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  1. Thank you for the video! This is exactly what I need…the basics. You are the greatest and your teaching style is wonderful. I like how you explain it then show it. Wow…thanks for doing a much needed series.

  2. I love your why explanation. I think putting pen to paper really solidifies thoughts and ideas in your mind.
    In one of my classes in college, I decided to type all my notes instead of writing them down. I ended up doing awful in that class, until I pulled out a notebook and redid all my notes, but on paper.

  3. I love the way you did this video. I'm new to to bullet journal community but this was so easy to understand. The way you wrote down the important points in the "bullet journal" was super helpful. Thanks!

  4. This is so helpful and also comes at the right time.
    I am considering getting a Bullet Journal for university and other things, this is just what I needed, thank you! (:

  5. thanks for that migration part. I kinda felt bad for migrating tasks when I was using Bujo for the first time. now I can feel ok for migrating things for migrating once or may be twice 😛

  6. I just stumbled across bullet journal and I love it! I am a bit overwhelmed on where to start, but your 101 videos are really helping. Every where I look I see more and more creativity and it is awesome! Thanks so much for your videos!!

  7. <3 <3 Honestly… even if I've read many articles about Bullet Journal you're video is the first one that makes everything clear <3 thanks you so much

  8. How can I create a Tickler spread for upcoming deadlines? The alastair method is nice, but I can't fit all the things coming up on two pages (sometimes I have ten things falling on one day, so the calendex is out, too). I was wondering if you could suggest some solutions with color coding teeny tiny symbols, or any other creative system.

  9. I really connect with all the points you listed of why you bullet journal. Fortifying my memory and no distractions is key for me! Thanks for always making such helpful videos. 🙂

  10. may i suggest shorter videos with more to the point points? i think one of many reasons people would want to use bullet journal is because they're effective and many people who use then are actually pretty busy people. so maybe cut the video length, perhaps cover the topic in eight or just generally less than 10 minutes, if possible? i wanted to know and learn more, especially since i love your style of bullet journaling, but 14 minutes is just too long for me, especially because im in a middle of a busy week.

  11. Fantastic Video. so many videos out there but when I saw your videos I was hooked and you explain things so well. my husband and oldest daughter saw the start of my bullet journal and now I helped them to make there own. Thanks again for your great videos.

  12. Great job and keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to next week's video! I have some questions for you, I work in sales so I receive requests via phone call, email, and text messages. If I can take care of a phone call or email with a quick reply, should I enter the phone call or email in my Bullet Jounal?

  13. with these videos i´m really starting to want a bullet journal. Before these i used to think it was too much fuss. Thank you!

  14. I do not agree with the person who suggested shorter videos – this was perfect & there was no part of it that should have been cut – I found this so very helpful as I'm new to Bullet Journaling & still figuring things out

  15. Awesome video, even watching you write things down in this video helped me immensely understand the process of bullet journaling in a much deeper way. Its like you said..writing things down helps to cement it in your brain!

  16. really great video. I want to start with my bullet journal when I am starting school again and I hope I can keep up with it 🙂

  17. Another thing I like about Bullet Journalling and migration is being very conscious of where I'm spending my time, and how much I can reasonably get done in a day without going crazy! It helps me forgive myself for not getting everything done when I look back and see that I really did work the whole day! Your videos and thoughts on mindfulness have really helped on that, so I hope those lessons on mindfulness will make it into the series!

  18. The video was very detailed and i appreciate that. I am looking forward to bullet journaling and your videos are a great resource. The length was perfect with such detail you didn't leave anything out next week cant come fast enough

  19. you have amazingly explained the bullet journal. I have been planning to start bullet journaling. And your current video resolved all my question regarding the same. Thank you so much. And love your voice. its very soothing and calming. 🙂

  20. Thanks for this video! When you talk about supplies could you please explain the different types of paper and how the weight of them affects ghosting and bleeding? Also, I'm not entirely sure what ghosting is. Would you please explain that as well? Thank you!

  21. Thank you so much for doing this series! You have been and always will be such a huge inspiration to me and anyone who sees my bullet journal is witness to how your take on the system has influenced how I use my bullet journal. Going back to basics is just what I need. I look forward to more in this series!

  22. This is excellent! A really great and well-organized intro to the basic components of Bullet Journaling that diffuses any confusion about the how-to, what goes where and when. I'm looking forward to starting my first one after I get my supplies which happens after I watch your next video about them! 🙂

  23. I'm really interested in minimalism insofar as bullet journals are concerned. This is a great video but for me it is overwhelming to try and keep up with everything you mentioned. That is the beauty of a bullet journal though you can make it your own. I look forward to the other videos in this series.

