Blowing Up Our Plans to Write a Blog Post on My Analysis of Instagram TV

Blowing Up Our Plans to Write a Blog Post on My Analysis of Instagram TV

– Hey guys. Sometimes I think the
meta of the situation, is far more powerful than
what one can see, right? I think it’s far more fascinating that the process of trying
to buy the New York Jets is far more cool than when I’m an old man holding up like I did it. The chef’s prep, not the dish. We get to kind of uncover
that for you here, in the way that I think about content, the way I interact with my team. Many of you are now building out teams, and I think the insight in this article, this video, this piece of content, is going to really, teach something, ’cause it taught us something, and I’m really excited about
sharing it with you. Please enjoy this. I think you’ll get it once you consume it. – [Calvin] Chances are
good that you’ve heard that Instagram recently launched IGTV, a new long-form video app where creators can upload content that
is up to an hour long. If you have any context on me, you’ll probably know
that I love attention. Attention has become the infrastructure, for how I operate on a day to day basis. – Can you change love attention to, I respect and value attention. – [Calvin] Yes. – Because love attent,
you know what I mean? Doesn’t treat it like an asset, it treats it like, I love attention. – [Calvin] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Which I do.
(laughs) Let’s not get confused around here. – Attention has become
– I like em both, – the infrastructure,
– Vlog! – All.
– All forms of attention are delicious, go head. – [Calvin] That works. For how I operate on a day to day basis. You can’t tell someone something
without their attention. So I stay on top of my
craft by keeping up to date with all of the changes
on virtually any platform, where I think there is an
abundance of attention. Especially if I think it’s under priced. If you haven’t heard,
Instagram just launched a mobile centric,
long-form video platform, called the IGTV: Instagram Television. IGTV is a standalone app that has a discovery feed
integrated into Instagram. This basically means that– – What happens in the standalone app? Can you do anything there? That you can’t do, with an Instagram? – [Man] Links. – Links? – [Andy] Yeah, so when
you upload the video, you have the title, but then within the, it’s basically like a YouTube description is how I think of it. You can put–
– So people are following people only on IGTV? Or when you go into it, let me look at it ’cause I’ve really been like, I actually am so down on
what they did, so far. Like it could be a
monster, but what I wanted is not what they did, which was just long form Instagram video posts. Like, they went all the
way, in a different way. – [Andy] It’s weird for me too in that, mine, I don’t have it on my app yet. – You don’t? – [Andy] No. – You still don’t? – [Calvin] I don’t have IGTV downloaded but it shows up for me. – You don’t have this
little thing up there? – [Andy] No. But if I like
– Interesting. No you don’t. You know that I’m like
the only person ever, you know I still don’t have comments? – You don’t?
– What do you mean? – [Andy] You don’t have threaded comments. – I don’t have comments. – What do you mean? – What do I mean? This is how my comments look. – Wow. – Still. (laughs) – [Andy] They’re really
trying to hold you back. (laughs) – The gram is holding me back. (laughs) – [Andy] Yeah but if I switch an account, it has it, so it’s weird. What I was gonna see, the other thing that’s really interesting,
the IGTV is, if you search– – So where’s the links? So here’s. – [ET] What’s up, it’s ya boy ET! Y’all, I gotta quick message for my millennials, like, for real. And I love y’all, don’t get
it twisted, I love y’all. Can I say
– In there? – Yeah in the story. – In there? There’s links in here somewhere? – You can, if you choose to. – Are we posting on IGTV? – [Andy] A little bit – Not really
– We just, just today, we started
where the daily video, will play out on IGTV too. – Look at the
– Is that the same one? – That’s crazy! Well we also love Tierra Whack. (calm music) – [Andy] Yeah this is true. – Okay. Keep going. – [Calvin] Yep. This basically means that
when you’re on Instagram, you’ll be able to go
into an explore section, and find long-form
content, curated for you by the IGTV algorithm, based off of your interests and people you follow, which will then take you to the IGTV app. As I see it, IGTV is trying to capture the end user’s attention,
through it’s analysis of growing entertainment trends, which is that over the past 400 years, we’ve seen a massive shift in the way that we consume content. In today’s world, almost
everything we consume is mobile. The shift in attention has become so obvious, that in Instagram’s
announcement for IGTV, they said that teens are watching 40% less TV than they did five years ago. I’m sure that many of you know that I preach the fact that our mobile device
– How much, what is it? 40% percent less? – [Calvin] 40% less. – By the way, mention, I
