Bullet Journal 101: Pre-Planning

Bullet Journal 101: Pre-Planning

hi everyone its Kara here from boho berry and I am so excited today cuz I am back with week number two of bullet journal 101 and week number two we’re going to be focusing on pre-planning for your first bullet journal or your next bullet journal but before we dive in I really wanted to thank you all so much I’ve been getting so much positive feedback throughout this course and I know I said this last week but I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it and how much I love hearing back from you all that you’re enjoying the course and the questions that you’re coming up with as we go as well so thank you so much for that and as I do with every video in this series I do want to stress the fact that I am NOT the creator of the bullet journal I highly highly recommend that you go check out bullet journal comm and check out all of writer Carol’s advice he’s the one that created the bullet journal over three years ago and he has so much great information on the website if you haven’t been there please please please go check it out I have been getting so many requests to do a getting started series so that’s why I’m embarking on this trying to make it as comprehensive as possible for you all but ultimately I highly recommend that you go straight to the source when you’re first starting out before you dive into this course or any similar series that’s out there alright so with all of that being said let’s go ahead and jump in because I have a feeling this video might be a little bit longer than the rest because we have a lot to cover but today we’re talking about pre-planning and what I mean by pre-planning is simply sitting down and trying to figure out what you want or need your bullet journal to do for you each bullet journal out there is as unique as each and every one of us there is no one-size-fits-all bullet journal and while I know that there’s so much inspiration out there and I don’t see anything wrong necessarily with taking inspiration from others online I do think that your bullet journal is going to be a hundred percent unique to you and the more unique to you it is the better it’s going to serve you so that’s what we’re going to dive into today and try to gain clarity and help you to start off on the right foot with your bullet journal so I’m a huge proponent that being prepared and kind of brainstorming doing some mind mapping ahead of time all of those things are going to help to get you started off on the right foot with your bullet journal and I wholeheartedly believe that it’s a great idea to get an idea of what you want your system to do for you before you dive in so today we’re going to talk about a couple different aspects of pre-planning the first is to do some brainstorming and in brainstorming you’re basically trying to answer the question of what do you need your bullet journal to do for you while brainstorming was originally created as a method to help groups come up with new ideas it can be equally as helpful when you’re doing it on your own so brainstorming can be as simple as writing down a list of ideas on a page so I’m going to show you through a few of my old bullet journals and some of my different brainstorming examples unfortunately I don’t have my very first brainstorming list because it was done on a scrap piece of paper that I no longer have but I do have quite a few examples throughout my bullet journals to show you so we’re going to go over a few of those just to kind of show you what I’m talking about when I’m talking about brainstorming so this is my very first bullet journal that I started back in August of 2015 you’ll see when I flipped to the very first one that I have bookmarked here this was some brainstorming I did when thinking about my new bullet journal for 2016 so this is kind of some advanced brainstorming it’s not as simple as just writing out a list of ideas on the page but this will kind of give you an idea of how I was planning on laying things out for my very next bullet journal there’s a lot of things you might want to consider when planning for your bullet journal so you might want to think about what type of notebook will suit me best do I want to be in a bound notebook like the like darn or the moleskin do I want to be in a ring binder like a file fax a disk bound system a traveler’s notebook what kinds of things do I want to keep track of on a regular basis like habits projects work deadlines school assignments and then also what areas of my life do I need to set and review goals for like personal development health and fitness finances my career and then do I need to organize multiple schedules and recurring events like extracurricular activities for the kids class schedules work schedules doctors appointments things along those lines so when you’re brainstorming I’m just going to start flipping through these and I have a few others where these are definitely more lists you can see here are some of those questions I was talking about what layouts work best is keeping business and personal together working for me functions that I want my bullet journal to cover for me we’ve got more here this one again is a little bit more organized I had things that I wanted to keep in my bullet journal things I wanted to let go of and things that I wanted to try and then see I’ve got more here right here this is was my final brainstorming list I was kind of mapping out what I wanted my 2016 bullet journal set up to be like and then I’ve got another one here where I was planning out my blog and business bullet journal which I no longer keep separate but I was kind of coming up with ideas of what I wanted to include there and then moving on to my next bullet journal I have a couple of spreads in that one as well this very first one this one is actually a mind map where this one I wasn’t actually planning for my bullet journal itself but I was trying to get a handle on my ongoing schedule for my monthly weekly and daily tasks so I was doing some mind mapping so that’s another way to kind of brainstorm and pre plan so you would start with your central topic or theme and then kind of branch off into these other main ideas and little details about each idea so that’s another great way to brainstorm as through mind mapping this one wasn’t really a brainstorming session but I thought it was very fitting it was me asking myself some of those questions it was why do I plan and I had some ideas here of why I plan one is to keep track of all my tasks taking the time to sit with my planner relaxes me and planning helps me to maintain a forward momentum in my life so this was kind of aunt that question of what is my why why do I plan and then here I had just a little list in between some of my dailies of some hacks that I wanted to try like a daily food log tabs for frequent pages perpetual shopping lists and then hacks that I currently is that I wanted to keep so there’s so many ways