  24. Even though I know all this, I still enjoyed watching. Though I am very curious, +Boho Berry what program(s)/tech did you use to create this "handwritten" video?

  25. There are so many people out there doing videos about bullet journaling!! A person can get super confused. I'm going to stick to you and Ryder and keep it simple. Thank you for doing this series.

  26. Awesome video on explaining the basics. I can't wait until the next video. You mentioned the next video is Friday. Next Friday, Sept. 16th? Are you planning on a video every Friday? Looking forward…

  27. I'm excited to get started, even though it seems a bit overwhelming at first glance. I coach people with ADHD (and have it) and hope it can help them (and me, too!). But I still don't see how you refer back to your previous entries, such as blog post ideas. Are you using tabs on the pages? It seems like previous entries get lost. What happens when you finish a journal and want to refer back to ideas you previously entered? Glad I found you. Your videos are awesome! Thanks so much!

  28. I just ordered my first Leuchtturm 1917, and I am so excited you are doing this series! I've been watching your videos obsessively for a few weeks and wanted to start one, but felt very overwhelmed. This video has already helped with some of that anxiety and I'm ready to get started!

  29. Finally, Finally I found someone who could guide me on my very first "Bullet Journaling". I am really learning a lot from you.

  30. I'm interested in how the bullet journal can be 'all of the above'. I don't think I've seen a sketchbook/diary/to do list bullet journal. Where can I get a feel for how to do all these with one notebook? I usually have three separate notebooks, but one would be wonderful!

  31. thank you for this video it really inspires me and motivates me to start bullet journalling espically as i am about start college soon i am so excited so thanks

  32. Thank you so much for doing this series! I am very new to your channel, and fairly new to the BUJO world. I have avoided much of it I think because what I have seen is those evolved, more weighed down spreads. However, your video was so clear and concise, I loved it and know that I will be referring back to it in the future!

  33. but if you dont write out the week in the daily module then you won't be able to see you have a task to do on friday, know any way to get around this?

  34. I really like your penmanship — it's actually one of the reasons I'm going analog because I want to improve mine. Is that a particular style? I only know of Spencerian but yours is more reader friendly. Thanks for this series!

  35. OMG this is an awesome video! This really breaks it down and makes it really easy to understand! Thank you so much, I will watch the entire series

  36. Hi Kara. I've been into the bujo system since I saw your videos for the first time. I absolute adore your work, it's really inspiring. I'd like to know, which one is the app you've used for your bujo in this video? I'd like to know if I could use it too in my laptop. Thanks a lot!

  37. Watching your Bullet Journal 101 Videos in one sitting, and I'm loving them! I've watched some other videos but yours are well put together and I so enjoy watching them. I've added them to my "liked" videos so I can refer back to them if needed. Thank you for doing these!

  38. Thank you for this video series! Not to knock bulletjournal.com but OMG that video is crazy complicated/overwhelming for me as a beginner. Thank you for going slower and really showing what everything is.

  39. This is great. I made myself a promise I would watch all your videos. I watch the recent and then drop back to start of your videos. This 101 series is wonderful. Suggestion is to group them for future watchers to learn as one develops their own style. Thank your for all your hard work.

  40. I want to thank you so much. I've been looking for a video that explains bullet journaling, with actual demonstrations (very visual learner) and you've given me exactly what I need. I can't wait to see the next videos, but I'm already starting to see the extensive potential of this system. Also, love you voice. Very calming and easy for me to hear and understand what you're saying. Thank you!

  41. I new to bullet journaling. Can I start in the middle of a month or should I wait until a new month start? Love your videos and I just subscribed to your channel. ❤️

  42. I really love this series! I have been reading and re-reading about bullet journaling while trying to start mine (I started and wasn't happy with my notebook so I am waiting for a new one). Even though I have been at the bulletjournal.com and liked the explanations, I would really love to thank you for doing this mini series. I am trying slowly to see all the videos you posted. They are really clear for me and are definitely helping me get more acquainted with this wonderful new world of bullet journaling.

  43. I added this to my dot journal since I didn't have the bullet reference. I put it at the back for quick reference and because it's on my perforated pages. Yes, I got a Leuchtturm. Stupid good price too, 40% off sale at Chapters before the end of the year.

  44. I was wondering, could I use a Bullet Journal for Journaling as well as planning?? Should I just have a separate journal for journaling?

    Thank You and God Bless

  45. I just got a decent Amazon Bullet Journal. I am excited to learn this individualized, yet structured approach to accomplishing much more in my future. I love art, and the visual elements and components really drew me in. Thank you for the series and the website link. I will be reading. All the best to you, and I rang the bell, so I will see what you are up to these days!

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