Blogging Tools to Make Blogging Easier

Blogging Tools to Make Blogging Easier

– Hey guys, in this video
we’re gonna jump back into the Blogger’s Playbook and we’re
gonna rundown some of our absolute favourite tools
that make the bloggin’ and content creation process easier. (pull whistle sound) – Here’s an interesting
Andrew and Pete fact, we’ve published our first
blog on January the 8th, 2013. – Does that class as interesting? – It was created with title The
2013 Business Book Challenge And it was horrendously
terrible blog post. – We thought people would be
interested in the fact that we were gonna read a lot of
business books that year. They weren’t. – Fast forward to now where
we’re approaching up to 600 pieces of content, including
our blogs, words, and our atomic content too. And we’ve learned a thing
or two, or 500 things, about producing content
better and quicker. – So today we’re gonna run
through some of our favourite tools that we use for our own
content and our own blogging. Some are free and some
cost a bit of money, but most of them speed up
that content creation time. And once implemented, actually using them takes little to no time at all. – And if this is your first
time here, please do hit that big read Subscribe button. We create videos like this every week to make marketing un-boring-ed. – Oh yeah.
– That’s a word. – Let’s jump in! – Starting with prewriting and
research tools but before we even put pen to paper or pixels to screen, we wanna make sure that what
we are actually creating is being searched for. Some businesses have the
luxury of this not mattering all that much but ours’,
we want to be found. – So we use a mix of
Google Keywords Planner and Answer the Public dot com. Which are both free tools that
will give you keyword ideas for you to write blogs all about. We showed you how to Answer
the Public not so long ago, so click here to go check that out. – We also couple those with
a free Google Chrome plug-in that we use call Keywords Everywhere. Which roughly shows you
how many searches that topic is getting per month. Now do not take this as gospel truth, but do use that as a guide
to make sure the keywords that you’re finding on the
Google Keywords Planner or on Answer the Public,
actually have some popularity. – Another cool tool that
we use at this stage is the Braintoss app, which is
just a couple of quid on the app store but you can
also get it on Android as well. What this does is allow us
to capture ideas on the go. So if at any moment during
the day, if we have an idea we’ll Braintoss it. – It basically emails yourself a note that you can action later. You can do a written note,
images, and even voice notes and integrate with
Evernote and Trello too. – The final tool that we use at this Prewriting Stage is JotForm. We use this for guest blogs,
so rather than going back and forth with email a tonne of times, take out all the information
we need, we’ll send people to a chat form link and
they can just enter all the information that we
require for that guest blog. And we’re using the free
version of that too. – Next up we have our actual writing tools and going back to that
horrendous first blog, it was horrendous because it was boring. – Just because it is written word, doesn’t mean it should look boring either. Back in the day, we created
this video all about how to make your blogs look sexy, so go check it out. (laughs) – The first is Google Docs and
all of our ideas start here. Even this video, we’ve
freakin’ love Google Docs. It’s basically Microsoft Word but online. And we can both be
editing the same document at the same time and give
access to whoever needs access to that document too. It’s all stored online
and it’s saves as you go and it’s free and it’s ad-free. Google, we love you. – Another cool tool we use is Yes that’s the tool that
does video subtitles for $1 a minute, but it
also allows you to download a transcript of your video. So if struggle with writing or if you have some video content already,
you could just speak your blog and get it transcribed by It just takes a lot of
titterating and tweaking and you’ll have your blog
in no time, easy peasy. – Lemon squeezy (laughs). When you squeezing some lemons (laughs) Squeezing some lemons. – You’re going to want to
be including some images in your blog too, so we
could be using Photoshop or Illustrator for this,
both of which we have but nine times out of 10,
we are jumping into Canva and creating something really easily. And if we wanna add gifs into the blog, we are jumping into and we’re either searching
for a suitable gif or using Giphy to create our own. And again, we have another
video on Giphy over there. Pass Pete’s head. – Watch where your pointing
that thing, Jesus Christ. Also, if you wanna include
Tweetables in your blog, we love the tool that’s
free, We’ll link to a blog below,
it shows you exactly how to set it all up and how it works. But it’s really easy and in a nutshell, what it allows you to do
is pre-populate a Tweet and at the click of a
button, people can Tweet that pre-populated Tweet and share
it with all of that audience. Nice. – Finally in this stage
to make sure we have all the SEO boxes ticked, we are using the Yoast
plug-in with WordPress. This is a really cool tool
that tells us what we need to work on from an SEO point of
view to make sure the blog is optimised and has a
really nice red, amber, green scoring system that even Pete can follow. – Hey (mumbles). – After we’ve pressed the
pretty published button, we got some tools to use
to promote the damn thing. – Starting with ConvertKit
for email marketing and ManyChat for Facebook Messenger. Send your content to people who
have opted in to receive it. This is a really important
step, and if you miss this step then you deserve for your
next cup of coffee to be cold. – Yeah, we’re that mean. – And if you like cold coffee, it’s also going to taste of wee. – We’re also using social
scheduling tools to promote our content going forward. Our favourite tool of the
moment is SmarterPulseCal, which is a mash up of
Smarter Queue, agora pulse, and ContentCal. Our advise to you here is do not do this. We just love them way too
much to give any of them up. Just choose one and make
sure you use that to prepare with your content going forward and promote it more than once. – And a cheeky bonus tool for you as well, we use Disqus which is
a free comments tool that plugs right into WordPress. This allows people to log
in, to leave a comment, get notifications, they show some blogs below the comments plug
in, plug in (laughs) – Plug in (laughs) – Plug in (laughs) This allows people to log
in and leave a comment, it also shows them other blogs
below the comments plug-in and it does some other fancy stuff too. – So if you have been paying attention, you will now know that
our toolbox includes Google Keywords Planner,
Answer the Public, Keywords Everywhere, Braintoss,
JotForm, Google Docs, Rev, Canva, Giphy,
clicktotweet, Yoast, ManyChat, ConvertKit, Smarter Queue, agora pulse, ContentCal, and Disqus. Didn’t edit that together at all. – Whew.
– No. – Wow (mumbles). – We’re gonna link to all
of those around this video somewhere then we’re also
gonna link to some tutorials that we have on some of these tools too. So please do check them
out, because they all rock. – And if love this video
and you want some more marketing un-boring-ed,
please do subscribe and we’ll love you forever and a day. – We always want to add more
tools to our toolbox too, so if there’s a tool that we
haven’t mentioned in this video we wanna know your favourite
ones that we can check out. So, please let us know in the comments. – He’s been Andrew. – He’s been Pete. – See you next time. (electronic rock music)

