BUJO: The Origin Story of the Bullet Journal – Official Trailer (2018)

BUJO: The Origin Story of the Bullet Journal – Official Trailer (2018)

Hello, this is Lauren. Hi guys, Hollife here today and welcome oh welcome back to the channel. Today I want to share with
you my goal-setting system. We are here to talk about the bullet journal. Let’s
do this. I’m pretty new to this whole thing. I don’t know I’m trying it out and
we’ll see what happens. Just goes to show how organized and well planned out my life
is.. It’s working! The first time that I ever shared what was to become the
bullet journal was with a friend of mine. The first thing she said was you have to
share this with people. I gave myself I think two weeks –
I remember smiling when the first 50 to 100 people visited. Another blog
picked it up and then another and then all of a sudden I was getting like tens
of thousands of views. It’s hard to wrap my head around how big it’s become. If I hadn’t started bullet journaling
I’d probably be going back to bartending. It helped me figure out through what I
wanted my journal to be, figure out who I wanted to be.

24 thoughts on “BUJO: The Origin Story of the Bullet Journal – Official Trailer (2018)

  1. I am SO SO excited! We're all in this together and Ryder gave us the gift of organization. Now we're family. Thank you, Ryder, Thank you, Alec, this will be amazing!

  2. I’m even MORE excited after watching this trailer, Alec! Thank you for including me in this project. And thanks as always to Ryder for changing so many of our lives ☺️

  3. I can’t wait! I don’t use mine as effectively as I could be but it takes practice to make a solid habit. Ryder, thanks for the system, and Kara for your creativity and fun!

  4. Oh, man! I'm crying with the trailer! This is so exciting! Bullet journaling has helped me in so many ways, and I've met so many people in this community.

  5. Love. Love. Love. I started in 2015 and I pulled out my stack of journals… blew me away… Thank you for sharing your journal with the world. T

  6. Bullet Journaling is so awesome. It gives space to your own creativity and the community is amazing. Can't wait to watch the docu!

  7. Shared twice already and will probably share again. So excited to see this! ♡ My most heartfelt congratulations!

  8. I'm so excited to see the full thing. So so proud of you and so grateful to have stumbled upon this community so many years ago!

  9. Can't wait to see this, bullet journaling has helped plan being a mother, mature student and wife easier, having everything in one place and feeling positivity by living one day at a time knowing I have everything under control. Thankyou Ryder an Kara-Boho Berry for your influence, I feel part of a global friendship which has helped me grow <3 xx

  10. So excited to see this trailer. The bujo system made my life so much more organized… actually now I’m lying because this system made me organized both in my private life as in my work life as a teacher.

  11. I thank all in this community for helping me focus thru this technique of journaling. It was like finally clearing my vision to productivity and refocusing on the more important things in my life. I can brain dump and know those items are safe to revisit and repurpose if need be. Again… Thank you.

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