Blogging Tips with Ian Cleary

Today I’m here with
my good friend, Ian Cleary, who is the
founder of, actually, one of my favorite
blogs, Razor Social. And he’s here to
talk about blogs. And just so that you know, we
at the Sue B. Zimmerman team do have a blog, and we are
finally getting traction. Great. So I’d like for
you to share, what do people need to do to
set their business up for success, blogging. OK, perfect. Well first of all, thanks
very much for having me, Sue. So yeah, I’m going to go through
a few tips about blogging. I suppose one of the
most important things is, you have to write good
content on a consistent basis. Blogging is about consistency. It’s not necessary
writing every single day. It’s writing good
quality articles on a regular, consistent basis. So you have to have the good
content as a starting point. We blog about, on average,
two to three times a month. Is that consistent enough? Yeah, once you’re
a regular, as long as you don’t go two or
three times a month, and you give up
for a month or two. You need to regularly– so
you are producing good content on a regular basis. Gotcha. So that’d be the first one. The second one is
promotion of the content. You have to promote the content. You could write amazing
content, but if your audience doesn’t get to see that
content, it’s no good. Now, you’re very good
at promotion, Sue, so I don’t think you’ll
have a problem with that. Promoting across all
the Instagram channels, promoting across all
social media channels, and then do email outreach– Right. –to other people. Where are you, in
your business, seeing the most bang for your
buck when you’re promoting? What channel, or when
you say promoting across multiple
platf– I mean, I see taking the image in the
blog and using that on Instagram to drive traffic
back to the blog. That’s what you’re
talking about? Yeah. Now, I mean, one
of the tactics we find is really good
for promoting content is, if you involve
other influencers within your content. Right. Because when you share
that content out, they’re more likely
to share it– Right. –because they’re
in the article. So that works very well. I love it when you feature us. Yeah, and you always
share it, you see, so I get in front
of Sue’s audience by sharing stuff about Sue. So it works. Yes, yes. So consistency– Promotion and content. Yes. And the third one
is relationships, building relationships. So you know, when I’m
promoting a piece of content, if I really want to
get that content out, I’d reach out to Sue
and say, hey, Sue, would you mind sharing this? You’ve got no problem sharing. When you have an article, you’d
come to me, and we’d share it. So you have to work together. Build the relationships
with relevant people in your industry
so that when you do need to get that article
or that new product out– And get traction and comments. So I’m going to give a little
ninja tip about what I do, when I want to get people
to comment and share a blog. Because we’re just starting to
get some movement on our blogs, and some comments on
our blogs, finally. Is I do reach out in Facebook. I directly copy the
blog link and I put it in a message to my
friends like Ian and other influencers
who I know will share it, and obviously I would do
the same for Ian, and I ask, can you please share this and
write a comment on the blog? And when you get– I
find, like for us– eight to 20 comments is good,
just to get things moving. But it takes a while to
get even to that point. So I use Facebook outreach. What’s a tip that you do? Yeah, I mean, I
think that’s perfect. It’s whichever channel you
can reach those people. And I do get some messages
from you on Facebook, and I go straight to
the blog and comment. One thing I say about
commenting– people go, oh, I’m not
getting any comments. Well, that’s your fault. You’re
not doing the promotion– yeah, exactly. Your fault! You’re not doing the
necessary promotion, like what Sue is doing is
reaching out to her friends and people she has built
relationships with, and asking for a comment. And you will get comments
if you ask for them. And I only ask people who
actually would do– like, I would do the same for them. I’m never asking a stranger
or spamming somebody. Like, I get messages
all the time from people that are asking
me to do things, and I’m like, I don’t even know who you are. So you need to have
that relationship. That piece is so important,
and that connection. And the law of reciprocity. If you do it for me, I’ll– Robert Cialdini,
yeah, absolutely. Right. It works. The relationships, you need
patience with relationships, because you need to build
the relationship first. And you focus on helping the
other person initially, way more than they’re helping you. Yeah. So then when you want
to reach out to them, you know they’ll go, no problem. You’ve been sharing my content,
and so that’s how it works. Perfect. So to summarize, it is
posting consistently, it is– Promotion of your content. Promotion of the
content, and it’s really all about building
those relationships. I teach this every
day on Instagram. It’s so vitally important to
build relationships first, and then think of it more
as doing it on their behalf more than your own– Absolutely. –when you’re doing
your outreach. These are great tips. Good, good. Thanks so much. I hope everybody [INAUDIBLE]. Yes. So you guys, I want you to
know, Razor Social in my inbox. Love it. You absolutely want to
subscribe to Ian’s blog, and the link is
going to be below. Is there anything else
you want to mention? Or how people can contact you? No, I mean, the blog, and
the contact form on the blog, if anybody fills
out that form, it comes directly to
my email address. So you know, that’s the
best way to contact me. Or pick me up on Twitter, I’m
always on Twitter, @IanCleary on Twitter. Perfect. And on Instagram,
he is @Ian.Cleary. Yeah, that’s the one. That’s the one. So we had to do a little work
around for Ian on that one. But anyway, so make sure you’re
following him on Instagram, because he is insta-awesome.

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