Bloomberg Global Business Forum: An Unprecedented Collaboration

Bloomberg Global Business Forum: An Unprecedented Collaboration

We all know what’s happening right now. How hard it is suddenly to
understand so much in this world. You don’t need me to set the tone, all of you know what is happening. But I hope, and I pray, that you know how much
all of us need you now. – Today’s world, doing that
effectively requires leadership not only from government leaders, but also from business leaders. And that means both are
missing opportunities that each would benefit from. This forum aims to fix that. – We have to take it to another level, and it depends upon
our mind and our heart. First believing that we can and must every day expand the definition of us. – We have a lot of global challenges; climate change, migrations, terrorism, and for that we do need multilateralism. That’s my main message for
these few days in New York. – The problem of today
is so big, and too big. Now, not even one government
or any business can solve, so we have to work together. – Government working on what
issues are key in society, and we think about the skills we have, there’s some issues that
we have no skills on. – Mrs. Arundhati Bhattacharya. – We have had growth, but that
growth that comes from trade and other things hasn’t
necessarily reached everyone. – The most internationally
connected economy, so for us it is our lifeline. It is jobs, it is
security, it is the future. – The most important of
them of course is education. – President Erdogan,
thank you for coming here to the Global Business Forum. – Today, because of technology, knowledge, we can stop that, it’s
just a matter of will. – Future cities should empower people. – The digital revolution
isn’t slowing down, so we get the benefit of that. But in terms of equity, it’s
these health breakthroughs that I’m most excited about. – Today, all of you have
a chance to help shape that course of the future, and I’m very optimistic
about what we can accomplish. So again, I wanted to
thank you all for coming.

5 thoughts on “Bloomberg Global Business Forum: An Unprecedented Collaboration

  1. This event gathered some of the greatest minds and
    influencers of the world, in which we all agreed that silence is the ultimate
    form of consent.  The leaders set the
    tone and as Bloomberg stated "If you dumb down the dialogue, you reduce
    the importance."   Companies are a
    collection of people.  Be genuine and
    people will respect you even if they disagree.  This forum allowed for a successful
    collaboration between governments and business.  Jerry Rotonda, CFO Deutsche Bank Wealth
    Management Americas.
    Jerry Rotonda, Michael Bloomberg, Rotem Rosen

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    (1:09) "Bill" Clinton
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    (3:37)"Bill" Gates
    The top of the head is blurred.

    Reference video

    Flat Earth

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