to brainstorm and my favorite way again is just to start writing down a list once you’re done with your brainstorming session you should have a pretty good picture of what you want your bullet journal to contain and then you should be able to use your list or your mind map to kind of pick out some themes and wrangle your thoughts into a more organized plan so here you’ll see my plan for my Filofax bullet journal and this is the one I’m going to be moving into in January so I was mapping out the different sections that I wanted to have in my bullet journal what I needed to track monthly and some other miscellaneous things so this is another brainstorming example page so again once you’re done with all of your brainstorming you should have a pretty good picture of what you want your bullet journal to contain and the very next step that I recommend after that brainstorming and pre-planning is to do a little bit of practice so before we dive into supplies I wanted to talk briefly about practice if you’re a member of any of the bullet journal groups on Facebook chances are you’ve seen people who are struggling with the fear of getting started and maybe you’ve even been that person I know I was at some point I’m going to show you here my very very very first bullet journal I know that I said that turquoise one was my first bullet journal but this is actually my first bullet journal this notebook is from I want to say staples or Target it’s a markings brand notebook it was super cheap it is a dot grid which I was very lucky to find but I actually started bullet journaling back in September of 2014 and I started and then I didn’t stick with it and you can see I had my key here I had a little envelope for some receipts I had my index I’m giggling at myself because this is going to be proof to y’all that practice definitely makes perfect but this was my first September stats tracker my first attempt of the tracker I had my first monthly spread September tasks I did have some things glued in here but I think I took them out at some point and then we had my first daily spread you can kind of see this you can see a resemblance between this and my current bullet journal but I even had a calendar in here holy cow I haven’t looked at this in a while so y’all are getting my reaction but yes I had a birthday spread here I had another daily page and the key here with practice is what I mean by practice is while you’re waiting on your notebook or your pen or whatever it is that you’re waiting on to get started just grab any old notebook that you have laying around and play around with it set up some different layouts write out some different daily pages you can see that I never continued here I kind of gave up on it back then I don’t think I was quite ready to dive into the bullet journal system but it’s kind of fun to flip back through here and I keep this on my desk for that reason but really with that fear of getting started I think that there’s something about a brand new notebook that can be it can be really exciting and it can be really daunting all at the same time and stagefright is very common among beginners not wanting to mess up their brand new notebook that they so carefully picked out so my biggest tip to overcome that fear is to practice in a cheap notebook or even loose leaf paper before you dive into your journal of choice so spend a few days trying out different layouts getting a feel for the flow of the system in your practice bullet journal and you’ll feel a lot more confident when it’s time to dive into your precious new bullet journal so now I want to talk a little bit about supplies and I’m not going to dive too too deep into any of my supplies here today because I do already have a whole video about my bullet journal supplies which I’ll link up in the corner for you for sure so you’ll be able to check those out but I just wanted to kind of do a brief overview of my recommendations and some of the popular supplies out there as well so now that you have a good idea of what want your bullet journal to do for you it’s time to start thinking about those supplies that you’re going to need and I do want to stress something from the bullet journal website that I love when you first click on getting started it says all you need is a notebook and a pen and that is so so true I actually reached out to the boho berry tribe over the weekend and I requested some pictures of people using the not popular notebooks or the cheapy notebooks just to show you all an example and proof that all you really need is a notebook and a pen you don’t need the fancy materials or supplies that everybody recommends or uses you can use whatever you have laying around the house and while many in the bullet journal community myself included recommend specific notebooks and pens it’s important to stress that you do not need to go out and spend a fortune to get started so here are some great examples from the boho berry tribe of what you can do even with the simplest of tools okay so let’s dive into my personal recommendations and these are bullet journal supplies that I have used and loved and the first one is the LOI term 1917 a5 dot grid notebook I know that’s a mouthful but that’s basically these right here this is what I first started with and I absolutely love these notebooks y’all you’ve got the elastic closure they come in a huge variety of beautiful colors they have two bookmarks and all of the pages are already numbered for you which is wonderful and you also have an index at the front that’s already laid out for you so all you have to do is fill that in with your page numbers on the left so that’s great and then at the very back there are some perforated pages if you ever want to take notes that you need to tear out and then there’s a pocket in the back as well and what’s great about these notebooks is they all come with these little labels for archiving so you can see I have my labels on the spine and on the front and I just love these notebooks so many people use them and that’s for good reason I do have a very detailed review of these notebooks comparing them to another popular notebook which is the mole skin dot grid softcover so if you’re curious about that I’ll link that as well my second recommendation for a notebook is actually a step up from that this is still a Loyd term 1917 but this is the official bullet journal notebook and this is what I currently use as my bullet journal and writer Carroll himself uses a light dome as his bullet journal and he actually collaborated with the folks over at like Durham to develop the official bullet journal notebook now this one contains all the elements from the regular like term with the addition of a third bookmark which is fabulous it has this beautiful embossed logo I don’t know if you can see that there and unfortunately it does only come in black that’s my one drawback to this notebook it only comes in black but I decorated mine by putting a little vinyl mandala