Bullet Journal // Becky Stern

I’ve always used sketchbooks and notebooks
to organize my thoughts, todo items, sketches and doodles, but only recently learned of
the Bullet Journal® symbology, which is an optimized way of storing and marking your
notes created by Ryder Carroll. Bullet Journalists are a community of productivity
and organization fiends who use common language to describe and share their planners. I’ve been organizing my notes in Bullet
Journal form since the beginning of March, and for me it’s been all about the Daily
Log. This is what sits open on my desk all week,
helping me keep track of everyday todos, meetings, and events, and it’s pretty similar to the
way I have historically kept my notebooks in the past, but with so much color and flair
thanks to online inspiration and a fetish for art supplies. Doodle pages are where I blow off some steam. At the start of each month, a lot of YouTubers
I’ve been watching do a monthly spread, so I’ve been trying it out, but I’m not
sure how useful it is for me personally. I do plenty of drawing throughout, so it’s
not my only chance to get creative. This month I sort of combined the month into
a doodle page. Another popular thing to try is a little at-home
dataviz by tracking your daily habits and activities. I’ve been refining the list of things I
track, but generally fall off from marking later on each month. I see a connection between artful bullet journalling
and scrapbooking, especially when it comes to stickers. An index at the start of the bullet journal
helps you find important pages, now and forever. My Maker’s Notebook has page numbers and
a page up front for indexing the contents. Dedicated spreads and sketches will vary based
on your interests, so for me that’s keeping track of project brainstorm lists, sketching
out ideas, and keeping notes related to individual tasks or events. I’ve been picking a limited color scheme
of markers to use each month, and bingeing on youtube videos about color blending and
hand lettering. I’ve made a full writeup about my favorite
supplies on Instructables– find the link in the description. It also has links to some creators who’ve
inspired my journey so far. My journal motivates me to keep track of my
tasks and goals because it’s fun to draw I’m a visual person. Everybody’s notebook’s gonna look different;
I use a large graphical style that really helps me navigate between my todo list and
current project sketch easily. I love the community and online inspiration
aspect of bullet journaling, too. I’m curious how y’all organize your creative
and administrative tasks, and would love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks so much for watching, and subscribe
for more DIY videos every week.

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