Bullet Journal Companion 1.1

Bullet Journal Companion 1.1

[Music] Hi, guys. This is Ryder and I wanted to take you through
Version 1.1 of the Bullet Journal Companion App. The Companion has always been designed to extend the functionality of the notebook rather than to replace it. A powerful feature of the Bullet Journal
is that it serves as an archive for your mind. The things that worked, the things that didn’t, the things you’re working on, the things that you were feeling. It allows you to time travel through your own life. But over the years, that adds up really quickly. So how do you find the content in your old notebook? That’s where the Library comes in. We created the Library as a way for you
to be able to tag and search your old Bullet Journals Just tap here and here you’ll see all the volumes of
my old Bullet Journals inside my Library. In order to add a new notebook, just tap here. First, you enter when you started the notebook. Then, you enter the date when
you completed your notebook. Then, you tap done. Once you’ve entered your dates,
you will be brought to the Index gallery. The power of the Index inside the Bullet Journal is that
it allows you to find your content very quickly later. For the Companion App, we’re allowing you to take pictures of the Indexes of your old notebooks, so you can find what was inside
of those notebooks a lot faster. Let me show you how that’s done. Simply tap on an Index. Grab your notebook. Grab your Bullet Journal. Take a photo. There you go. You can add up to four different
Index pages in addition to the cover, but we went a step further. You also have the ability to tag
all of your old Bullet Journals. Now you can use tagging any way you want. One way is to actually add tags for all
the different collections inside your notebook. For example, I will add the tag party here. Then, I’ll hit done and that tag
has now been added to my notebook. Adding tags will allow you to find
your content much faster later through search. Inside my Gallery, on the top right, I can search my tags. So, let’s search for party. Now, I know in which notebooks I planned a party. They may be related. They may not be, but the point is that I can quickly access my content. I can quickly find my content. It can also act as a really powerful timeline. Sometimes projects span between notebooks, and then you’ll know when your
project began and when it ended. To leave search, simply clear it by hitting the X. And then, you’re brought back to
your Library with all the volumes. So that’s the Library. In addition to the Library, we also
updated the Reflection section. So we’ve expanded your check-in windows
to be between the times that you set. So from this time to this time. And then, from this time to this time the next day. You have much longer Reflection
windows to log your reflections. So that’s 1.1 of the Bullet Journal Companion. We added a Library for you to catalog
and search your old notebooks. We’ve updated the Reflection window with your feedback and made a lot of tweaks under the hood. We have some really exciting features in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you
in the upcoming months. Please like and subscribe to this channel to get more updates about the App and anything Bullet Journal. Thank you for watching. [Music]

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    Leaving out Android is f*cking bullsh*t!

    Thanks for nothing

  2. I'm actually quite amazed and impressed by this solution. However, your next feature needs to be an Android version, so I can use it.

  3. Wow, talk about champagne problems in this thread 🍾🥂😉😆 I have an iPhone but I find it very disappointing & strange that there isn't an android version, especially because this is the 4th version of the app. The app only has 2 1/2 stars overall, and it costs $3; makes you wonder if iPhone users are actually just beta testers 🤔. I will definitely not be purchasing this until those ratings get much higher.

  4. I love the look of this app but I am unable to download in the UK. It says version 10 of software required and we only have version 9 point something – can the app be modified to run on a lesser version of operating software?………please

  5. Don't worry guys. If this guy wants to make money, there WILL be an Android version. 8 out of 10 people own Android. – oh and besides… Apple hasn't introduced anything groundbreaking since Jobs died. Apple will drown at some point.

  6. How can you edit and/or delete a Volume from the Library? I accidentally added a volume as I was watching this video – that would be OK if I could edit the dates, otherwise I need to delete it. Help! Suggestions?

  7. Very cool, Ryder!
    I have a channel where the focus is bullet journaling. I have noticed that the natural progression is to digitize the journals.
    I found out 6 months ago the hard way when my backpack was stolen with my journal inside.

  8. LOL! I love how many are commenting regarding Android users because it's true – I have an Android. Please 🙂 Thank you for your hard work!

  9. I don't find the app for android. But you can do the same without this specific app. You can take a picture of every side and save it on google drive (create a own folder "Journal"). With an other app (cam scanner for example) you can scan every side very easy. Or you can use evernote, onenote or others. It is very simple. Be more creative.

  10. I simply don't get the attraction of yet another phone app.

    Evernote is already a very useful universal note taking app that provides tagging and searching. I use it in combination with IFTTT to have a new page ready for me when I wake up in the morning. It is tagged and stored in its own Journal notebook. All I need do is start typing on ANY computer I'm using … including my phone. It allows me to take pictures directly into the app from the journal book. The pictures are geotagged so that I know where I was when I captured the page.

    Evernote allows editing and fancy stuff like colored arrows and diagrams and such. It is almost unlimited in its flexibility. I can link to other lists (collections in BuJo jargon) with just a few clicks. I can copy and paste pages from computer searches … or clips from them … or just the URL. The best part is that I'm already using Evernote so it is not something NEW. It is not something ADDITIONAL. Less is more with this kind of thing. I don't need, or want, yet another separate app for every damn thing I'm doing.

    Oh, one more thing. I find it useful to set up template pages in Evernote and copy them daily or as needed. So, for example, my automatic daily page started shortly after midnight by IFTTT, has a daily page template already coppied into it so when I wake all I need do is start writing. If I want to transfer undone material from the previous day it is just a click or two and the items are there for me. Easy peasy. And lastly, there is no fuss and kerfuffle starting a new year. All I do is change one of the tags created by IFTTT from 2017 to 2018. Done and done.

    Yeah, much better. AND, I can search on any word in the journal … going back forever. So, for example, if I'm researching something I can search and see if I've worked on it before and perhaps have some work I can reuse. I simply can't see the point of yet another special application for one platform but not on others. Grumble. 😉

  11. Please make this update with the library avalible for android. I love the app but this funktion would be absolutly amazing to have as im beginning to build a collection of notebooks.

  12. This would definitely be the sort of app I would consider purchasing — however, a free trial for a couple of days would be very nice to see whether the app is something that would work with my style of bullet journaling and whether I'd actually find it useful enough to purchase. Regardless, thanks!

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