Bullet Journal 101

Bullet Journal 101

A bullet journal is simply a customizable organization system on a notebook. You basically create your own planning layouts, and inserts, according to your needs. All you need is a bit of creativity and a notebook. Bullet journaling was created be Ryder Carroll an art director and interaction designer living in Brooklyn, NY. You can find more about him in the link provided in the description box. You just need a notebook of your choice and a pen. Classic bullet journals normally have a black, hard cover and have grid/squared or dotted paper. You can, however, chose any kind of paper you like. I recommend using a Moleskine notebook because they are durable and are guaranteed to last for the entire year. Traditional journaling takes more time and is more complex altogether. Bullet journaling is based on BULLET form journaling. A simple language, easy to log and simple to keep track of. Generally, a bullet journal starts with an index. This is one or two pages dedicated to organize the actual and future contents of your bullet journal so you can quickl reference back to them. Of course, this means either numbering all of your pages, or using a sort of color coding system to keep track of the contents of your bullet journal. Since a bullet journal is a planning tool, you can create your spreads according to your level of planning detail. Some people prefer daily spreads, others prefer weekly or monthly spreads. If you want, you can just throw all of these together in your journal for a more complete planning system or stick with just one of them. After saving up some space to draft your log entries, you can start thinking about specific spreads. These are a group of pages entirely dedicated to organize one subject. You can create fitness spreads, where you keep track of your workouts, you can create tables to keep track of your expenses you can save a few pages to plan for social media and so on. It’s up to you and the things you need to plan in your life. Mark these, and add them to your index for quick referencing. I still use the original bullet method and I think it’s the simplest and the best. Mainly, everything that you track in your bullet journal should be in bullet form. Simple sentences that are straight to the point. This means that you can create task lists or event logs that have all the information you need before your eyes, without excessive wording or phrasing. A task is represented by a “.” When you finish that task, you simply transform you “.” into a “x” If you don’t think you’ll be able to finish that task the day you’ve written it down, Just use “>” to migrate that task for the following day. A date related event, like a birthday, is maked with an “O” Notes are represented with a “–” This is the basic system, but be free to use other symbols to keep track of your tasks your own way. If you’re curious about the backstory of the bullet journal, visit the original website and explore the original concept and the basic rules of bullet journaling. If you aren’t subscribed yet to my channel feel free to do so! I am going to upload a bullet journal SETUP very soon so you can see how I adapt the original method to my own liking. Thank you for watching! Bye!

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  1. when I saw the graph peps by "Maped" in the video, I instantly went to buy them from a local stationary store and I'm so happy I finally have something that someone out there is actually using . ps- i totally recommend buying them , the are magical!!

  2. You are amazing , thank you for all the amazing videos , I like your style , I took alot of advantages from your study routine and style . I would like to introduce you to Boho Berry channel , her videos are amazing and usefull , I hope you like it 🙂

  3. can you make a "what in my pencilcase " video because im very curious on what you normally take with you to ur classes ???

  4. Yes thanks for this! Can't wait to see your next vid about your own bullet journal set up. You're just one my fave YouTube study channel. I may seem weird but part of it is because you have good handwriting that it makes it look motivational LOL. Some channels have nice ideas too but I can't concentrate because they have bad handwriting LMAO. Am I weird? Hahahaha

  5. Já pensei em criar um bullet journal, mas nunca me senti suficientemente inspirada para tal… Pode ser que seja desta, pois acho o conceito mesmo interessante e é super personalizável às nossas necessidades. No início do ano criei a minha própria agenda, comprei um moleskine liso e inspirei-me no design das molang diaries que também são super personalizáveis, mas usei um tamanho demasiado pequeno… :p acho. Vou mesmo optar por um bullet journal! Estou ansiosa para o próximo vídeo! Beijinhos!!
    P.s. Gostei mesmo de começares a fazer legendas! 🙂

  6. heyy 🙂 I really want to watch 'take a note on my laptop' ! because we have a same laptop LOL :p thaks!

  7. Hey alice! I am new to your channel and have been loving it so far! O wanted to know if you could make a video on a proper way to use highlighters and good brand suggestions etc. thx!

  8. hi! i'm new and waaaa. i soo love your videos. i'm taking law soon and your videos will surely help. i'm so motivated already. i'm already your fan! haha XD

  9. I you want to do it just a question, How do you skim? I notice you say in your past videos for textbook notes, never really skim so I ask you because I don't use this reading strategie bu would love to know, thank you u for anyone reading.

  10. Hey umm I was thinking umm can you write your handwriting like abc thank you if do that I will subscribe you and tell my friend on YouTube to subscribe to you thank you

  11. Hey, Mariana! Você é do Brasil ou de outro país que fala português? é legal achar alguém que curte esse assunto e que fala o mesmo idioma que você <3

  12. Can't wait for my little cute gold yellow moleskine notebook to arrive and start my bullet journal routine! I have been using Hobonichi to do my art journals already. As exams are coming up, I actually think I need to plan my future so that I am not…wasting time everyday XD

  13. But you're pretty 😍
    I just discovered and I sign up right away because you're too cute! 😄 If you must pass by my channel and spare parts

  14. I've just stumbled upon your channel and I love it already! I'm pretty new to bullet journaling (I started in January), but it's already changed my productivity and organisation for the better. Really looking forward to the rest of your bullet journal posts – yours is so pretty!

  15. Your videos are just simply boosting my studying spirit! Thanks! Love your videos from Indonesia 😘

  16. Thank you for actually captioning the video! I'm deaf, and I can't understand anything when the speaker is off the camera. YT's auto caption feature doesn't always accurately convey the spoken words.

  17. I just wanted to thank you for making this video, even if it was uploaded a while ago. You introduced me to the system, which I never thought I'd like, and after trying it for 5 months, I will be getting a Moleskine this week to continue using it. <3

  18. I just got a journal as a gift and it's 12cm tall and 6.5 cm wide and it has blank pages in it and has quite thin paper would that be big enough for a bullet journal

  19. Thanks for making this short and easy to understand video. It explains clearly what bullet journaling is without going into agonizing detail.

  20. Yours was among the top 2 best-clear and organized. I only do wish you had gone a bit slower in showing some bits.

  21. Hello Mariana :)) sorry before i have downloaded your videos without permission, sorry and thankyou all of your videos are inspring me :))


  23. I want to have a bujo with me…..I got kinda attracted to all these pretty nice methods but I still can't understand what to write and how to write in my bujo. My mind is blank 😑

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