sticker over the cover I also did a quick first impressions of this notebook I’ll link that video for you as well if you want more details but the basic difference here is obviously you have the third bookmark it has a key for your different signifiers up front it has some tips for getting started a four-page index which is great and then it has a dedicated future log spread and then the pages are still numbered and everything just like the original light charm but then in the very back you have an introduction to bullet journaling and it gives you a brief overview of the system of rapid logging and some different tips and tricks along the way how to set up your collections your future log your monthly log all those things that we’ve been covering so far how to handle migration and indexing so there’s a lot of information in this notebook it’s great especially if you’re trying to get someone into bullet journaling this is a great gift because everything is all set up already with instructions for you I’ll definitely put a link where you can purchase one of these in the show notes below and now we’re going to dive into some pens and these are the pens that I use on a regular basis and I absolutely love in my bullet journal the first is this fabric Castile Pitt artist pen I use this pen for everything black within my bullet journal and hopefully that is focusing for you but this is the fabric Castile Pitt artist pen I love these it’s a felt-tip pen as you can see here I get it in the S which is a point three millimeter tip I find that to be the perfect size for writing in my bullet journal what I love about these pens is how black they are they are super black it’s um it’s an India ink and they’re water resistant smudge resistant and they won’t fade over time they’re acid-free so I absolutely absolutely love these pens the second pens that I use on a regular basis in my bullet journal are the Staedtler tri + fine liners and I use these for color and color coding within my bullet journal you’ll see these a lot in my habit tracker my time trackers I mainly mainly use these for color coding and I absolutely love them these again are felt-tip they’re 0.3 millimeters these do fade over time they are not acid-free but they are dry safe they don’t they don’t smudge so that’s great and then finally I have my tombow dual brush pens and I absolutely love these brush pens I use them a lot for again color coding and coloring and headers and things like that what I love about these is this brush tip I can color things in and it does not bleed through the pages of my notebook and I absolutely absolutely love that and then last but not least are my fountain pens and I absolutely love fountain pens I use these more than just in my bullet journal I use them on a regular basis pretty much everywhere else but these are two of my favorites and two of the cheaper ones on the market because fountain pens can definitely get expensive but this is the pilot metropolitan and the Lommy all-star I did do a comparison video between these two if you’re trying to figure out a good fountain pen starter pen for yourself so I’ll link that in the show notes below for you as well but the thing I love about fountain pens is that first of all they’re a pleasure to write with they write super smooth and then you can refill them with different colored inks and basically your pen changes with your mood so if you want to get rid of the black ink and put in some purple whatever you want to do you can change it up all the time I just love how smooth they write plus they’re gorgeous and just so fun to write with so those are my recommendations for supplies of course there are so many different notebooks and pens out there so I’m going to include a list in the show notes below of some other really popular brands of notebooks and pens for you also if you go to my blog today boho berry calm I’m going to have this video kind of as a text and pictures post for you so if you want to see any of the spreads that I showed you earlier if you want to see any of those up close if you want links to any of the products that I mentioned and also if you want to see that full list of other brands of notebooks and pens that are popular I recommend you head over to my blog today and I’ll have all of that available for you so that is all I have for you all today on the pre-planning aspect of getting started with your bullet journal next week we’re actually going to be diving into bullet journal basics so all of those little points that I covered in last week’s kind of introduction video we’re going to be diving deep into each of the different sections that make up a bullet journal like the index the monthly log the daily log etc one thing that I wanted to mention today before I let you go is a great great guide by Kim over at tiny ray of sunshine she created a bullet journal reference guide which is basically a sketchnote PDF and it guides you through each and every tiny little step of getting started with a bullet journal I absolutely love her guide I actually took it with me to the planner con in Atlanta and passed it out to anyone who was interested I thought it was that good and actually writer Carol from bullet journal comm the inventor of the bullet journal he thought it was that good as well and he has it up for free on his website too along with translations in a bunch of different languages so this is a guide that has definitely taken off it’s been helpful to so many and the fact that it’s been translated in so many different languages is absolutely incredible to me so I’ll definitely link that down below for you and I recommend printing that off and keeping it as a handy guide with your bullet journal as you’re getting started also next week I’m hoping to start diving into some of your questions that you’ve all had for me along the way anything that fits in with bullet journal basics I’m going to try to get that covered so if you have any more questions about the basics of bullet journaling absolutely drop those in the comments section below and I’ll try to get those answered for you in next week’s video as far as all of the other advanced questions that I’ve been getting ones that are specifically geared towards college students or professionals things along those lines that aren’t necessarily covered within the basics I’m thinking about doing a final part to this series that’s basically going to be a Q&A so any questions that I was not able to answer within the basics of the series I’m going to do a Q&A at the end so you all can look forward to that I don’t want to leave any questions unturned so thank you all for watching I’m sorry if this video was a little bit longer than most but I had a lot to cover today I’m looking forward to seeing you back here next Monday for the third part in bullet journal 101 which is going to be bullet journal basics and besides that I’ll see you all here on Friday for my regularly scheduled video bye [Music] you

