trying to promote it, nothing is happening. Two years pass by, you’re starting to see
a little bit of an improvement but you’re like, “This is still not traction.” Bam, on the third year all of a sudden you
get traction. You look at this YouTube channel, right? Look how long I’ve been doing videos on
here. My pace has increased, but I’ve been doing
it for 3 or 4 years by the time that I’m recording this video. If you look historically, if you use like
SocialBlade, go check out SocialBlade and look at my site, you can see historically
that it took me a long time to get to a thousand subscribers on YouTube. It took me a long time to get to 2000 subscribers. Once I hit about 2000 or 3000 subscribers
the inflection point started to go like this. All of a sudden I had traction and bam, 10,000,
20, 40,000. Right now we’re at like 42,000 subscribers. That just went up in the last 6 months. I’ve had more growth than I have had over
the last few years. That’s how things work. Most people don’t stick it out long enough. Your number one problem is sticking it out. You just need time. You have to keep on producing, keep on grinding,
keep on putting out stuff. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to
change your tactics and try to figure out what works, but you’ve just got to realize
that time is the biggest equation. It’s the multiplier. It’s going—just like compounding money,
compounding things in that momentum effect is going to have the biggest impact overall. Now let’s talk about a few tactics. Twitter, Facebook, social media that’s not
going to promote your blog, I’m sorry, unless you’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers. I’ve got like maybe 40,000 something followers
on Twitter. I send out a blog post and like 5 people click
on it. It’s just not effective. There’s too much noise in those channels. You might be able to find other channels that
don’t have as much noise. Again, come up with a list of android developer
blogs, really search for this. Go onto Fiverr and hire someone to come up
with a list of android developer blogs for $5. Let them do the work for you. Farm out some of this stuff that you can do
real easily and then make—have a systematic way that you’re going to comment on so many
blogs per day. Put a system in place. Putting systems in place is really critical. I’ll give you a really good book about putting
systems in place which is Scott Adams’ book. I did a review on this one as well on—what
is it called? It’s called How to Fail at Almost Anything
and Still Win Big. I think that’s the title of the book. It’s a really good book but he talks about
the value of using systems. I use systems all the time. Develop some systems. See what’s working for those and then—that’s
really—that’s the thing. You’ve got to write good content. You can look at SEO and things like that and
that may help you, but overall time is the biggest factor. Constantly research, constantly figure out
some kind of system that’s going to work for you, but there’s just no magic formula
for getting people to come to your blog. Now some people have success, some people
start writing a blog and then 3 months later they get a post that goes viral and all of
a sudden they’re like Mark Manson and they’re getting millions of paid views per month,
but that doesn’t happen for most people. That might happen for you, but don’t count
on that. Count on being in it for the long haul and
consistently producing. If you’re producing quality and you’re
getting better at it and you’re persistent and you make it through that curve, eventually
that inflection point. I know this is true because this has happened
to me in multiple areas from blogging to podcast to YouTube. I have watched these inflection points as
I’ve taken on new projects and then all of a sudden, bam, it starts to hit traction. There’s a significant risk involved. I won’t lie to you. Some people—I know one YouTuber who unfortunately
has produced like I think something like 2000 videos and he doesn’t have a lot of subscribers. I know some people that have created blogs. There is a small risk that nothing happens,
but that’s part of being an entrepreneur, baby. It’s never going to be 100% certain. I can give you the 90% path that you could
follow. You could definitely waste 5 years of your
life, it won’t be a waste if you write a blog post, trust me, it won’t be a waste. You may never get the traction and get the
audience. It’s a possibility, but chances are if you’re
persistent and you’re adapting and you’re working hard towards it and you don’t give
up that you eventually will. Success—it’s really hard to not find success,
I would imagine in blogging if you do it for 5 years and you write a blog post at least
once a week for 5 years, you’re going to build an audience. You’re going to have at that time, most
likely at least 10,000 paid views a month. I can’t imagine how—unless circumstances
just conspire against you. You’re just writing about topics that no
one cares about that that’s not going to happen. Anyway, keep going. I appreciate your question. If you want to get more videos like this,
if you like this video, if you’re interested in learning more about blogging and boosting
your career, personal development, fitness and all that kind of stuff I talk about here
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I do. I do like 2 to 3 new videos a day. That’s right, a day, and yeah. So anyway, I hope you like this video and
I’ll talk to you next time. Take care.

10 thoughts on “Blogging Tips: How To Promote Your Blog?

  1. Hey Ted, if you read this, it would be awesome if you contact me on Twitter at
    I just startet my new Blog in English, and write there also about Software Development and Android 🙂 I already had have a blog in German, where i write about android topics.

  2. Here's a tip I've had a lot of success with: Finding the right blog aggregator. If you can get your blog listed on one of those, it helps expand your reach tremendously. There's newsletters out there that gather their content from them. Those newsletters (and the aggregator itself) can generate a ton of traffic for new posts.

    Ted, since you're an android dev, check out: They have a link on the right side where you can submit your blog.

    Everyone else: Google "<your niche> blog aggregator" or "<your niche> newsletter" and see about getting your site listed with the top links.

    Good luck everyone!

  3. I think the secret is just to keep pushing content and actually enjoy the process. Personally l love creating YouTube videos and happy others enjoy them

  4. I mean if anyone cares, I've got a a Xamarin Android blog I just started up, I'll be posting to it daily.

  5. As he said, it's very hard to do something for 5 years and not get any traction. That said, if you made sure what you were doing aligned with your career and life goals, even if you don't get any traction after a few years, you will have gained a tremendous amount knowledge and skills. I have just started a blog and youtube channel and have made only a handful of posts but what I have learned has been dramatic even from making a handful of posts. My advice: do it!!! There is absolutely nothing to lose. Absolutely no risk in doing this. Time is going to pass by anyway. How else are you going to spend your time?

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