Blogs in Plain English

Blogs in Plain English

You’ve seen the word, you’ve seen the web
sites and you may even have one. But have you ever wondered: What’s the big
deal about blogs? To make sense of blogs, you have to think
about the news and who makes it. We’ll look at news in the 20th vs. the 21st
century to make our point. In the 20th century, the news was produced
professionally. When news happened, reporters wrote the stories
and a tiny group of people decided what appeared in a newspaper or broadcast. Professional news was mainstream: general
and limited. The 21st century marked the point where news
became both professional and personal. A new kind of web site called a weblog or
blog came onto the scene that let anyone be a reporter and publisher – often for free. As blogs became popular, they created millions
of news sources and gave everyone an audience for their own version of news. Of course, we’re using the word “news” loosely. But really – isn’t everything news to someone? With a blog…A business owner can share news
about his business A mother can share news about her family
Or a sport star can share news with fans These people are all “bloggers”. How did this happen? Well, blogs made sharing news on the web easy. Anyone with an idea can start a new blog with
the click of a button and share news minutes later. Here’s how blogs work. Blogs are websites that are organized by blog
posts – these are individual news stories, like articles in the paper. Bloggers simply fill out a form like this
one to post a new story. With the click of a button, the blog post
appears at the top of the web page, just above yesterday’s news. Over time, the blog becomes a collection of
these posts, all archived for easy reference. Also, Each blog post can become a discussion
through comments left by readers. Blogs make the news a two way street. But really, the fuss is not about how blogs
work – it’s about what people like you do with them that matters. Let’s say you have a blog about green living
and outdoor photography. It reflects your unique perspective. This helps you build relationships with your
readers and other bloggers with similar interests. Speaking of relationships, bloggers often
work together. In addition to comments,You’ll read each other’s
posts, quote each other and link your blogs together. This creates communities of bloggers that
inspire and motivate each other. Whether it’s their ease of use or the opportunities
they offer, blogs have been adopted in a very big way. Since 2003, there have been over 70 million
blogs created, each with it’s own version of news. So, the big deal about blogs is that they
gave people like you the power of the media and created a personal kind of news that appeals
to a high number of small audiences. So, it’s up to you – what will you do with
this new power? There is likely a group of people out there
who want to hear what you have to say.

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  7. I come from a huge family, with sibs or their children all over the place. My baby sister was the first to post blogs, as she lives in France with her own family. It has kept us all connected to her and her growing children. Since then, other family have started blogs as well. Without blogs I would not get to know my 26 neices and nephews, cousins, as well as what my 10 brothers and sisters are up to! It has certainly kept us close!

  8. I hope I will learn to blog as well, from this Google Tools class, so I can share my own news to my family!

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  21. I'm glad you made this video Common. Its is very useful to those getting into blogging.

  22. Guys, I've got a question: I've got this idea. If I start up a wordpress blog based mainly on video/speech transcripts I write and translate, or articles I translate to different language for other non-English-speaking people, does it count as a violation of copyright and it cannot be monetized? (despite mentioning source or owner?) Blog posts would contain a lot of my own words and point of view, but still… Thank you.

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  30. An informative, helpful video. However – did the man have to promote his business while the woman talked about her child? So many other options and that's what you chose?

  31. Thanks for posting this video. It's helped my high school students understand blogging and how to create a community.

  32. Sexism alive and well in the blogosphere:

    a business owner can share news about his business

    followed by

    a mother can share news about her family

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