think that’s underrated. I don’t know how Facebook
and Instagram got its data, I think that’s low. Teens don’t fucking watch TV bro. – [Calvin] Yeah. – Like I understand that
they’re trying to be nice. – [Calvin] I’m sure that many of you know that I preach the fact
that our mobile devices are the remote control of society, so it probably isn’t much of a surprise when I say that this is most likely going to be looked at as a
very smart move by Instagram. I say this because when
Instagram announced IGTV, they also revealed that Instagram currently has 1 billion
monthly active users. With this is mind, Instagram affectively has the ability to cross pollinate 1 billion monthly active users onto IGTV, which then allows IGTV to give other long-form video apps, such
as the YouTube mobile app, a pretty serious run for their money. Which regards to the launch of IGTV, I think it’s important
to include that IGTV partnered with a few
massive influencers, such as Ninja and KDHD and Philip
DeFranco to create content during the launch of the app. I don’t think that most people will realize, how big of a deal this is. Influencers are a strong source of under priced attention,
which is why I think that this could–
– I’m awfully confused right now. – [Calvin] Yes. – Where’s IGTV in top free apps? – [Calvin] Is it not? – [Andy] Well, there was the whole. – Was it there during the beginning? – [Andy] So that was what
was really weird to me, the day like, we were all
planning for it to come out, and you couldn’t even understand
how to download the app. You had to go into
Instagram’s app, press more, like I couldn’t figure it out. – Yeah, the problem with
this article, right now is I think you guys made a,
yeah you’ve made assumptions. – [Andy] Yeah. – Like I’m weirdly not, like
one of the reasons I don’t wanna have–
– ‘Cause we were planning, we’ve draft this up two weeks before you even came ’cause we wanted to, ya know. – Yeah, I know exactly what you’re saying. There’s an app called Body Slimmer? – [Andy] Well that’s what
I think is interesting– – Everyone is so attractive on Instagram. – [Andy] That’s very true. But then I think it all goes to like, me not having it on my phone, how they rolled it out, I think is how, they’ve done, the’yre just like, going small and like learning how people interact with it now and maybe there’s an update in a month from now, that makes it more impactful. But I think a lot of people have no idea that IGTV even exists. – [Calvin] Yeah. – Yeah, I’m not so sure I
want to write this article. – [Calvin] Got it. Should we, switch the
direction so that it’s less– – No, ’cause I don’t have an opinion yet. – [Calvin] No, okay? – [Andy] I would love to, yeah. – My opinion on IGTV is, okay, like. (laughs) It’s here. Great, I’m not in the prediction business. Like, I wasn’t excited
about giving my prediction on Vero or Peach or all this other, like, I’m not the guy
you got to in the first, like, I’ve only been wrong when I try to come up with an
opinion in the first 25, like this should be the article. Why I don’t talk about, well
actually here’s the article. Why I haven’t come out
on Instagram TV yet. – [Andy] I think, yeah. – I’m being serious right
now, that’s a good article. – [Andy] I know I totally agree, I think we can use what
we had here as like, hey, my team was trying to come up, I wanted my team to do this. – Yeah, why did I even
have an article ready, because having an article and an opinion the moment it pops, is good for SEO and good for like, people
getting a quick read. Big problem for me, is I
should’ve known better. Like, I fucking don’t like guessing. Like, I’m at my best, ya
know, three months in. Like, it’s why, I don’t believe in hiring. Like it’s like, like, ya know like, that’s what I equate it to, like, everybody’s running out,
like the personalities in I’m not a personality pundit. I’m not a fucking pundit Calvin. (laughs) – [Calvin] I wish you were. – I’m not a pundit, dude. – [Andy] I agree. – Like I don’t– – [Tyler] Like that shit works though. – I don’t give a fuck. – [Tyler] But when you do it, it’s just like–
– If I have an opinion, but if like, everybody runs out and declared Peach the next big thing, – [Tyler] I’m talking more just like, Toys R Us goes backrupt. – Yeah, I’m right, a lot. After I’m thoughtful, after it’s obvious. Like, there’s nothing
obvious about IGTV yet. Like, here’s what’s obvious. That was weird, it’s not
exactly how I saw it coming. I thought it was gonna
be long-form video in IG. Which would’ve crushed,
still believe that. Instead they went this route which is a complete attack on YouTube. Makes sense, because if I’m Instagram coming after a very successful attack on SnapChat, what’s going on in fucking Instagram headquarters? This. Be like, fuck it. YouTube is not that mobile,
YouTube is not mobile. Let’s not forget that
Facebook let Twitter grow, because Facebook wasn’t mobile. Facebook was desktop, Zucks was slowish. Came in hard and did his
thing, they were slowish. They’re probably sitting
around and saying, Huh, ya know what, YouTube’s mobile product is not that great.
