Book writing tips for bloggers – Convert Blog To Book

Book writing tips for bloggers – Convert Blog To Book

hi Jodi Brandon here of Jodi Brandon editorial welcome to my Channel today we’re talking all about going from blog to book repurposing is a big buzzword today in the online creative world I’m sure it’s one that you’ve heard a lot about and it makes perfect sense you do the work once and you maximize what you can get out of it and this really applies well to writing especially going from blog writing to book writing so we’ve talked before about the ways that book can help your business grow and establish your authority and increase your credibility and all of those great things but you might be wondering how you’re going to do that or how you’re going to get those all those words written that it’s a lot of words right so I bet you’d be surprised if you took a look back through your blog and saw all of the relevant material you might have that you can just repurpose there it is the magic word right here’s what I recommend you do I was bad that your blog has several categories anywhere from you know four or five up to you know seven or eight depending on depending on what your industry is so take a look maybe you already sort your editorial calendar this way if you don’t this would be a great a great exercise also to do so you take those categories and you see what posts you have under each category so for example i wrote actually a blog post about one from logbook and it was under the general writing category and also the writing tips category so those are two of the categories on my blog so you get the idea so you see what you have under each category and which categories you know maybe have the most topics about them and then you want to see which topics and which posts get the most engagement from your readers because those are obviously the subject areas that they’re most interested in learning more about so once you have those you can sort start to see how both table of contents could come together based on those those ideas you know how how they fit together now I’m not saying that you simply are going to you know slap those balls close together and you magically have a book that’s absolutely not the case please don’t misunderstand but once you have those posts mapped out in an outline form you can see you know what follows each other logically which chapter might go which idea for a chapter might go before one or after another and you can start start to see how a book might take shape and then really breaking them actual blog post the blog post title that might be a book chapter headings within that blog post might be subheads within a chapter and then it’s just a matter of seeing where you need to fill in obviously a book is a lot more words than you know well even the longest blog posts are not tens of thousands of words I hope and if you’re doing that please stop so you are going to have to fill in words and material but what you do is you get everything you know sort of flushed out and the order you think makes sense for a book and then you see where there where are their points that I could expand on that where are their points where I could add an example from you know a recent client experience that I could add in there too you have to illustrate that point and expand on it so where’s the blog post you’re not trying to you know I’m not saying it’s filler but a blog post people are trying to you know get in get out reading quickly where’s a book you do have the room and you know the times to get into more detail and more examples and more you know evidence to back up your points so and all of that can come you know the starting point can come for your blog post and then you sort of see where you have to fill in so it’s it’s not rocket science and it’s not that complicated to do once you have you know the general structure and you do that by going through that exercise that we just talked about with the with the blog categories and I thought when you do that you’ll find that you have a lot more material than you thought and a much much stronger base from which to start writing a book so if I can help him anyway you know where to find me I would love it if you would subscribe to the channel leave me a note that the comments let me know what you think about this video and if I can help you in any way please be sure to reach out Thanks

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  1. I rode a bicycle from Liverpool to Ao Nang and I’m four chapters into writing my book about it. Trouble is, to me, it simply feels like I’m saying what happened on an almost daily basis. Maybe it just feels more like a blog to me because I know what happened everyday from start to finish over 16 months. Or maybe I’m basically writing a blog in book form?

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