11 thoughts on “Brian McCullough: “How the Internet Happened: from Netscape to the iPhone” | Talks at Google

  1. Wait, I admittedly didn't watch this talk but I also have no interest as I even stopped reading the title after "how the Internet happened, from Netscape to…" Someone talking at Google should know that the Internet is not the Web and that neither started with Netscape.

  2. Your viewer Penny Lane said it first but I am getting past the title where he forgets about Arpanet at DOD, Oracle's Larry Ellison's CIA connection, AT&T's Unix network capability contribution Paul Allen and the ubiquitous Bill Gates' Microsoft lacked in their PC CMOS/DOS OS but I cannot get past Brian's clueless secondary research camoflouged as primary making the PHD in AI wannabee in me cringe. So many names dropped, so small a bucket. One more thing as Columbo would say back then: Put yourself back in 1988. And while you're there invest your $1000 in CISCO not ebay or yahoo! and you'll be a millionaire instead of $76,000 richer Google does it better? Can you spell Chrome that doesn't work well on Android. He must be a U of FA alumni, i.e, he's an alumnus of the 'party' school more than once, haha.

  3. 진짜 패죽이고 싶은 플라이어쩌구 그룹의 브라이언 깝치지마 니가 뭔데 날 보러와 이름만 봐도 화가 치밀어 오른다

  4. Still lots of opportunity for advancement as suggested. I think the VR space hasn't hit critical mass as expected because the hardware is still developing (screen latency, eye tracking not integrated, wireless headsets still in its infancy, etc) and the best VR hardware (HTC Vive Pro) is still very expensive. And the computer required to drive VR goggles is an expensive PC with high end graphics card. Are we going to interface with the WWW through a 2D monitor forever? Of course not. Only a matter of time. Another example of opportunity is the social space. How Facebook hasn't been upended by another company is beyond me at this point! Even Google's attempt at social failed miserably. I think the creepiness factor was a part of it. Google already has mountains of data on all of us, imagine the extra granular detail they would have access to with our intimate conversations with family and friends. Facebook is ripe to become the next MySpace. Another area for opportunity is the mobile space. How is it that my only real options for mobile are iOS and Android?! (i.e. give your data to Apple or Google, your choice) For the love of God we need more mobile OS competition without a data harvesting motive! Hopefully you captured the IPaq pocket PC era which happened YEARS before the iPhone. Pocket PC's were basically smart phones without the phone function – calendar, MP3 player, web browser, memory card expansion, Wi-Fi access, Word, Excel. GPS, file management, email, instant messenger, voice recorder, optional camera accessory — again all of this was 2000-2004, YEARS before the 2007 iPhone!

  5. I think the sweet spot of voice command tech are situations where it's easier to describe what you want than to do it yourself. The same kind of things you would have a human assistant do for you.

    If you could dictate an email by saying "status update: tell [boss-fills out email recipient list with appropriate CCs] that I'm working on [task name-link inserted] today. We are behind because of [blocking task – link inserted] but I expect [Coworker Name – link to email, added to CC] to have a status on that by [future time – reminder added to todo/calendar and to coworker's task list].

    Putting that email together would take maybe 5-10 minutes (or you would just do it in a simpler way) but the voice description lets you put all the meta info and auto-scheduling in place the way a human assistant would.

    Similarly in the entertainment category, it would be wonderful to tell my tv to play "show name" and it would go find which service and pull it up. Right now I can tell my xbox to "watch ESPN" and that is the #1 reason I love my xbox. Having to pick up a remote now feels like a chore compared to voice commands. But I would love to be able to tell it, "watch the Cowboys game" and it would know what that meant, find the channel info and do the switch for me.

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