Blogging Vs Vlogging what works best for you?

Blogging Vs Vlogging what works best for you?

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in England
right vlogging versus blogging what’s the difference? Blogging is writing and goes back to the earliest days of the internet when all that we had were bulletin boards. Vlogging came about with the advent of being able to
use video online. The word vlogging goes back a long long way but it wasn’t applied
to the word today. The word today is a video log. A blog is a written log of your daily events or weekly events and a vlog is a record of your daily events or weekly events in video format. So they are two different formats basically. You ask any
writer trying to write emotions is quite quite tricky. More than quite tricky it is really very difficult very very hard Vlogging is much more immediate you can show how you’re feeling Just in a couple of frames. Now as a teacher I know that there are several different ways that people learn some people learn
by reading some people are visual learners and some people learn by doing.
Different people have different ways of learning or different ways of taking in
information. I find that I’m a mixture of all of those. I can learn by reading I can learn by watching videos. I’ve learnt a lot from YouTube I learn loads of
things from YouTube which brilliant and also by doing. So I used to make
videos. Home videos for my family and that kind of thing but vlogging is a
whole different discipline altogether You have to learn a different set of things
about lighting about sound about all kinds of stuff. Like I’m sitting in the
garden now and you can hear cars going past you can hear someone’s Mowing there lawn over there hopefully you can hear the birds song because that’s actually
the loudest sound here. But yeah vloggings got a whole different bunch of
complications that go with it At first I was trying to eliminate all
sound which is wrong there that’s not real life is it? Real life is what’s
going on around you and I’m not making a movie this is not a movie. This is a vlog
so em yeah vloggings interesting. My friends in the blogger world have been
asking me to write for a long long time They say. “Well Mike when are you going to start writing again?” They was trying to say Well look. Come and join us we’re having a great time. It’s a new venture in blogging. Which I think is going to be very disruptive and very very good for the internet and what they’re trying to do is get away from the traditional methods of supporting creative people which is advertising you know adsense and all that kind of thing. They’ve actually created a new model for earning money online from your blogging or your vlogging and basically they use a thing called a tip jar and so this is
like an in-between. The newspapers and people like that magazines they’ve
all gone for this this subscription model where you pay an annual
subscription and then you get the newspaper or the magazine every week or
every month however often it comes out The model that this group has come up
with is totally different You go and read their work or you watch
their vlogs and if you like it you leave a tip. A couple of bucks and that’s it
basically your tips are rewarding that blogger for the work and effort that they’ve put in. This way if you like a piece of work you can tip it. You know you would tip a busker in the street and they’ve called themselves the Virtual Buskers Guild and they inducted me into it this week which was brilliant because I haven’t
been writing for a long time and they said no. What we’re going to do. We’re
going to induct you into the virtual busters guild as a blogger vlogger. Trying to come up with different names for it. So “Blowvlog”? Vicky came up
with blowvlog and I thought that sounds like a Bond villain. Yes Mr Blowvlog but now it’s blog and vlog so I do my vlogs and put them on the Weeblyhood site which is on Weebly. If I can write something then I
write underneath. Another thing I thought about as well was this. When I’m
making my videos I just record them and upload them to YouTube and then I’ll go
through and watch the video and I transcribe it. To do the closed captions so that people who are hard of hearing can read what I’m saying in the vlogs. I thought
well the obvious thing to do is to take that closed captions and put it in as
the blog underneath the video so that’s what I’m doing. So I’ve been inducted into the virtual buskers guild which is very very nice so
that’s it I’ve been inducted. Just listen to this now That’s an airplane it’s probably a big Hercules from the United States going to RAF Lakenheath over in Suffolk. They’re
making the movie here next year and they’re looking for extras. I think I
might actually go and become one? Could you see me in American Air Force uniform? Slick!? tee hee!

7 thoughts on “Blogging Vs Vlogging what works best for you?

  1. Well, Craig, if you want a double dose of molometer, you can go to his Weebly site now, and enjoy! +molometer thanks for spreading the word on this, and I'm still stuck in the blogging world at the moment, but I do love and admire your blovlogs. I also like your down to earth ( or in the pond, lol) approach to vlogging. It's not as easy as it looks, and you are really skilled at it. Thanks for this. So good, I might even rustle up a tip for you. So easy, with PayPal!

  2. You just have to watch for stray music outside. You can get a copyright strike from stray music. Congrats on your new venture. You should consider cross posting your videos and blogs on Steemit. I enjoy it so much I have hardly been on here. I have been posting on there for a few months and have made over a grand 🙂

  3. I'm gonna write a bit "here and there". This is awesome and thanks so much for the great explanation of blogging and vlogging! I was so happy to see the closed captions. Problem solved for me and my whacky hearing issues, lol! They were perfect! Now I'm heading to Weebly to visit your blog and drop some coin in your tip jar!

  4. Congratulations on your induction to the Virtuals as our first blovlogger.
    Go for it is my vote – you are a natural for the Big Screen +molometer.

  5. I do a little bit of both these days. I like blogging because it helps me express myself with the written word. However, I feel like vlogging is another form of creative expression. I am playing with doing more of a day in the life vlog as some do because I think maybe it would give me more page views. Sometimes when I do a recipe blog post along with the how to steps written on my blog, it gets very little views.

  6. Interesting topic Michael. Blogging does go back a long way, probably like you said around the dawn of the internet. I started online with Squidoo and had a lot of fun while making a few thousand dollars. And in the process learned about affiliate marketing which is a whole other world now.

    I do learn better by watching and doing. Though, I must admit, I'm a little like you, that is, I learn via a combination of all the ones you mentioned. I feel like vlogging is so much more difficult and requires a lot more knowledge as well as being comfortable in front of a camera.

    I don't think vlogging would suit me, it sure does come very natural to you. And I agree, with your type of videos, you don't need to eliminate all sounds. It's important to keep things as natural as possible. I enjoyed writing content online when I first started, but I must admit that I prefer creating videos now.

    You are a man of many talents. Wishing you all the best in all your endeavours and continued success!

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