Hey guys! I’m back at you with another
video this week. Today I’m sitting in front of my other bookshelf so that I
can give it some love because I feel like I haven’t been over here enough.
I also have my little Thor hammer here. So last week I asked you guys to submit
some questions and I would answer them on the video this week. So it’s kind of
like a little book blog or QA session and yeah so I have some questions from a
bunch of different people and I will, I chose seven of them to go through
because I didn’t want to like keep this video going on and on so I’ll just do
seven. So this question was to choose the top three books that you would recommend
to a friend. It was really hard I had to go through all my books and look at my
bookshelf and just kind of like think which three would be the best that I
would give to my friend or recommend to my friend to read because I’ve read a
lot of good ones so I didn’t know what to choose but I finally narrowed it down
to three. If anybody knows me, they’ll know that my primary top choice is Red
Rising by Pierce Brown. This book is amazing. I adore this book and it’s a
series it’s a trilogy of three so those three in itself are what I would choose
but I’m just counting the first book for this one. I strongly suggest you read it. It’s kind of like a mix of sci-fi and I guess Fantasy. There’s not really fantasy
but it’s like mythology added to it. If I had to sum it up it would be a Hunger
Games in space. That would be the best way to say it. My second choice would be
The Martian by Andy Weir. This book was pretty friggin awesome. It was my first
kind of like science-ish book that I read. It has a lot of science and math in it
and I’m if anybody also knows me I’m awful at math but this book made it
interesting to read. And my third choice is Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. This
one is about two misfit kids that just find each other in life and it’s one of
those coming-of-age stories that’s gonna really hit you in the feels
but it’s also for like those nerdy kids that never really fit into a certain
group and yeah it’s it’s like a like a drama like YA kind of little love
story. But I really enjoyed this book. It made me laugh on the inside. I was like
feeling all warm and fuzzy. The next question is if you can read one genre
for the rest of your life what would it be?
I chose sci-fi for this one because of all of my top rated books are sci-fi. I am a
very kind of techie person and my job as a web developer so I’m kind of like
molded into that genre already. Question number three was what book was the most
entertaining to read? And for that I have Trailer Trash by Angie Cavallari.
This book was really funny I actually got this one submitted to me from the
blog and I realized as I was reading it that I was just like I was laughing out
loud most of the time. It’s a memoir about her life growing up in the 80s and
there’s one part she talks about spiders I hate spiders but the way she explained
in this book had me laughing like I was it was just so funny and she’s a very
comedic like writer but the way that she tells her story is very entertaining and
you’ll just I you will find yourself laughing as you read this as well.
Question 4 was what series or book provoked the most emotion when you
finished it? And for me this would have to be Harry Potter. I feel like a lot of
people would be on the same boat as me on this one because it’s Harry Potter.
It’s a huge series everybody’s read this series but I just I didn’t want it to
end. It was it was tough when it got to the end because I just wanted to keep
going forever like everybody loves Harry Potter all those characters they’re just
they become part of your life and you don’t you don’t want it to be over and
then when it is you’re just like ugh. But at least we all have the box sets at
least I know I do and we can let that story live on for generations to come.
Question 5 was have you ever thought of writing your own book? Yes I have but I don’t think that I
would be able to do it based upon the fact that I don’t think I would be able
to get all the words in my head down on paper and into a good plot. I feel like
it it’s good in my mind but then as soon as I go to write it out it just it just
gets lost on me. I would need somebody else to actually transcribe my thoughts
and put it into paper and put it into a plot to get out into the world. I feel
like that’s the only way I would be able to write a book is if somebody else took
the thoughts in my head and wrote it for me. Not trying to be lazy, I just don’t
think I’m capable of doing it myself because I’m imaginative at times but I’m
more imaginative when I when someone else writes something and I have to
picture it in my brain but then when I actually have to come up with the
different worlds or things like that that’s when I need the help. So I would
say I probably could not write a book. Question 6 was if you could choose a
fictional world to live in what would you choose? And for me, I thought it was
pretty easy I chose middle-earth because they have
elves, they have talking trees, they have the Shire, they have dwarves, they got
badass battles and the best part they have second breakfast. Need I say more.
And the last question was of everything you’ve read what character is most like
you? And for me, I chose Ron Weasley because we’re both tall, we’re both
redheads and we can be silly at times but we mean well in what we’re doing, we
just don’t always portray it that way and it comes off kind of kind of dumb
but we do our best. So I guess the word is dope-ish we can be dope-ish sometimes.
But yeah, so that’s who I would relate with the most. It took a while to think
of it but there’s so many characters and there’s so many books it’s hard to
choose really. And yeah that’s it for this video guys.
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7 thoughts on “BOOK BLOGGER Q&A SESSION [CC]

  1. Totally agree when it cones to writing your own book. It's hard to transfer the same emotions and words on pages. I too think of writing my own book but the same happens all the time! Welcome to the community!!


  2. I just got Red Rising! I'll have to pick it up asap after your recommendation (: The Martian is on my tbr for this month- so excited to get to it! I thought Eleanor and Park was just kinda meh- but Im happy you liked it!

  3. omg i neeeeeeed to read eleanor & park because i love rainbow rowell so much — that's like the one i haven't read, haha

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