38 thoughts on “Bruce J. Flatt “Durable Principles for Real Asset Investing” | Talks at Google

  1. @16:54 the building in Manhattan bought for 432M$ in 1996 and sold for 2200M$ in 2017, that's exactly an 8% a year CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) over a 21 years period.
    The Dow Jones in the same period did 9% CAGR (dividend reinvested) https://dqydj.com/dow-jones-return-calculator/

    So I don't know why he glorifies an investment that did worse than the equity market as a whole.
    And thank God he says they bought it in a stressed period and it was located in Park Avenue.

  2. If you guys are looking for a copy of the PDF there's one on my blog. https://brianlangis.wordpress.com/2018/09/13/durable-principles-for-real-asset-investing/

  3. Shame on Google. Such a great speaker and there are only few people in the room… He shares the important knowledge free of charge and only few came to listen…

  4. 20:39 Those few people attending the talk, are a testimony to his philosophy, that most people skip the ordinary. Yet the few who carry on despite the odds, make it big one day

  5. I think I have had Brookfield stock for over 30 years back when it was Edper, Hees, Brascan, Coscan. It used to have a very complicated owner ship structure. Anyway I made money by doing what Brookfield was doing. It sold Brookfield Homes , I sold, when they starting buying I bought , when they bought the Brookfield Homes convertible pref so did I. There were so few owners of that issue it couldn't trade.

  6. View on investing in bitcoin? are you kidding me google? This is who you have working with you? Such an amazing CEO. Would have loved to be there.

  7. his primary thesis is wrong – asset centered is not the future, the future is asset-light, non-real asset businesses that produce profits.

  8. I live two blocks from Google. When there are empty seats, can I come? This is an incredible opportunity regardless of what industry you’re in and I love stuff like this.

  9. Extremely useful and underrated…The empty seats are a missed opportunity to be face to face with an aficionado of investing.

  10. He is a thief, a fake, and took advantage of a situation and scored off my grandparents. And took advantage of people who trusted him in 2004. i cant prove it without a document stole from me by power of attorney of estate. But great name and he is very smart. i have forgave but cant forget. But this is closure cause my grand mother who was in his corner would say have faith and dont let past destroy your future. God Bless Bruce Flatt and i wish you the best.

  11. he doesn't invest in bitcoin because its speculation. The holy grail of investing is cashflow. How can you finance a bitcoin purchase? you don't. Crypto speculators don't understand finance/cashflow

  12. Wtf mann a Billionaire giving advice on Becoming one for FREE!!! and only 15 people come to watch himm NO WONDER THE 80% OF THE WORLD LIVES BELOW POVERTY!!!

  13. There is absolutely nothing here that is actionable to the small investor. This is all big money investment strategy and you can hear the same phrases from basically everybody in the business. Being contrarian is not even sane advice. The crowd is going one way, there are a million ways to mess up and maybe one or two that the crowd hasn't seen, yet, that will make money. If everybody wants to invest in apartment buildings in Singapore, what's the contrarian point of view? Buy empty warehouses in Greenland because it has no population density and it's cold??? Seriously, folks. This is advice you don't need.

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