Bullet Journal Companion 1.2: Log

Bullet Journal Companion 1.2: Log

[Music] Hi, guys. I’m really excited to announce a new feature for The Bullet Journal Companion: The Log. A lot of people have said,
“What happens when I don’t have my notebook?” “Where do I write things down in?”
And that’s exactly what we created The Log for. The Log was created to help you
temporarily store your Tasks, Events, and Notes when you’re away from your notebook. What do I mean by temporarily?
Well, let me show you. In here, you’ll see that I have a Task.
And then, on the side, you’ll also see a 48h. Now, that stands for 48 hours. The Log is designed to be a temporary solution
between the time that you have your notebook to the time that you don’t have your notebook to when you return to your notebook. The 48h stands for 48 hours. So, from the time you enter any type of entry,
you have 48 hours to copy it back into your notebook. The reason why I did this is because traditional note-taking apps didn’t work for me. If you’re anything like me, what you did is
you took endless lists of notes in these apps that eventually would get lost,
or you just forget about them, or you’d be completely overwhelmed by them. A core principle of the Bullet Journal is that you’re editing down your lists to
only things that are worth your time and your energy. These are the only two currencies
that we have available, and the best way of doing that is making sure that the things that you task yourself with
are always worth your time and your energy. So if you don’t have the time
to copy this back in your notebook, chances are it’s just really not that important,
and it’s more of a distraction. To make sure that you do copy this into your notebook,
what we’ve also done is add this into your Reflections. The Bullet Journal Companion
allows you to set two alarms; one for the morning
and one for the evening for your Reflection. If you have nothing in your list, you will see the Quotes. If you do have something in your list, this is what you will see,
and you will see it in reverse chronology. So the items that are closest
to fading out will be at the top. So the idea is at the end of the day or in the morning, you will have a list of all the things
that you’ve written down in your App for you to transfer into your Bullet Journal. Now, we wanted to make it very clear as to what you’ve already transferred and what you haven’t. So, just by sliding over to the right,
you can change this into a migrated symbol ‘>’, or you can even change it into
something that you’ve done. With this ability, you can always see
what state this Task is in. And if you make a mistake, or something is undone, for example, all you have to do is swipe right again
until it’s back in its normal state. You can also easily delete Tasks
by simply swiping them to the left. We’re really excited about this feature.
I’ve been looking forward to introducing it to you. Give it a shot and let us know what you think. Thanks a lot for your support. [Music]

41 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Companion 1.2: Log

  1. Why not remove the time restrictions, and create a digital bullet journal app with cloud backup/sync across devices?

    I'd pay for that. Not everyone wants to carry a notebook.

  2. Capturing benefits of this approach and noticed the app is not gratis. Testing for effective integration into my workflow.

  3. We can't emphasize this enough: ANDROID PUUUHLEASZE!! 🙂 please note that people are literally craving it 😉

  4. That's such a good feature! I was also thinking you could maybe add a setting where you can change/customise your own keys/signifiers (maybe draw them?) so that people who have a different system can clearly see them. Just a thought for the next update 😊😊

  5. I came here to to request an Android version. It seems I have been beat to it! Fantastic system! I would love to have access to the full experience.

  6. The "Log" feature is amazing. I love the fact that it will be erased after 48h hours. What do you think about adding audio messages to the log as well? Most often when I can't log something in my journal is during driving a car. Possibility to add an audio log in the app would be really helpful.

  7. As a new 'Bullet Journalist' love the support you offer and the app I have downloaded. Question, I see the benefits of still using Evernote & Google Cal but – does anyone use this concept with the app 'Dodoist'?

  8. The ammount of feedback after you add the Android version will break your comment section and mail 😀 Still keeping the excitement for it on high levels! I'm one step from searching for people to make it or learning myself how to 😀 Great job with this app. I'm loving the look, the functionality and it seems like the best usage of smartphone to boost ones productivity.

  9. The log feature in the Bullet Journal Companion App is the feature I started using first. I don't carry my Bullet Journal around with me, so being able to log ideas and tasks while I'm out and about is really important to me. Thank you for the app, and your focus on making it good.

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