– Tumblr. – I, right, why I always talk about Tumblr should’ve won, but
they didn’t go to mobile. I would be in YouTube a lot more, in comments, if it was more mobile. Like I’m not in YouTube, we’re not winning on YouTube as
much, mainly on the back, that YouTube is not a disproportionately, awesome mobile experience and I don’t fucking own a computer for three years. – [Andy] There’s something to be said. You can do vertical on YouTube, but it’s just not built into it. – Yeah, and by the way, if the whole vertical, horizontal, like if I’m starting a startup right now, I’m going horizontal. Like if I’m sitting in fucking
Silicon Valley right now, I’m coming out with a
horizontal social network. What? How hard was that?
(laughs) If it’s fucking fire. Like everybody’s got that fucking bullshit back here anyway, every fucking teenager’s fell for that fucking bullshit. Like, if you don’t have a lot of fucking little circle here, or your fucking wallet here, you’re shit. I’m shit. – [Tyler] Any other
questions on like what, why– – Wait a minute, this
is a much better article that what you’re trying
to fabricate right now. I’m coming out with real good stuff here. – [Andy] No, I get it
no, I’m trying to think of anything like, just more about like, what they did, that didn’t match with what we thought it was going to be. – Why don’t we just post on LinkedIn like, yo, we were gonna write this article but you know what, fuck it. Just watch this entire video. (laughs) Starts with Calvin reading,
just shows everything. Like this is what, this should
definitely be the podcast. Yo podcast, what’s up? (laughs) Hope you’ve been enjoying
this fucking epic episode. Please hit me up on Twitter, Gary V-E-E. Can we just make a post, by the way, I need a LinkedIn post, right now, about like, yo, I’m really
active on fucking Twitter. Like can we just write that real quick? Like can we get a nice piece of content? Like, like, the written word, like, can we do a written one, and an image one, and
maybe even this video clip. (laughs) – [Andy] Maybe this a good
segue to touch on (mumbles) – Okay good. – [Calvin] Do you guys have
the Twitch blog out one yet? – [Group] No. – [Calvin] So we need
to do that, super quick. I think this’ll be really fast. – Why, are we behind? – [Tyler] No, I was just wondering. – [Andy] He just, Twitch. (laughs) – If it’s Twitch or soccer he wants to be involved, or sneakers. So, what that’s it, right? Like fuck IGTV right now because I’m not ready to fucking say anything yet. And I’m watching and guess what, so far, I’m not feeling it in the culture. I don’t hear anybody like, yo. Now, on the flip side,
that’s probably like, like it’s probably under priced attention. Like, let’s talk about another thing, IG, wants it to fucking work. – [Tyler] Yeah. So, here’s a fucking point of view, if you’re making, IGTV videos, you’re probably gonna do okay. ‘Cause they really give a fuck. Like, they’re gonna do whatever the fuck they can, to make that work. They went right after YouTube. But they went after
YouTube very specifically. Like fuck it, let’s just
take YouTube, right? Let’s just take it,
instead of what I think is actually smarter, which
would’ve just been like, make long-form videos in Instagram, and then it would’ve just taken YouTube. Like, I can see so many
vloggers being like, Fuck it, ya know, I’ll vlog here. – [Calvin] The biggest backside to that is that they would lose monetization. – Who? – [Calvin] Vloggers, if
they only post on Instagram. – And so what’s the monetization
on IGTV, they got ads? – [Calvin] No, but on YouTube they do. – Yeah, I get it.
– Just saying they’re gonna take away from
– Well that ’cause most people are short term and not smart.
– Yeah, got it. Cool, should we go over
Twitch really quickly? – Sure. – [Calvin] ‘Kay, earlier
in this year, in mid-March, Esports and Twitch experienced a massive crossover where the macro-gaming entertainment scene, became pretty widely accepted by the masses
because Drake and Ninja, got together on Discord
and streamed Fortnite. Now, if you’ve been pretty deep into my content over the past three years, you’ll know that this didn’t
come at any surprise to me. I knew that a crossover moment where Twitch and ESports
would become a part of– – We even have those links, right? To like, like, literally, right? – Yeah.
– Love this document, I really wanna bring the
Ask GaryVee show back. (upbeat music)

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