9 thoughts on “Blogging Tools to Make Blogging Easier

  1. Unboringed??? Titterating??? That book that Pete was waving about definitely wasn't the Oxford Dictionary! 🙂 I am not a big fan of the Disqus plugin because it seems to slow websites down badly. Also you might want to have a look at a new app called Notion which is a combination of Evernote and a simple CRM, among other things. Also great for scribbling down notes as you go.

  2. Thanks for the new tools, guys! Answer the public has been fab – it's helped me with a fair few blogs.

    I'm not afraid to admit this…

    I'm still waiting for an Andrew and Pete, straight to video, 'buddy' movie.

    Plot: Andrew stumbles upon Pete's secret – he's 'borrowed' Tim Ferriss' time machine…

    Featuring Chris Ducker as Johannes Gutenberg and Seth Godin as God.

  3. This is such a great video guys! Thanks so much for it. I have just started blogging and whilst I don't have any trouble writing short ish interesting blogs. I have no idea how to 'make them look sexy!' So awesome and great timing you have made this for me!

  4. Grammarly – Total Life Saver as I am always misspelling stuff and putting commas in the wrong place! Great video guys 🙂

  5. Hello, my smart, dear friends! What do you think of CoSchedule? Do you use another tool that would take its place?

  6. I loved this video! It's amazing how many bits you need to go through before you create some content. I <3 <3 as I normally create videos and then get them transcribed to use for video. Something I use for my WP blogs is a plugin called Smush. It makes images a bit smaller and better for your blog.

  7. my lecturer asked me to watch your video then present what you have said and post something about it on blog. but now i am totally lost

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