37 thoughts on “BOOM!!! Samsung S9 Plus /SM-G965F/ Android 9. Remove Google Account.Bypass FRP.

  1. worked 9/7/2019 thank you!!! just a note you don't have to lock the sim you can use your previous method off using a locked sim swiping down and then putting the pin in will tapping on notifactions settings

  2. Thank u!! Your video was nice and easy to follow and this totally still works… it worked for me yesterday arvo (20th sept 19) thanks again 🙂

  3. How do you get that sim code acreen to come up? Ive watched both your videos and still cant seem to get it to open this screen i noticed on your other video it took quite a few attempts is there a certain trick to it

  4. I'm kinda confused on the beginning lol. Is there anywhere its typed out step by step.. I just dont want to screw my phone up?

  5. Благодарю Вас за материал,все понятно и удобно.огромное спасибо и удачи.

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