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  55. I just wanted to thank you for this incredible playlist 🙂 I found it a week ago and have watched it twice since:) The idea of pre-planning is so helpful! I have just finished brainstorming and setting drafts of my spreads and can't wait to get my first notebook and set it up. I had what you may call the fear of a clean sheet of paper (I was thinking that I would ruin it), so drafting was great for me. And as it turned out, I am not so bad at it. Thank you!

  56. LOVE this video! It's a logical way to slowly swim towards the deep end instead of jumping into the deep end of bujo.

  57. Not having a journal, I made mine. Using dot paper that I was able to print from the computer, and a piece of Card stock for the cover, and I put 4 small holes in the center of each sheet and then joined them together in the center with crochet thread. I printed off 15 pieces of paper front and back which gave the journal a total of 60 pages to begin with. Now to get started…..

  58. Hmm.. This seems like material that would made ideal early spreads in your bullet journal instead of waiting. Or is bullet journaling to learn bullet journaling just too meta? 🙂

  59. In a few more days it's going to be 2019 and my goal for the new year is to start a bullet journal. I have been looking at videos over the past several weeks and getting more confused with each video. There's so much to think about and consider and many other videos where of their personal styles. Your series on bullet journaling 101 is a lifesaver. I would recommend watching this to anyone who is considering moving into bullet journaling for the first time. I'm so excited to purchase my journal today and start my pre-planning. You have made it into an exciting endeavor with your basics bullet journaling 101 instructions. I can't wait to get started!

  60. Walmart has a cheap bullet journal for 6 dollars. It has 3 bookmarks, dot grid a key and index, 250 numbered pages. With a pen test page at the back and a pocket. I think their perfect for beginners. I just started and that's what I am using.

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